[Solved!] How to Crank a Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower?

how to crank a bad boy zero turn mower

Enjoying the services of a Bad Boy zero turn mower in your lawn is undoubtedly an excellent experience. But, starting the mower is the first step to riding the mower.

In that sense, cranking of the mower ensures the mower is starting in a correct manner. But, how to crank a Bad Boy zero turn mower?

Crank the Bad Boy zero turn mower by preparing the mower, selecting a levelled area, engaging the parking brake, stretching the steering levers, engaging the PTO switch, turning the choke position on, and cranking the mower.

You shouldn’t worry as the discussion is not going to pause here. To tell you the complete guidelines of how to crank a Bad Boy zero turn mower, the article has got the details.

So, let’s end the suspension and get started.

Way to Crank a Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower

There are some misconceptions that cranking a mower and starting it is the same thing and due to it, the mower fails to start without cranking. Well, cranking is a step before the engine starts and they are not the same thing.

Well, you can surely get that well once you see the procedure of how to crank a Bad Boy zero turn mower and, I have discussed that here.

Therefore, don’t forget to check out the steps.

Step 1: Make Sure the Zero Turn Mower is Ready

First, you have to check everything about the Bad Boy zero turn mower. Ensure the battery has full charge and the gas tank is filled to the required level.

Even the fuel tank needs to be inspected. Make sure the tires have the same amount of pressure and the blades are not dull.

Step 2: Select a Levelled Area

Now, select a levelled area in your lawn or garage and take the mower there. It is essential to let all the mower parts get the needed amount of fluid or oil or gas.

Step 3: Engage the Parking Brake

One of the safety features on the mower is its parking brake and you have to engage it before cranking or starting the mower. Engage the parking brake by pulling its lever and look for it around the steering arms.

Step 4: Stretch the Steering Levers

Right after that, keep your hands on the steering arms and stretch them to avoid sudden steering. Before that, be right on your seat to adjust them as per your convenience.

Step 5: Engage the PTO Switch

Then, engage the PTO switch to keep the zero turn mower blades disengaged. Otherwise, you may engage them mistakenly which is quite dangerous.

Step 6: Turn the Choke Position On

Afterwards, you are much closer to crank the mower and warming the engine up is required for that. That’s why the throttle lever should be pulled backward and set on the choke position.

Step 7: Crank the Zero Turn Mower

Finally, to crank the Bad Boy zero turn mower, turn the ignition key on. Do it for 3 to 5 seconds and avoid extending the duration. Now, you can see the mower cranking successfully.

Why is My Bad Boy Zero Turning But Not Starting?

Answer: A Bad Boy zero turn mower turning but not starting is caused by the fuel level that is below average. The gas valve can let it happen, too, in case it has damages or it’s completely bad. Due to less ignition than needed, the situation can occur.

What Causes a Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Not to Crank?

Answer: When a Bad Boy zero turn mower was stored, its carburetor can be left uncleaned. And, it is a red flag for the carburetor to get residues or corrosion or clogging inside it. All these are barriers for the Bad Boy zero turn mower to crank.

Final Verdict

On top of everything, the rider should always have enough knowledge of how to crank a Bad Boy zero turn mower. Because it is a key point in starting the mower and ensuring the procedure is absolutely correct.

Otherwise, he may end up starting it wrongly and meeting a few new issues in riding the mower. However, if your Bad Boy mower won’t start, make sure to go through the Bad Boy mower troubleshooting.

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