[Solved!] How to Clear New Holland Fault Codes?

how to clear new holland fault codes

New Holland fault codes are super handy in getting aware of any problems living in the vehicle. But, the codes may not tend to go back to their place even after applying fixes to the issue.

At this point, it is obvious for the user to get irritated and frustrated. But, how to clear New Holland fault codes?

Try to clear them by applying remedies to the problem, getting a diagnostic tool and re-engaging the battery.

Don’t get stressed as I won’t stop here just with the tiny info. Because the methods of how to clear New Holland fault codes are described in the article.

So, why don’t you jump in without further ado?

Methods of Clearing New Holland Fault Codes

I guess you are already impatient to get rid of the trouble codes. There are several ways for clearing the New Holland error codes and each of them do well.

But, I have selected the easiest ones for you that don’t consume much time. Moreover, they were of great help in my case.

That’s why check out the methods of clearing the New Holland Fault Codes.

Method 1: Apply Remedies to the Issue

Sometimes, the user can make a mistake while catching the indication of the fault code or fixing the issue. That’s why first, you have to read New Holland error codes and understand where to inspect.

As soon as you reach the problem, the solution depends on the condition of that component. So, check everything attentively and take help from the user manual to apply the correct remedy.

Most of the time, the fault codes easily return to their place in this way. Because the memory or the sensor can not smell the issues any longer.

Method 2: Get a Diagnostic Tool

I can assume that you are still fighting with the fault codes. Well, among the methods, the diagnostic tool is considered the easiest way of all. It ensures the fault codes will be gone.

So, make sure to move ahead with its steps.

Step 1: Turn Off the Entire Vehicle

First, the power of the vehicle should be turned off. From the ignition key to the engine and the battery, turn off everything.

Step 2: Connect the Diagnostic Tool

To connect the diagnostic tool, look for the port somewhere in the dashboard. As it has a cover, look for a covered port. Then, engage the tool with the vehicle.

Step 3: Get the Code and Clear it

At this point, turn on the ignition and look for the codes that used to come up frequently. Select that code and press the ‘clear’ button on the tool.

Step 4: Disconnect the Tool and Restart the Vehicle

Now, after clearing all the codes, disconnect the diagnostic tool from the vehicle. Restart the vehicle and enjoy the codes free dashboard.

Method 3: Re-engage the Battery

The battery is another way to get rid of the unwanted error codes from the dashboard. You may wonder how this is even possible.

That’s why let me introduce you to the process step by step.

Step 1: Disengage the Battery and Start the Engine

When the vehicle is turned off, the battery should be disengaged at that time. After that, start the engine with the ignition key and the idling should go on for 1 minute. It is for giving the sensor a restart.

Step 2: Cross Check the Issue Indicated by the Code

Then, cross check everything that you had fixed earlier. In this way, any type of mistake can be found and solved within time.

Step 3: Wait a Bit and Re-engage the Battery

Finally, re-engage the battery after keeping it disengaged for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to connect all its terminals and start the vehicle to the result.

How Do You Clear the Fault Codes in New Holland?

Answer: You can clear the New Holland fault codes by using a diagnostic tool and restarting the engine. Running the vehicle for a long time and re-engaging the battery can help, too. Also, the ignition switch can guide in this regard.

What Does New Holland Fault Code ENG 144 Mean?

Answer: On a New Holland, the fault code ENG 144 is for indicating the highest voltage of coolant temperature sensor. When it crosses the limitation, this code is encountered.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, you shouldn’t take the frequent appearance of the New Holland fault codes easily. Because, it is a true barrier for the upcoming issues as their codes may not be able to come up in the monitor.

So, follow the steps of how to clear New Holland fault codes and make sure to go through each of them. I recommend consulting the manufacturer in case your efforts do not work.

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