Help! How to Auto Program a GE Universal Remote?

how to auto program a GE universal remote

Programing a GE universal remote is an important move to let you have the control of home appliances. This feature of the remote to control the appliances with one remote is appreciated by everyone.

The programing of the remote demands the particular codes and many of us may not have them or forget them. Then, how to auto program a GE universal remote? 

Auto program the remote by ensuring the device is on, tapping and holding the ‘Setup’ option, selecting the device type, pressing the ‘Power’ button, waiting till the indicator comes, waiting for indicator turning off, and saving the codes.

Well, the discussion is not stopping only with the tiny info. Because I am gonna assist you with the complete direction of how to auto program a GE universal remote.

So, let’s not drag the suspension and get into the article.

Process of Auto Programing a GE Universal Remote

Programing a GE universal remote should be on point by ensuring the correct steps with the specific codes. The device you are choosing will decide which codes to enter in the remote.

Luckily, the auto connecting way is known for releasing the barricade. Because following it, the device can read that code automatically.

For that reason, don’t forget to move ahead step by step with the following process.

Step 1: Ensure the Device is On

First, ensuring the continuity of the device is important. If it is not turned on, the remote won’t connect with it. In other words, the remote won’t find any device to be connected.

Step 2: Tap and Hold ‘Setup’ Option

Then, take the remote and see, there is an option named ‘Setup’. Tap on it and hold it at least for 5 seconds. The red light which is an indicator will come and at that time, you have to release the button.

Step 3: Select the Device Type

Which appliance do you want to connect with the GE universal remote?

Yes, it makes a great impact and the remote codes vary depending on it. Select the device type by looking for it in the remote.

Step 4: Press the ‘Power’ Button

After that, your job is playing with the ‘Power’ button of the remote. Hold it for a few seconds and don’t release it before 3 to 5 seconds.

Step 5: Wait Till Indicator Comes

You may wonder how long to hold and press the ‘Power’ button. Well, release it as soon as you encounter the red light that shows up and remains turned on.

Step 6: Wait for Indicator Turning Off

When the light is turned on, the remote will analyze the GE universal remote codes list. It will get the particular codes for your device and send the codes to it. The red light going off duty means the codes are sent to the device.

Step 7: Save the Remote Codes

When you observe that, go with the ‘Setup’ option to save the codes for further use. And now, control the device with the paired GE universal remote.

Why Can’t I Program My GE Universal Remote?

Answer: The method of programing a GE universal remote is a job of a couple of minutes. But, it can take more time and fail to connect when the device and remote have something between them. In other words, the infrared feature doesn’t work with a barrier.

Can I Use Any GE Universal Remote?

Answer: You can use a GE universal remote that has compatibility with your device. Because the remotes have several types and each type is different from one another. Most importantly, the device you want to operate must have the infrared feature.

Final Verdict

How time flies! You have done a wonderful job by staying till the end. Let me guess, you don’t have the GE universal remote codes list and it drives you to here and now you are thinking of following the article.

I assure you to go with the process of how to auto program a GE universal remote. Because it erases the hassle of finding the codes. In case you are about to reset the remote, check out the map of how to reset a GE universal remote.

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