How to Start a Bad Boy Mower Without a Key? SOLVED!!

how to start a bad boy mower without a key

Among the Bad Boy mower problems, the ignition key won’t turn is a common one. Several reasons can force the key not to turn and switch on the mower.

At this point, you have only one way left and that is starting the mower without a key. In case your ideas are blank in this regard, you may face troubles or confusions in doing that including making mistakes. 

But, how to start a Bad Boy mower without a key?

Start it by engaging the starter with the ignition coil or with the help of a flat head screwdriver. Both the methods are noteworthy for effectiveness.

Only this tiny info will not guide you in performing that. Keeping that in mind, the article has discussed the steps of how to start a Bad Boy mower without a key in detail.

So, don’t go anywhere else and stay till the end.

Methods of Starting a Bad Boy Mower Without a Key

What I have seen so far now is that almost every Bad Boy mower user falls into the issue of losing the key anyhow. Or, their keys don’t tend to work or help in getting the mower on duty.

In case you are in that situation right now, I have got two ways to help you in starting the mower without a key.

So, why don’t you go through them one by one?

Method 1: Engage the Starter and Ignition Coil

When you have no access to the ignition key, a simple method can be followed. And, it is connecting both the starter and the ignition coil.

Let me show you how to do it properly.

Step 1: Enable the Parking Mode

First, the Bad Boy mowers demands to be in the parking mode for the procedure. Depending on your mower type, the parking lever or the parking brake can do it.

Step 2: Disconnect the Mower Blades

After that, another important task is disconnecting the mower blades. Because if they are engaged, it can be dangerous for you to complete the job.

Step 3: Reach the Battery

Then, lift the mower’s hood and look left or right. It is because the battery location is decided as per the mower’s type.

Step 4: Locate the Ignition Coil

Once you reach the battery, locating the ignition coil becomes much easier. Going with the cables of the battery, you can locate it in a few seconds.

Step 5: Connect the Ignition Coil and Starter

At this step, take a pair of rubber gloves and stay cautious. Then, take a screwdriver and locate the starter that is usually a small box.

Now, connect the ignition coil or the Bad Boy mower’s solenoid with the starter using the screwdriver. Right after that, your Bad Boy will start immediately.

Method 2: Use a Flat Head Screwdriver

In case you are not comfortable with the first method, here is an easier one. It won’t require you to play with the components.

So, let me break it down into steps for you.

Step 1: Turn On Parking Mode and Disengage the Blades

Like the first method, the method will need you to turn on the parking mode of the mower. Then, the blades should be completely off duty.

Step 2: Take a Compatible Size Screwdriver

Now, take a compatible size of screwdriver and consider its shape carefully. Because a flat head screwdriver is the ultimate need in this regard.

Step 3: Insert the Screwdriver and Rotate It

Finally, insert that screwdriver in the hole in which the ignition key used to get inserted. Be alert that the screwdriver fits the hole. Now, rotate it slowly and see the mower is starting.

What to Do When a Bad Boy Mower Doesn’t Start?

Answer: When a Bad Boy mower doesn’t start, check the ignition key first. Ensure its continuity and inspect the battery to check its charge. If the air filter is clogged excessively, lack of air can prevent the mower from starting.

Why Won’t a Bad Boy Mower Key Turn?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower key won’t turn when it has damages and cracks in its body. In case the ignition key is carrying more dirt than usual, it won’t get connected and the mower won’t start.

Final Words

Now, I can guess that you can start your Bad boy mower even without the key. But, be cautious to follow each and every step of how to start a Bad Boy mower without a key accordingly. Otherwise, a mistake can turn into a massive trouble.

However, my last thought on the issue is to take proper care of the key of your Bad Boy mower. Because, the key can let you start the mower without any hazards or performing any tricky or time-consuming process.

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