[Solved!] Husqvarna Zero Turn Parking Brake Switch Bypass

husqvarna zero turn parking brake switch bypass

Bypassing the parking brake switch on a Husqvarna zero turn mower is not a recommended act. But, for a test or another reason like replacing the switch can allow you to bypass it.

As it is an electric component of the mower, the bypassing procedure seems to be tough. So, how to bypass a Husqvarna zero turn parking brake switch?

Start with collecting the required tools, parking the mower at a flat surface, disconnecting the battery, ignition key and spark plug, reaching the parking brake switch, taking its wires out and sealing them, and reconnecting everything on the mower.

Before the discussion on the Husqvarna zero turn parking brake switch bypass, you may not get it right. Luckily, the discussion is included in the article in easy steps.

So, let’s not drag the suspension and get started.

How to Bypass Husqvarna Zero Turn Parking Brake Switch?

Among the Husqvarna safety switches, the parking brake switch is the noteworthy one. Because, it reminds you when there are issues lying in the brake unit.

But, many users want to bypass it to get rid of those warnings and to ride the mower freely. The proper direction of doing it is required to complete the bypass process correctly. Otherwise, a tiny mistake can lead to a harmful injury.

So, let me break the method down into steps for you.

Step 1: Collect the Required Tools

To have a smooth and uninterrupted process, collect the required tools before stepping ahead.

You may need to wear glasses to protect your eyes and gloves to stay careful. Include metal wires, rachet, electric tape and pliers with them.

Step 2: Park the Mower at a Flat Surface

Now, park the Husqvarna zero turn mower at a flat surface. Because, it provides the mower to be stable and avoid unnecessary shakings.

Otherwise, there are several difficulties if the mower is in rough ground.

Step 3: Disconnect the Ignition Key, Battery and Spark Plug

Then, to turn off the mower completely, disconnect the ignition key. Along with it, the battery and the spark plug should be disengaged, too.

This is connected with the user’s safety as the switch is related to the electric unit.

Step 4: Reach the Parking Brake Switch

At this point, reaching the parking brake switch is the next move. Keep the mower deck to a lower level and there you can find the parking brake switch.

Before that, make sure the parking brake is already disengaged.

Step 5: Take its Wires Out and Seal Them 

Now, put on the gloves that can resist electricity and protect your hands. Observe the switch area and take its wires out of the socket.

The wires of the parking brake switch are mostly purple colored. Sealing them after cutting is unavoidable to make the disconnection secure. So, cover them well with metal wires or electric tape.

Step 6: Reconnect Everything On the Mower

Finally, you have bypassed the Husqvarna zero turn parking brake switch successfully.

So, reconnect everything of the mower including the battery, spark plug and the ignition key. From now on, your mower won’t have the disturbance from the switch.

What Happens When You Bypass the Husqvarna Zero Turn Parking Brake Switch?

Answer: When you bypass the Husqvarna zero turn parking brake switch, the protectiveness of your mower is stopped. In other words, the switch is shut off and there won’t be any warning when the parking brakes have faults.

Can a Husqvarna Zero Turn Parking Brake Switch be Repaired?

Answer: On a Husqvarna zero turn mower, the parking brake switch can have issues or defects. At that time, repairing is not a good way to get it back to work. Because, as it is an electric tool, it doesn’t function well after repairing.

End Words

As the parking brake switch tends to warn the rider quite often and restricts him in many things, bypassing it is obvious for him. At that point, follow the procedure of Husqvarna zero turn parking brake switch bypass.

But, let me remind you again that you won’t be notified even if the brakes have bad circuits. However, go through the Husqvarna zero turn mower one side not working for further help.

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