How to Scan Codes With RCA Universal Remote?

how to scan codes with a rca universal remote

To Program a RCA universal remote, the need for codes is unavoidable. Because, the infrared signal won’t get connected with the device without the codes.

But, how to scan codes with a RCA universal remote?

Scan the codes on the RCA universal remote codes finder, on a RCA remote without the ‘Code Search’ and searching the codes manually.

While programing, as scanning the codes is necessary, the article has come up with the solution. Different ways are included regarding how to scan codes with RCA universal remote.

So, let’s get started without further ado.

Ways to Scan Codes with RCA Universal Remote

Scanning the RCA universal remote codes lets the remote get the accurate codes needed for the device. It is applied when the remote manual book is out of your reach.

In other words, your access to the codes is not possible. Luckily, the RCA universal remotes have the feature to scan the codes.

Therefore, let’s check the methods to apply them.

Method 1: RCA Remote Code Finder

RCA universal remote codes can be easily scanned on the RCA universal remote code finder. Following the steps, you can do it, too.

Step 1: Enter the RCA Remote Model

On the finder, a drop-down option is available for the remote model. Look at the remote’s bottom and fill that number in the finder.

Step 2: Fill the ‘Product Type’ Option

Then, you will notice the ‘Product Type’ option and enter the device type (TV/DVD) you want to program.

Step 3: Select the Product Brand

At this point, the brand (Samsung, Roku) of the device needs to be filled in the finder. Just beside the ‘Product Type’ you can get that.

Step 4: Get the Codes

Finally, by clicking ‘Enter’, you can get all the codes available for your specific device brand. See, how time-saving and smart this method is!

Method 2: Remote without ‘Code Search’

On a RCA universal remote, if the ‘Code Search’ is not featured, the following way is to scan the codes.

Step 1: Ensure the Device is Turned On

First, keep the remote just ahead of the device and turn the device on.

Step 2: Tap the Device Type

Which device do you want to program?

Entering this info is essential in scanning the codes.

Step 3: Go With the Power Button

Once the power light comes, press the power button. Release the pressure once the light goes off and comes again.

Step 4: Play with the Play/Slow Keys

Playing with the play/slow keys is pressing and releasing them a couple of times. It lets the remote scan the codes to get the proper one and turn off the device.

Step 5: Press Skip/Reverse

If the device is still on, the correct code is staying far away. That’s why press and release the skip/reverse keys.

Once the device is turned off, stop doing it. Because the awaited codes are finally found.

Method 3: Search the Codes Manually

Another noteworthy method is searching the codes manually. So, continue reading to learn the process.

Step 1: Turn the Device On and Enter Its Type

To step ahead, power on the device. Holding the remote towards it, ensure the type of the device and the light of the power will appear.

Step 2: Press Power and Device Key Together

Now, press both the power key and the device together and don’t release them until the light on power goes off. Once the light comes back, release the buttons. 

Step 3: Start Pressing the Power Key

At this point, start pressing the power button and observe whether the power light blinks at every pressing or not. Because code scanning is indicated through it.

Release the button once the device is turned off automatically. The scanning is completed and the eligible code is sent.

Where is the Code Search Button on a RCA Universal Remote?

Answer: The code search button is located at the top corner on a RCA universal remote. Which top side (right or left) will have the button depends on which model you are purchasing.

Why isn’t My TV Not Working with a RCA Universal Remote?

Answer: Several reasons can be there behind a TV not working with a RCA universal remote. First, check your TV brand and model and ensure it has an infrared signal. If yes, reprogram the RCA universal remote with the TV. In case the programing fails, change the batteries on the remote.

Final Words

In the end, it is clear that scanning the codes doesn’t take much time and obviously, the procedure is super easier. Only by following the steps, anyone can effortlessly scan the codes.

However, I think you already have enough idea of how to scan codes with RCA universal remote. In my opinion, try one after another in serial to get the accurate codes.

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