[Solved!] How to Tell the Age of Toro Mower?

Using a Toro mower leaves no space for further appreciation. And, only the rider can express how amazing it feels to operate a Toro mower. But, knowing the age of the mower is important in many aspects.

So, how to tell the age of a Toro mower?

Determine the age of a Toro mower by the year it was manufactured. Considering the mower’s health condition, how much repairs are affecting it, and the amount of rust in the carburetor , the age can be calculated.

Only this info isn’t going to be of any help regarding how to tell the age of Toro mower. To get the accurate age, the article is designed with the methods.

So, let’s jump into the discussion.

Toro Mower’s Age by Serial Number 

The easiest way to tell the Toro mower’s age is by the serial number of it. Because this number has the year mentioned in it when the mower was manufactured.

Let me explain it to you.

• Starting With 2

A Toro mower having a serial number starting with 2 will have the manufactured year in the second digit, just after 2.

For instance, the serial number is 230001100. And, as the second digit is 3, the year you are looking for is 2003. Now, you can calculate how old your Toro mower is.

• Starting With 3

Toro mowers have another type of serial number that starts with 3. Don’t mix it with the first type as it has different places for the year. In this serial number, the manufacturing year is found in the second and third place.

For example, the Toro mower’s serial number is 311000010, and the year is 2011. As you have got the year, determine the age of your Toro mower.

Where is the Serial Number on a Toro Mower? 

I guess you have already seen that the serial number of a Toro mower can guide efficiently in reaching its age. But, finding the number can be tough depending which type of Toro mowers you have.

Keeping that in mind, I have divided the Toro mowers and mentioned the direction to their serial numbers.

That’s why hurry and check them out.

• Toro Rear Engine Mower

Look for the serial number on Toro rear engine mowers in the following places:

Under the rider’s seat

Underneath the fuel tank

• Toro Walk Behind Mower

The serial number on Toro walk behind mowers are found in the front or back but only in one component. Check out where to search for it:

Levelled on the deck

On the housing

• Toro Zero Turn Mower

On a Toro zero turn mower, the serial number is written on:

Right corner of control lever

Side panels

Engine’s frame

• Toro Lawn Tractor

Toro lawn tractor has the serial number on different places including:

Somewhere in steering column

Right on the deck

Below the rider’s seat

Somewhere in dashboard

Around the footrest

Other Ways to Find the Age of a Toro Mower

To be honest, the serial number tells the accurate age of a Toro mower. But, you may not find the serial number and after finding it, you can not understand it at all. 

At this point, there are some factors that show a concept of a Toro mower’s age.

So, go through them one by one.

1. Mower’s Health Condition

The health condition of a Toro mower can tell you about its age. Though the number may not be accurate, it goes closer. Go through each part of the mower and rate them accordingly.

I prefer an expert or experienced person in this regard. The mower’s age is above 6 to 7 years in case the rating is 70% to 80% unsatisfactory.

2. No Repairs Work

A Toro mower falling into danger is pretty common. But, at a point, no repairs tend to work on the mower.

No matter how good quality components you replace, nothing works. It indicates the mower is old enough (approximately 7 to 8 years) and demanding for replacement.

3. Amount of Rust in Carburetor

The carburetor on the mower tends to get rusty after a few years. This rust can lead you to the mower’s age.

Removable rust or less influential rust means the age is 3 or 4 years. And, excessive rust indicates the mower is above 5 or 6 years old.

How Long Do Toro Mowers Last?

Answer: Toro mowers are recognized for their amazing longevity and they can go up to 12 to 15 years with proper attention. However, the average lifespan is 10 years and each type and model of Toro mowers has different duration of life expectancy. 

How Do I Find Out When My Toro Mower Was Made?

Answer: The date of a Toro mower’s production is clearly written on a metal plate. It carries the mower’s serial number including the year when the Toro mower was made and set to be delivered to you.

Final Verdict

Now that you know how to tell the age of Toro mower, you can calculate that by yourself. Fortunately, the article has described the easiest methods for you to reach the mower’s age quickly.

In this way, you can know when is the perfect time to sell or replace the Toro mower. As for selling it, check out the article about how much is my mower worth.

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