Husqvarna Mower Stall When I Engage the Blades? Solved!

husqvarna mower stall when i engage the blades

A stalling Husqvarna mower is enough to terrify the owner as he gets extremely worried. However, when you engage the blades, it stalls more than earlier.

But, why does a Husqvarna mower stall when blades are engaged?

The possible reasons are the gas tank with water, wrongly installed belt, defective safety switch, pulleys are stuck, and bad grass bag sensor.

I guess you are very concerned about why does my Husqvarna mower stall when I engage blades. To release the issue, the article will guide you with the causes and the fixes.

So, why don’t you get started?

Quick Overview: Why Does My Husqvarna Mower Stall When the Blades Are Engaged?

To get your Husqvarna mower out of the problem, a summary of the reasons and the way to fix them is listed below.

Don’t forget to take a glance at it.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Gas tank with waterClean the gas tank evenly
2Wrongly installed beltInstall the belt accurately
3Defective safety switchInspect the switch or get it changed
4Pulleys are stuckAdjust or install new pulleys
5Bad grass bag sensorCheck terminals or change the sensor

In-Depth Discussion: Why Does My Husqvarna Mower Stall When I Engage the Blades?

While riding a Husqvarna mower, engaging the blades allows mowing the lawn. But, engaging them invites stalling in the mower, which is certainly frustrating.

To uproot the root causes of the trouble, here is a complete discussion you can follow.

So, let me break them down for you.

Reason 1: Gas Tank with Water

A most common reason behind the issue is the gas tank carrying moisture or water.

Any tiny leakage can let the water get inside the gas tank and the outcome of it is sputtering. Especially, when you engage the blades, it increases and the mower stops.

Solution: Clean the Gas Tank Evenly

As the moisture inside the tank is the culprit, you have to clean the gas tank evenly. The owner’s manual has the safest way described to purify the tank.

Reason 2: Wrongly Installed Belt

The wrong installation of the Husqvarna mower is a barrier for the mower to run while the blades are on duty.

It is because the wrong belts don’t let the blades function correctly. As a result, too much pressure is created on the mower and it suddenly stops.

Solution: Install the Belt Accurately

The solution in this respect is installing the mower belts accurately. Following the owner’s manual can guide you in the correct way.

Reason 3: Defective Safety Switch

A defective safety switch is an obstruction for the Husqvarna mower.

Because when the blades are engaged, it doesn’t feel any weight of the rider even if he is on the seat. As a result, it goes off duty and influences the engine to turn off.

Solution: Inspect the Switch or Get it Changed

Inspecting the switch, you can observe if its wires need any adjustment. Sometimes, plugging the switch again helps a lot. If that doesn’t help, get the switch changed.

Reason 4: Pulleys are Stuck

The spinning of the Husqvarna mower deck pulleys is essential to let the belts work.

But, when the pulleys are stuck and don’t move freely, the belts start malfunctioning. It leads the blades to malfunction after engaging and with this sudden load, the mower fails to stay on.

Solution: Adjust or Install New Pulleys

The only solution in this regard is adjusting the pulleys if they are still repairable. If not, installing new pulleys becomes inevitable.

Reason 5: Bad Grass Bag Sensor

The sensor on the grass bag sends an electric signal to the mower. But, at some point, it is found to be bad due to some reasons.

As a result, it can not send the signal or sends the wrong signal. The outcome is the Husqvarna mower stops when the blades are engaged.

Solution: Check Terminals or Change the Sensor

As the sensor is connected to the electric unit through terminals, check them carefully. If adjusting them doesn’t help, change the sensor without delay.

Why Does My Husqvarna Riding Mower Keep Stalling?

Answer: A Husqvarna riding keeps stalling when the carburetor has any internal issue. It includes the deterioration of the fuel inside the carburetor that is affecting the regular functions of the carburetor.

Why Does My Husqvarna Mower Cut Off When I Put it in Gear?

Answer: Your Husqvarna mower cuts off when you put it in gear because of the safety switch sensor. It doesn’t feel any pressure on it and thus, thinks that you got up from the rider’s seat. And, we know that when no rider is sitting there, the safety switch goes off duty and cuts off the engine.

Final Verdict

In the end, I guess your query of why does my Husqvarna mower stall when I engage the blades is clear. To be honest, the article has depicted the matter in simple words but with effective solutions.

From now on, you can definitely handle your Husqvarna mower if it comes up again with the issue.

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