John Deere 42 Inch Mower Deck Parts Diagram [+Details]

john deere 42 inch mower deck parts diagram

A John Deere 42 inch mower deck is fraught with  many parts of small, medium and big sizes. Sadly, they are too easy to be influenced by problems and demand correct troubleshooting at that time.

In case you are unfamiliar with the deck parts, troubleshooting is certainly backbreaking for you. But, what are the most important John Deere 42 inch mower deck parts?

The most important ones are the deck drive belt, flat idler pulley, lock nut, blades, blade brake pad, tension springs, deck spindle, extension springs, and bushing.

To introduce you with them, here you can get familiar with the John Deere 42 inch mower deck parts diagram. The deck parts list is also elaborated.

So, let’s not drag the suspension and drive into the article.

What to Check Before the Diagram?

Before you head towards the diagram, you must check out the John Deere 42 inch mower specs.

That’s why go through the following list to learn more about them.

1. Engine Specs

• Horsepower: 22 hp (16.4 kw)

• Displacement: 44.2 cu. in (724 cc)

• Engine Starter: Bendix

• Cylinder: V-twin, Cast Iron Liners

2. Transmission and Chassis

• Frame: Welded Heavy Duty

• Reverse Speed: 0 to 4 mph

• Forward Speed: 0 to 5.5 mph

3. Steering

• Steering Type: Manual, Pinion and Sector.

• Steering Wheel: 14 Inches

• Turning Radius: 16 Inches

4. Others

• Battery: 12V

• Transaxle Control: Twin Touch Pedals

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 12.5 Liter

• Fuel Type: Gasoline

• Air Cleaner Type: Dry

Let’s not wait here anymore and get started to see the diagram in detail.

John Deere 42 Inch Mower Deck Parts Diagram

A John Deere 42 inch mower deck parts diagram is a tool that is considered the roadmap to the ultimate deck troubleshooting.

So, grab the diagram to get assistance.

The diagram is illustrating the LH belt cover (1), John Deere self tapping bolt (2), lock nut – 10 mm (3), John Deere flat idler pulley (5), John Deere 42 inches deck drive belt (6), spindle nut (8), drive sheave of spindle (9), and John Deere bushing (10).

The others parts are the extension spring (11, 7B), tension spring (14), John Deere retainer clip (15), M8×25 screw (16), blade brake pad (17), John Deere lock nut (18), the bracket (19), and the RH belt cover (20).

Last parts are John Deere deck spindle (21), blade set of 3 (22), blade lock nut (23), John Deere blade washer (24), 5/8″ spindle shaft (25), belt cover rod (26), deck idler pulley (4A, 4B), deck rod (7A, 13A, 13B), and deck idler arm (12A, 12B).

After all of the discussion, I recommend having enough info of the John Deere 42 inch mower deck parts list.

Therefore, don’t forget to go through their functions.

1. Deck Drive Belt

The deck drive belt is on the duty to take the power from the engine and carry it to the mower blades.

2. Flat Idler Pulley

The flat idler pulley is an essential part of the deck that has several jobs to do.

3. Lock Nut

To secure the tension of deck parts, lock nuts are used as a better fastener.

4. Blades

From mowing tasks to cutting the grass, the mower blades perform a praiseworthy job.

5. Blade Brake Pad

The function of disconnecting the blades and disengaging them is completed by the blade brake pad.

6. Deck Spindle

The deck spindle is an excellent component to help the blades cut the grass.

7. Tension Springs

The tension springs are another unavoidable part of the mower deck.

8. Extension Springs

The extension springs do their tasks so well by gaining the required power from the engine.

9. Bushing

The reduction of vibration in the mower deck is mostly because of the bushing.

How Fast Can a John Deere 42 Inch Mower Run?

Answer: A John Deere 42 inch mower is capable of running at a speed of 22 hp. This horsepower is outstandingly noteworthy for a mower. 44.2 cu. in. or 724 cc is its displacement range.

What Size Drive Belt is for a John Deere 42 Inch Mower?

Answer: The required size of a drive belt is 3013.1 mm for a John Deere 42 inch mower. Its width will be 0.563 inch and the 42 inches mower deck is compatible with it. 

End Words

On the whole, I must say, the importance of a John Deere mower deck parts diagram depicts each corner wonderfully. Moving with it, even a newbie can troubleshoot the deck parts correctly in a short time.

However, among the parts, the mower deck belt is mostly attacked.

Also, as for the health of the mower deck belt, the John Deere 42 inch mower deck belt replacement diagram is the best tool while replacing it.

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