[Solved!] Why Irrigation Control Box Filled With Water?

irrigation control box filled with water

Is your irrigation control box filled with water?

I can understand how irritating you are feeling right now. Besides, the watering process starts malfunctioning due to the flooded irrigation control box.      

However, finding out the reasons can be more tiresome if you have no idea regarding it. So, you must be worried why the irrigation control box is filled with water?   

Well, the reasons are weakened irrigation control box, cracked or leaked pipe, excessive watering, the box is set to a lower area, sprinkler set to water more frequently, and heavy rainfall.        

Learning the reasons along with solutions will be a great move for you to get rid of this trouble quickly. Therefore, the article is the right one for you.

So, stick to the article and reach till the end.        

Quick Overview: Irrigation Control Box Filled With Water?

I believe your time is precious and to make your time more worthy, you should have a rapid and facile view of the reasons and solutions.

In this way, you will recognize them effortlessly. So, why don’t you take a look at it?

1Weakened Irrigation Control Box   Check the Installation Date
2Cracked or Leaked PipeInspect and Fix the Pipe
3Excessive Watering Water as Required 
4The Box is Set to a Lower AreaChange the Location or Make a Drainage System    
5Sprinkler Set to Water More Frequently Set It On a Limited Level
6Heavy RainfallImprove Drainage System  

Detailed Discussion: Irrigation Control Box Filled With Water?

No wonder, the irrigation control box is much important for an error free water flow in the yard. But, it can be easily affected by the water that it helps in flowing.

There are many probable reasons behind its happening and without knowing them, you won’t be able to solve the issue. Thus, the growth of the grass or vegetables will be hampered. 

Therefore, I am suggesting you to continue reading the detailed discussion of the reasons and solutions.                    

Reason 1: Weakened Irrigation Control Box   

It is one of the most frequent reasons if your irrigation control box is much older. It does not happen in the case of new boxes.

In this situation, the control box loses its efficiency over time. The more time it is used, the weaker it becomes. As a result, it can not drain the water and thus, water remains in the box.        

Solution: Check the Installation Date

In this case, you can not blame anything blindly as the cause is natural. No matter how much water is there in the box, you should consider remembering the date of the installation of the box.

Gradually, you will understand if the components are weakened or not. If yes, then you should think about replacing the irrigation box.

Otherwise, it will trouble you regularly by holding water in it.                 

Reason 2: Cracked or Leaked Pipe  

When the pipe of the irrigation control box is cracked or leaked, it will let water go inside of the box. The pipe can be injured in many ways.

Even in heavy storms, the pipe can get leakages. Initially, the leakage will make a way to the box for water. If you observe the soil drying out soon, the water can be in the box.              

Solution: Inspect and Fix the Pipe

If you find water in the irrigation control box, you should check the water pipe. Without inspecting it, you can not blame it properly.

For inspecting it, you need to remove the soil. If the result is positive, you have to fix it soon. In a different way, it will damage the irrigation box with more water.     

Reason 3: Excessive Watering  

This reason is invited by the owner who lets the water flow in the garden or lawn. Many of us do not care about the amount of watering and keep watering until they are tired.

This is a wrong idea, buddy. When you water more than required, the grass or vegetables won’t be able to absorb them. Even the soil can take in only limited water.

As a result, the left water ends up running to the irrigation control box and gathers there.            

Solution: Water as Required

As the reason is crystal clear, I guess you understand what to do to avoid it. First, you have to realize how much water your lawn requires.

Then, observe your grass or vegetables if they are turning yellow. If yes, then you should provide less water. Moreover, check the irrigation control box regularly and take out the water.               

Reason 4: The Box Set is to a Lower Area

Where have you placed the irrigation control box? Is it in a lower area of the lawn?

If your response is positive, you may need to be concerned right away. It is because water tends to flow in the lower area and stay there.

Moreover, if the soil around the box is clay type or carries less soaking capability, water will enter the irrigation control box.         

Solution: Change the Location or Make a Drainage System   

In my opinion, if the box has a lower location, you should replace it in a higher area. I know it is a bit of a difficult task, but you have to save the box from regular water entering.

In the case of a weak drainage system, you can keep some peat moss around the box. They help in soaking water quickly.           

Reason 5: Sprinkler Set to Water Frequently   

It is known to all that you can set the sprinkler how frequently it will water the yard or how much water will be sprinkled. In most cases, people set it on an average level.

But, the watering depends on weather and moisture of the soil. If you forget to change the settings of the sprinkler, it can water more than needed.

Thus, the extra water will find a way to the irrigation control box.               

Solution: Set It on a Limited Level

In case you have found water in the irrigation control box, you should check the sprinkler immediately.

If its settings have not changed recently, you should change them. And, set the watering level according to the weather and moisture of the soil.           

Reason 6: Heavy Rainfall 

Heavy rainfall is like watering the yard excessively. In other words, when heavy rainfall occurs, the yard soil becomes muddy and the clogged water finds no way to escape.

Sometimes, rainfall continues for a couple of days. If the drainage system is not so strong, water will flow to the irrigation box and remain there.            

Solution: Improve Drainage System   

For improving the drainage system, you can clean the drainage way to let the water flow outside of the yard. Keeping compost around the irrigation box is another better drainage system.

You can also try the French drainage system as it is pretty appreciated by the users. Hopefully, you will get rid of the issue.

How to Lock Irrigation Control Valve Box?

Locking the irrigation control valve box is unavoidable to ensure it is away from water or any leftover moisture. Otherwise, electric troubles just need an issue to come and affect the irrigation system. 

Take a note of how to lock the irrigation control valve box. 

• Apply waterproof sealant 

• Insulate the box

• Get a cover 

• Set an insulating blanket

So, let’s dive in without further suspension.

Method 1: Applying Waterproof Sealant 

The most effective way is to apply waterproof sealant. The exterior part of the irrigation control valve box requires it to be sealed and the sealant stays workable even in rain or winter. 

Method 2: Insulating the Box

Insulating the irrigation control valve box is quite famous as doing it is handy, just with a dry towel. It ensures the internal units of the box are away from water and are in a safe condition. 

Method 3: Getting a Cover 

An easier way to lock the irrigation control valve box is getting a cover for it. There are many varieties in the market and they fit so well that no moisture can go inside the box.

Method 4: Setting an Insulating Blanket 

An insulating blanket for the irrigation control valve box is super friendly to use as it can be cut into the size of the box. It covers the box completely and lets zero water touch the internal parts of the box.

Should I Check My Irrigation Control Box After Every Rain?    

Answer: You should not check the irrigation control box after every rain as not every rain is heavy. Short rains carry less water. Only when there is heavy rain or a stormy rain occurs, you should observe the box.   

Why Should I Keep Pea Gravel in the Irrigation Control Box?    

Answer: You should try keeping some pea gravel in the irrigation control box. It is because these gravels will drain water quickly and won’t let the box be damaged.

Why is My Irrigation System Leaking When Off?

Answer: When the valves of the irrigation system get defects, the leaking will be encountered when the irrigation system is off. Moreover, the damaged sprinkler head can also invite the issue.

Final Verdict

For keeping your lawn or garden fresh and beautiful, the balanced water flow is indispensable. But, an irrigation control box filled with water won’t let it happen.

As you have already collected the reasons and solutions, it can not bother you from now on. All you have to do is keep calm and apply the solutions for the particular trouble.

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