[Solved!] Husqvarna Mower Foot Pedal Problems

husqvarna mower foot pedal problems

One of the common Husqvarna mower problems is the foot pedal not working. I can assume that it is already giving you a hard time with a sudden headache.

But, what are the common Husqvarna mower foot pedal problems?

They are the stuck pedal, pedal not going forward or reverse, pedal not pressing, pedal not going back to neutral, and malfunctioning foot pedal.

Detecting the Husqvarna mower foot pedal problems becomes easier when you move ahead with enough ideas. Keeping that in mind, I have depicted them with the easiest fixes.

So, let me take you to the details.

Quick Overview: Husqvarna Mower Foot Pedal Problems

It is needless to mention that Husqvarna mower foot pedal problems are so many and you may not identify each of them.

That’s why go through the included list of the most frequent ones with their remedies.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Pedal is stuckClean the pedal groove
2Pedal not going forward/reverseReadjust the transmission drive belt
3Pedal not pressingDisengage the parking brake
4Pedal not going neutralInstall the return spring pin
5Malfunctioning foot pedalCheck the linkage and clean it

Detailed Fixes: Husqvarna Mower Foot Pedal Problems

Frankly speaking, the Husqvarna mower foot pedal is connected with many components of the mower. And, anything wrong with it lets you meet several more irregularities in the mower.

But, don’t you get devised too early as the Husqvarna mower foot pedal problems and the fixes of them are illustrated here with much details.

So, hurry to check them out one by one.

Problem 1: Pedal is Stuck

One of the Husqvarna mower foot pedal problems is the pedal is stuck.

The position of the pedal doesn’t change at all no matter how much effort you give. It is caused by the groove that acts as a connection of the pedal. When it is dirty, the pedal gets stuck.

Solution: Clean the Pedal Groove

The way out of this trouble is cleaning the groove of the foot pedal and pressure washing can be a great help. Be alert to turn the Husqvarna mower off before stepping ahead.

Problem 2: Pedal Not Going Forward or Reverse

The foot pedal not going forward or reverse is considered a frequent issue. 

It is mostly seen when the transmission drive belt goes out of its specific position. The pulleys can let it happen when they are not spinning well.

Solution: Readjust the Transmission Drive Belt

In case you observe the pedal won’t go forward or reverse, check the transmission drive belt and its adjustment. I prefer readjusting it according to the manual book.

Problem 3: Pedal Not Pressing

In some cases, when you try to press the foot pedal, it won’t be pressed at all.

Now, you may think the pedal has gone completely bad. But, that’s certainly not the case. If the parking brake is turned on and still working, the pedal won’t be pressed.

Solution: Disengage the Parking Brake

A friendly reminder is before checking the parking brake, do not over press the foot pedal as it can cause serious damages. However, make the parking brake disengaged and now, pressing the pedal will be done.

Problem 4: Pedal Not Going Back to Neutral

A concerning problem is the foot pedal not going back to its neutral position.

One common reason can be the presence of obsessive dirt and dust. And, another one is the return spring pin that gets lost easily. Because over time, it can get loosened.

Solution: Install the Return Spring Pin

In this case, you have to check the foot pedal assembly and see if the spring pin is present or not. If not, do not delay in installing a new return spring pin.

Problem 5: Malfunctioning Foot Pedal

A malfunctioning foot pedal is not going to let you run the Husqvarna mower without worries.

It is caused by the dirt and dust on the foot pedal linkage. In some cases, the pivot under the linkage can feel the lack of lubrication.

Solution: Check the Pedal Linkage and Clean it

First, check the pedal linkage and get it cleaned with much attention. Then, reach the pivot and lubricate each side of it. Check the foot pedal and enjoy its working condition.

Why Does My Husqvarna Mower Run But Stop?

Answer: A Husqvarna lawn mower runs but stops suddenly is mainly caused by a fuel filter that is clogged entirely. As it is blocked, the fuel faces toughness in going through it. Thus, the engine gets irregular flow of fuel and stops.

Why Does the Husqvarna Mower Foot Pedal Get Stuck?

Answer: The foot pedal on a Husqvarna mower gets stuck when you leave it untouched and uncleaned for a noteworthy duration. As dirt stays right there, corrosion and rust can attack the pedal and make it stuck.

Final Words

In short, the Husqvarna mower foot pedal problems are not only concerning but also risky for both the mower and rider. And, ignoring them can invite more troubles to join

Fortunately, the article has elaborated the ideal ways to get the issues out of your Husqvarna mower. In my opinion, you shouldn’t delay in implementing them right after noticing the problems.

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