[Solved!] How to Put Bad Boy Mower in Neutral?

how to put bad boy mower in neutral

Riding a Bad Boy mower is not less than a fun activity as it makes the lawn as the owner wishes it to be. But, there can be some cases when the mower may not run and you have to push it manually.

And, I guess you know that it will require the mower to be in neutral mode. If you have no idea of that, manually pushing the mower will be cancelled, too.

But, how to put a Bad Boy mower in neutral?

Put it on neutral by ensuring the brake pedal is working, adjusting the shift lever, pulling the hydrostatic transmission lever, turning the parking brake off, and pushing the gear shift lever forward.

In my opinion, you should proceed to make the changes once you know the process of how to put Bad Boy mower in neutral. Well, get the info from the following article.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in.

Method of Putting a Bad Boy Mower in Neutral

A silly mistake can be made by the Bad Boy mower owner switching to neutral mode without any proper ideas. As a result, he can take the wrong step and put the mower in more trouble.

Keeping that in mind, I thought of discussing the method of how to put Bad Boy mower in neutral.

That’s why continue reading to learn the steps.

Step 1: Ensure the Brake Pedal is Working

I prefer checking everything before engaging the neutral mode as it allows no barriers. That’s why check the brake pedal or the clutch and ensure it is working.

Otherwise, the gear shifter may not respond to your command.

Step 2: Adjust the Shift Lever

Then, move to the gear shift lever on your Bad Boy mower. It doesn’t function when its adjustment gets misplaced. As it is a vital component, you have to check that, too. 

And, adjust it carefully in the gearbox to smoothen the further steps.

Step 3: Pull the Hydrostatic Transmission Lever

At this point, you have to reach the hydrostatic transmission lever on your Bad Boy mower. Once you get there, pull the lever forward or push it inside. It depends on the Bad Boy mower types.

Step 4: Turn the Parking Brake Off

Now, turn the parking brake off by moving its lever to the disengaged position. Otherwise, the mower won’t move even when you push it manually.

Step 5: Push the Gear Shift Lever

Right after that, hold the gear shift lever and push it forward. Once it is in the correct place, switch on the ignition on your mower.

Finally, your Bad Boy mower is put on neutral mode and you can push it manually.

Can I Ride My Bad Boy Mower in Neutral?

Answer: Not at all. You can not ride a Bad Boy mower when its gear is in neutral position. Also, this mode is considered harmful for riding the mower as you lose control over the acceleration. However, you can only push the mower in this state.

Can All Bad Boy Mowers be Pushed Manually in Neutral?

Answer: Unfortunately not. Not all Bad Boy mowers come with the feature of manual transmission. Only a few of them have the feature and one can push them by turning the neutral mode on.

Final Verdict

In short, Bad Boy mowers come with extraordinary features that let you continue working even when the mower refuses to work. And, the neutral mode is one of the praiseworthy ones.

However, whenever you plan to push the mower manually, switch to neutral mode as you already know how to put Bad Boy mower in neutral. In case you face any issues while doing it, check out the Bad Boy mower troubleshooting tips.

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