How to Tighten a Belt On a Bad Boy Lawn Mower? Solved!

how to tighten a belt on a bad boy lawn mower

Most of the Bad Boy lawn mower problems can be generated from the loose belt. Because the belt has direct or indirect relation with almost every Bad Boy mower parts.

Consequently, the loose condition of it is never recommended for riding the mower. But, how to tighten a belt on a Bad Boy lawn mower?

Tighten the belt by turning the Bad Boy mower off, locating the mower deck belt, reaching the spring and bracket, pulling the bracket carefully, reattaching the bracket, engaging the blades, and examining the mower belt.

For a new person, performing the procedure seems to be tough. For that reason, the way of how to tighten a belt on a Bad Boy lawn mower is detailed here.

So, let’s get into the article without further ado.

Process of Tightening a Belt On a Bad Boy Lawn Mower

An important fact in case of the Bad Boy lawn mower belt’s wrong tension is that disturbing the blades in engaging can occur due to it. Another one is the Bad Boy mower may become weak on one side.

Keeping that in mind, I have elaborated the effortless manner of how to tighten a belt on a Bad Boy lawn mower in this segment.

Therefore, go through the steps one by one.

Step 1: Turn the Bad Boy Mower Off

As you are going to work in the deck area of the mower, switching the mower off is a must. Otherwise, it can start accidentally and cause dangers.

That’s why turn off the ignition and unplug the spark plug and park the mower on a flat surface.

Step 2: Locate the Mower Deck Belt

Then, locate the Bad Boy mower deck belt and you can easily reach it right after opening the mower deck. The belt that is adjusted around the pulleys is the deck belt. 

Step 3: Reach the Spring and Bracket

Now, take a look at the tension spring and its bracket and pull the spring down. While doing it, ensure the blades are engaged. Right after that, hold the deck belt and you’ll see them loose enough.

Step 4: Pull the Bracket Carefully

Then, put the blades on disengage mode and observe that the spring and belt are more loose than before.

The spring is connected to a bracket and now loosen its screws. As it gets loosened, pulling it towards you should go on until it refuses.

Step 5: Reattach the Bracket

Once the job is done, it is time to reattach the bracket back in its place. Just tighten its screws and make sure it won’t be influenced with workload.

Step 6: Engage the Mower Blades

Now, engage the Bad Boy mower blades and see the belt is already becoming more tight than earlier.

Step 7: Examine the Mower Belt

To examine the mower belt, check it on the deck. You will find it out just by taking a look at it. And, the stretched tensioner spring is an effective sign that the belt has tightened successfully.

How Do I Know if My Bad Boy Lawn Mower Belt is Loose?

Answer: The sign of a Bad Boy lawn mower loose belt is the excessive vibration on the mower while mowing. If the belt slips a lot, it has loosened. Overstretching or not staying on the pulleys is another noteworthy symptom.

Can I Overtighten the Bad Boy Lawn Mower Belt?

Answer: Of course not, over tightening the belt on a Bad Boy lawn mower is strictly restricted. Because the bearings on the pulleys get hot excessively due to the over tightened belt tension. Moreover, the functioning of the belt may get stopped, too.

Final Verdict

Finally, your job of staying till now was certainly wonderful and worth praising. The above discussion and the detailed steps have surely taught you how to tighten a belt on a Bad Boy lawn mower. Ain’t I right?

I guess so and for that reason, I must remind you that paying more attention to the tension of the belt is important. If you ever suspect it to be slippery or loose, get on the duty to inspect and tighten the belt.

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