How to Fix Husqvarna Zero Turn Steering Problems?

husqvarna zero turn steering problems

What can be a better option than owning a Husqvarna zero turn mower and enjoying its performance. But, you may not get worries until its steering shows you some concerning issues.

Don’t you have the query of what are the Husqvarna zero turn mower steering problems?

Well, they are zero turn not responding to run, jammed steering arms, one side of steering is paralysed, steering needs adjustment, and imbalanced running of zero turn.

Now that you have short ideas of Husqvarna zero turn steering problems, I will drive you to their details. Luckily, I have added their remedies, too.

So, let’s get into the trifles to solve the difficulties.

Quick Overview: Husqvarna Zero Turn Steering Problems

One of the Husqvarna zero turn problems is Husqvarna zero turn steering problems, which may give you real troubles.

Don’t worry and take a look at the table to catch the brief concept of both the errors and remedies.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Zero Turn Not Responding to RunRepair the Steering Dampers or Get New Ones
2Jammed Steering ArmsCheck the Nuts and Connections
3One Side of Steering is ParalysedFix the Steering Lever and Balance the Pressure of Every Tires
4Steering Needs AdjustmentAdjust the Speed and Lever
5Imbalanced Running of Zero TurnReposition the Steering Lever

What Controls the Steering On a Zero Turn Mower?

A zero turn mower is not like other mowers that we use regularly. And, from its looks to functions, many differences are visible. One of the dissimilarities is the control of its steering.

Well, the two levers of the zero turn mower have the control of its steering. Yes, you guessed it right. The mower doesn’t come with a steering wheel.

Holding both the levers with hands and pushing them in a forward direction will take the zero turn mower forward. Push them strongly to speed up and pulling them close to you will lower the speed or turn the mower off.

Hold the left lever and push it forward to go the right way. For the left direction, do the same with the right lever.

Detailed Discussion: Husqvarna Zero Turn Steering Problems with Fixes

It is true that Husqvarna zero turn steering problems tend to give the user a backbreaking time. As soon as you detect the issue, the solutions become effortless and quicker.

For that reason, you can check out this section to learn the tips and apply the fixes.

Problem 1: Zero Turn Not Responding to Run

The most common problem of Husqvarna zero turn mower is it doesn’t respond to run even when you are functioning the steering. 

The culprit of this irregularity is the steering dampers that are affected with damages or become bad. Also, when they are old enough, they fail to guide the steering lever in free movements.

Solution: Repair the Steering Dampers or Get New Ones

Applying the fix in case of the steering dampers depends on their health condition and their ability to serve further. If you find them able to function after fixing, go with this option.

Unfortunately, getting new steering dampers will be a wise move when they are left with less efficiency and already much damaged.

Problem 2: Jammed Steering Arms

One of Husqvarna zero turn mower steering problems is jammed steering arms. From mowing to turning and operating the zero turn mower, you need to use the steering arms.

But, as they are hard to move, nothing can be completed in time. The reason behind their difficulty is that their nuts are blocked with soil, dust, dirt and so on. As a result, the connection is also attacked by rust and corrosion.

Solution: Check the Nuts and Connections

When you pay less heed in cleaning the mower, such situations will arise frequently. So, check the nuts and connections of the steering arms and clean them thoroughly.

If they are hard to clean and the rust is severe, there is no other way than replacing them with fresh ones.

Problem 3: One Side of Steering is Paralysed

One side of the steering is paralysed indicating the zero turn with a less moving or working side. You are trying the best and moving the steering, but the deficient side of the mower runs slowly.

It is mostly seen when the steering lever is in irregularities and not working as regular. Another one is imbalanced pressure in every tire and the less pressured one is unable to keep pace with the speed.

Solution: Fix the Steering Lever and Balance Pressure of Every Tires

In this situation, your duty is to inspect the steering lever. And fix it if there is anything fishy or not right for the steering.

Try to maintain the equal pressure in all the tires of the Husqvarna zero turn mower. If any of them has less than the others, put the required pressure on it.

Problem 4: Steering Needs Adjustment

In some cases of the steering, you may check everything and yet, it is giving you a hard time showing troubles. Then, the cause can be the steering unit needs adjustment.

As it is operated quite a lot whenever the zero turn is on duty, its connections can be misplaced or feel the need of readjustment.

Solution: Adjust the Speed and Lever

There are various ways to adjust the steering unit and adjusting the entire unit can let you get out of the issue at once. However, the steering nuts will let you make adjustments of the steering speed.

As for the lever adjustment, I suggest you take assistance from the manual to do it appropriately.

Problem 5: Imbalanced Running of Zero Turn

Imbalanced running of the Husqvarna zero turn mower is the result of uncontrollable steering. Let me explain it to you.

When the steering lever is not positioned correctly, it doesn’t help the steering dampers let alone the steering. In other words, the steering may not let you run the zero turn mower in a maintained way.

Solution: Reposition the Steering Lever

The only remedy for this trouble is repositioning the steering lever. But, I would suggest checking it once according to the user manual to see if it is placed alright or not.

If not, proceed to position it following the steps from the manual. Hopefully, you will solve it and the issue will vanish.

Why Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower Steering Arms Stiff?

Answer: The steering arms on a Husqvarna zero turn mower stiffs as soon as they get misadjusted due to regular use. Faults in the damper, tie rod, rust in nuts and wrongly placed wheel lever can cause it, too.

When Should I Replace the Steering Damper?

Answer: Replacing the steering damper depends on its workability, performance and its health condition. But, it tends to work less after 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles and you can change it then.

Why is My Zero Turn Not Turning Properly? 

Answer: A zero turn mower not turning properly can happen due to faulty damper and tires with insufficient pressure. Another cause is tracking in need of readjustment.

End Note

On the whole, it is clear that Husqvarna zero turn steering problems are not as difficult to solve as they seem to be. Checking the suspected part and the other ones can lead you to the solution.

And, the rest is much easier as you have to carefully step ahead with the particular fix. Stay calm and follow each step to let mistakes stay away.

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