[Try!] How to Move a Toro Zero Turn Mower That Won’t Start?

how to move a toro zero turn mower that won't start

Among the Toro zero turn mower problems, the mower won’t start is a frequent one. The zero turn mower seems to be useless as it completely sits idle after not turning on.

But, how to move a Toro zero turn mower that won’t start?

Try to move it by placing the mower, adjusting the throttle lever, adjusting the deck height, selecting a levelled way, placing the steering lever, moving to the parking brake, and getting the wheels on duty.

You can already observe that several problems can let the Toro zero turn mower refusing to start. Luckily, you selected the correct article that has the way of how to move a Toro zero turn mower that won’t start.

So, let’s not drag the suspension and get started.

Why a Toro Zero Turn Mower Is Not Starting?

A Toro zero turn mower not starting is considered the biggest issue for the user. As the mower doesn’t start, no work can be done.

But, why doesn’t a Toro zero turn mower start?

Well, Toro zero turn mower starting problems include a bad spark plug, defects in battery, fuel in lower level, fuel cap not working, air and fuel filters are clogged, carburetor has issues, bad fuel and so on.

Not only these ones, there are more that can invite trouble. Check out the Toro zero turn mower starting problems to see their details. 

Process of Moving a Toro Zero Turn Mower That Won’t Start

As you can see, so many tiny to large matters are associated with the Toro zero turn mower starting problems. And, when they arrive, the rider gets frightened that the mower won’t move at all.

Luckily, a Toro zero turn mower can be functioned manually but following the correct way is required. Otherwise, you may end up in another trouble.

So, continue scrolling to learn the process step by step.

Step 1: Place the Toro Zero Turn

First, placing the Toro zero turn mower is required. Avoid placing the mower in a rough space. Because the place should be even and the mower should stay there steadily.

Step 2: Adjust the Throttle Level

As you are going to run the mower manually, the throttle level should be adjusted. And, Toro zero turn mower lets you do that with its Smart Speed technology. And now, adjust the throttle to the lowest level.

Step 3: Adjust the Deck Height

As the mower is going to be pushed manually, it can have any sudden accidents or collision with anything. That’s why setting the deck height is necessary and adjusting it to the highest range.

Step 4: Select a Levelled Way

For operating the Toro zero turn mower manually, selecting a levelled path is a must. Because a rough way may make it difficult for you to push the mower.

Step 5: Place the Steering Lever

Now, it is time for some action in the Toro zero turn mower. Placing the steering lever to its neutral position is the first move. Rotating the ignition key to the right direction will do it.

Step 6: Move to the Parking Brake

Then, move to the parking brake. If it is already engaged, you have to disengage it. Place it back to the down position to keep it off duty.

Step 7: Get the Wheels On Duty

In the last step, get the transmission pins that are just somewhere around the drive wheel motor. Placing them on the pinholes of the motors will let you drive the mower manually.

Because transmission gets disengaged when the pins are on the wheel motors.

Does a Toro Zero Turn Mower Have Hydraulics?

Answer: Of course, a Toro zero turn mower has hydraulics and the use of hydraulic fluid lets the zero turn run freely. In other words, the hydraulic fluid is a must for the zero turn mower to keep its components lubricated and away from frictions.

What Makes a Toro Zero Turn Mower Move?

Answer: The movement of a Toro zero turn mower is dependent on the wheels and each wheel has a particular motor. Two types of wheel motors are seen and one of them is for letting you move the mower forward and the other is for reverse.

Final Verdict

In the end, it is clear that a Toro zero turn mower has the ability to be run manually. I call it an advantage for the user to enjoy the lawn care even though the mower tends not to start.

However, you have done a great job by knowing the direction of how to move a Toro zero turn mower that won’t start. Because from now on, you won’t have to sit idle along with the mower and start mowing your lawn.

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