Help! How to Reset Hour Meter On Bad Boy Mower?

how to reset hour meter on bad boy mower

A Bad Boy mower hour meter not working is a matter to be concerned as you completely get disturbed due to it. Because the using hour of the engine can not be tracked when the hour meter goes off duty.

In some cases, it only shows a few malfunctioning signs that are repairable only with the reset option.

But, how to reset hour meter on a Bad Boy mower? 

Reset the hour meter by reaching the hour meter, taking its cover out, searching for the reset option, pressing the reset button, setting its cover back in place, and checking the hour meter.

I guess you are already finding it trickier in case it is your first time resetting it. Don’t get worried as the article shows how to reset hour meter on Bad Boy mower.

So, let’s not wait anymore and get started.

Method of Resetting Hour Meter On a Bad Boy Mower

On a Bad Boy mower, the hour meter tends to stop again and again when its internal parts start malfunctioning. You may find it a backbreaking issue but that is not always the case.

If you know how to reset the hour meter, you can simply erase the small issues from it. For that reason, here I have included the method of how to reset hour meter on Bad Boy mower in detailed steps.

Therefore, continue reading to learn them.

Step 1: Reach the Hour Meter

The first step is reaching the hour meter on your Bad Boy lawn mower. The control panel may have it, otherwise look for it in the dashboard.

Step 2: Take Its Cover Out

Once you have reached the hour meter, it’s time to take its cover out. To do it, use a wrench or a screwdriver to loosen the screws.

Step 3: Search for the Reset Option

As soon as you take the cover out, you can see the reset option of the hour meter. ‘Reset’ is written on it for better convenience.

It may take you a few moments to get familiar with the hour meter.

Step 4: Press the Reset Button

The reset option is colored red or black and you can now easily get there. And, press it at least for 3 to 5 seconds.

Step 5: Set Its Cover Back in Position

Once it is done, set the hour meter’s cover back in its place. Make sure to secure it with the screws that you took out.

Step 6: Check the Hour Meter

Now, get on the Bad Boy mower and turn the engine on. Take a glance at the hour meter and observe which numbers are coming.

Presence of zero hours on it indicates you have reset it successfully.

Can I Reset an Hour Meter on My Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: The answer depends on which Bad Boy mower you own. It is because not all Bad Boy mowers allow resetting the hour meter. But, in some of them, you can reset the hour meter within a few moments.

How Long Will the Hour Meter Show an Oil Change Message?

Answer: The hour meter on your Bad Boy mower will continue showing the oil change message for up to 2 hours. Many users guess the hour meter gets bad and continues to display but. But, it is just an indication that the oil has changed.

End Note

In the end, one thing that I want to clear is that resetting the hour meter depends on which Bad Boy mower you have. Because, not all of them have the feature of resetting the hour meter.

However, you can try it out following the steps of how to reset hour meter on Bad Boy mower. In case your Bad Boy mower is undergoing irregularities, check out the article on Bad Boy mower troubleshooting.

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