[+Symbols] How Do Read Easily New Holland Fault Codes?

how to read New Holland fault codes

Is your New Holland equipment showing you fault codes?

An interesting matter in this regard is, nothing can be done when your idea is blank about the error codes. In other words, not realizing what and where the issue remains that the code is suggesting, hinders the way of solving it.

Therefore, aren’t you worried about how to read New Holland fault codes?

Get easy access to New Holland fault codes with their indications by taking help from the operator’s manual, and by setting the ignition on.

I guess you are concerned about how to complete the process. Well, the details of the methods are elaborated in the article and a few error codes symbols are displayed with their meanings.

So, let’s dive into the niceties without further ado.

Methods to Read New Holland Fault Codes

The first and foremost job of solving the trouble and erasing the fault code is understanding the root of it. When you realize what it is trying to reveal, half of the work of applying a solution is performed.

Luckily, a few methods are available to get access to the error codes list and their specific meanings. Here I have discussed the effective ones out of the methods.

That’s why let me break them down into steps for you.

Method 1: Take Help from the Operator’s Manual

An operator’s manual is given with every New Holland equipment including the compact tractors to telehandlers. The surprising thing is, it can be the best way to look for the error codes.

Yes, you heard me right. I find the manual as a complete guide to look after the New Holland equipment. Take a glance at the steps to make the best use of it regarding the trouble codes.

Step 1: Look at the Error Codes Section

A common matter is the operator’s manual comes as a book and it has separate sections for each matter. As for the error codes, they are also divided as a part carrying their definitions. 

And, along with the common ones, particular codes for your equipment model are also there. Fortunately, the manual also includes the remedies for the codes.

Step 2: Get in Touch with the Manufacturer

A common matter is losing the manual book and almost everyone falls into this loss. Getting in touch with the New Holland manufacturer can provide you with a new one. And, you can get the codes simply.

Method 2: Set the Ignition On

Losing the manual book and being unable to collect a second one is not a big deal. Because there is a second method that can do the job even without the manual.

It is discussed well in the steps and therefore, you can go through them to learn the procedure.

Step 1: Position the Control Lever, and Also the Brake

Positioning the control lever and the brake is the first job to start the process and both of their positions should be neutral.

Step 2: Switch On the Ignition Key

At this point, reach the ignition key and switch it on. Wait till you observe it has started functioning.

Step 3: Go with the Reset Option

Then, press the reset button and continue for a couple of seconds. It won’t take much time and the codes will be visible within 5 seconds.

Look at the dashboard and find out the code that you are eagerly looking for. Certainly, it will have its definition written just beside it.

New Holland Error Codes Symbols

New Holland equipment not only comes up with trouble codes, it can meet you up with some signs. These signs are noticed when there are issues in the equipment system and need immediate inspection.

I have collected a few New Holland error codes symbols that are often encountered, and listed their hidden meanings just beside each of them. Make sure to save them for later for a quick discovery.

So, keep scrolling to capture the symbols and their definitions.

new holland error codes symbols

What Does New Holland Warning Lights Mean?

There are some warning lights on the dashboard of a New Holland vehicle. The indications of the lights are different from each other and knowing them is unavoidable.

In case you don’t have any idea of their meanings, go through the discussion.

1. Engine Light

Anything wrong in the engine is told by the engine warning light. After noticing it, turn off the engine and check it carefully.

2. Coolant Temperature Light

The higher temperature of the coolant is mostly detected by the light. Do not delay in turning off the coolant unit after the light is on duty.

3. Transmission Light

The transmission light is encountered when the shifting gears malfunction due to the irregularities in the transmission unit.

4. Oil Pressure Light

The oil pressure light is for telling the rider that oil level is below the lowest range.

5. Fuel Pressure Light

The fuel pressure can go imbalanced due to defects in the fuel filter. And, the light shows up to tell you about that.

6. Battery Charging Light

When the battery can not charge, the light comes up. It also appears to inform you about the defects in battery wires and the alternator.

How to Reset New Holland Fault Codes?

Resetting fault codes on a New Holland becomes unavoidable as you are still facing them. Though the issue is successfully solved, the codes tend to pay a visit continuously.

how to reset new holland fault codes

Follow the steps to reset the codes:

Turn on the ignition switch and turn it off again

Get the engine on duty and switch off again

Let the tractor have a long run

Their details are included in the following discussion.

Step 1: Turn On the Ignition Switch and Turn Off Again

First, you can try switching on the ignition with the key and switching it off again. Continue doing it for a couple of times.

Then, stop for 10 to 15 minutes and finally, turn on the ignition. Now, the dashboard will let you enjoy the view that codes are reset.

Step 2: Get the Engine On Duty and Switch Off Again

In this step, you can move to the engine if the first step didn’t satisfy you. All you have to do is get the engine on duty and let it warm up.

Right after that, switch it off and get it back on duty after 20 minutes. Thus, the memory of the tractor is refreshed along with resetting the codes.

Step 3: Let the Tractor Have a Long Run

If nothing is working in this regard, get on the New Holland tractor. And, run it for an extended course.

This is an effective way to reset the codes as the tractor’s memory also gets reset in this way.

What Does the Stop Light Mean on a New Holland Tractor?

Answer: The indication of the stop light on a New Holland tractor is to turn off the tractor quickly. And, it also tells the rider to inspect the tractor to see where the major issue is.

What is New Holland Fault Code Engine 3007?

Answer: The meaning of New Holland fault code Engine 3007 is sensor signal of the coolant temperature rising above the higher limitation. Certainly, it is an alarming one.

What Does New Holland Fault Code DCU 19002 Stand For?

Answer: New Holland fault code DCU 19002 stands for the sensing signal of battery voltage that is going below the minimum range. Therefore, it should not be left unchecked.

Final Words

Discovering the fault codes seems like a fun activity when you get used to the manners. They are not so hard to catch and as the equipment carries them, it becomes even more easy.

However, since you went through the entire article of how to read New Holland fault codes, getting them is not stressful for you anymore. Keep trying with the methods till you get the codes with the answer you are looking for.

Moreover, do not hesitate in contacting the manufacturer in case you fail in reading the codes.

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