Why Husqvarna Lawn Mower Self Propelled Not Working?

husqvarna lawn mower self propelled not working

A smart solution for lawn tasks is the Husqvarna lawn mower self propelled feature. But, gradually the mower shows issues in functioning the self propelled unit.

At one point, self propelled doesn’t seem to work with the commands. But, why is a Husqvarna lawn mower self propelled not working?

The reasons are the misadjusted self propelled cable, issues in gearbox and wheels, disengaged drive pulley, stuck traction cable, and drive belt not in place.

Don’t get concerned too early as the details of reasons and remedies of the Husqvarna lawn mower self propelled not working are included here.

So, let’s hurry to dive in.

Quick Overview: Husqvarna Lawn Mower Self Propelled Not Working?

Without the accurate causes, you can not step ahead to fix the Husqvarna self propelled lawn mower.

That’s why collect them with the fixes from the following table.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Misadjusted self propelled cableSet it correctly and lubricate or change it
2Issues in gearbox and wheelsInspect and install new gears
3Disengaged drive pulleyTry engaging it or switch to a new one
4Stuck traction cableClean the cable and lubricate it
5Drive belt not in placePlace it in its position or replace

Detailed Talk: Husqvarna Lawn Mower Self Propelled Not Working?

A Husqvarna lawn mower self propelled not working is not less than a nightmare for the user. Luckily, reaching the root reasons of this trouble can guide you in fixing it.

Keeping that in mind, I have come up with reasons and effective remedies for them.

So, check them out one by one.

Reason 1: Misadjusted Self Propelled Cable

A misadjusted self propelled cable is an easier way to hinder the self propelled from working. As the cable stays in the wrong state, it tends to malfunction.

In case it is functioning with zero lubrication, it is sure to break in a short time.

Solution: Set it Correctly and Lubricate or Change it

First, setting the self propelled cable correctly is mandatory. After that, clean the cable evenly to lubricate it. If these aren’t making any impact, change the cable.

Reason 2: Issues in Gearbox and Wheels

The gearbox and wheels work together to assist the self propelled mower. But, the gears can get serious issues like not responding at any command.

Or, they may not pair with the wheels to help the self propelled unit. All these are a reason for the self propelled to be stuck in the off duty condition.

Solution: Inspect and Install New Gears

Inspection is the most important step to reach a conclusion in this regard. In case you see no connection is happening between the gears and wheels, install new gears for the mower.

Reason 3: Disengaged Drive Pulley

I guess you are aware that the drive pulley has a connection with the transmission unit. For that reason, the engagement of it is important.

Unfortunately, at some point, the pulley doesn’t tend to engage due to the weakness or less efficiency of it. As a result, the transmission and wheels can not connect, either.

Solution: Try Engaging it or Switch to a New One

I suggest you try to engage the drive pulley first. Because it can have a minor issue that can be fixed easily. But, switch to a new drive pulley if the engagement of it seems impossible.

Reason 4: Stuck Traction Cable

The traction cable or the control cable has a significant influence on the self propelled unit. But, when it gets stuck to a position, the functioning of it stops at a time.

Due to the lack of oil or excessive dirt and dust, the cable can feel trouble in moving. This affects the actions of the self propelled unit and it doesn’t work.

Solution: Clean the Cable and Lubricate it

To bring the cable back to its previous position, clean it thoroughly and make sure to take out the debris. After cleaning, lubricate it with the suitable oil and stay careful about the amount of oil.

Reason 5: Drive Belt Not in Place

A drive belt that is loose is considered an obstacle for the self propelled unit.

Because, when the belt is loose, it doesn’t stay in the fixed position of it. As a result, it can not help the self propelled unit in going ahead or moving. Moreover, a weak drive belt can also cause trouble.

Solution: Place it in its Position or Replace

After reaching the drive belt, you can observe if it is staying in its position or not. Try to keep it there securely but a loose or weak one won’t stay. So, you have to replace it with a new drive belt.

Can You Turn Off the Self Propelled in a Husqvarna Lawn Mower?

Answer: Of course, the feature of self propelling in a Husqvarna lawn mower is able to be turned off. The process of doing it can vary depending on which model of lawn mower you have.

Does Husqvarna Self Propelled Lawn Mower Use More Battery?

Answer: A Husqvarna self propelled lawn mower tends to use more power from the battery. Because this feature is an advanced one and demands an extra power to function.


In my opinion, observing the Husqvarna lawn mower self propelled not working, you shouldn’t delay in inspecting it.

As the article shows the possible causes, start with going through them. The fixes detailed here are proved to be the smart solutions to get rid of it in an easier way.

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