How to Adjust Steering on Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower? Try!

how to adjust steering on a Bad Boy zero turn mower

Sometimes, on a Bad Boy zero turn mower, the steering can get misadjusted or stuck or refuse to move. At this point, you have to readjust it by maintaining the proper way.

So, how can you adjust the steering on a Bad Boy zero turn mower?

Start adjusting the steering by inspecting the mower handlebars, adjusting the handlebars, taking out the mounting bolts, performing the alignment of the handlebar, examining the reverse and forward alignment, adjusting the travel distance, and checking the adjusted steering.

In case you are a newbie, stay with the article till the end to know how to adjust the steering on a Bad Boy zero turn mower.

So, why don’t you hurry to dive in?

Way to Adjust the Steering on a Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower

Adjusting the Bad Boy zero turn mower steering is not at all that tough if you know the method. In case you haven’t done it at least once before, you may find it trickier.

Luckily, there is the easiest way to adjust the steering on a Bad Boy zero turn mower that is elaborated with in-depth info.

Therefore, continue reading to learn it step by step. 

Step 1: Inspect the Mower Handlebars

Bent or misshaped handlebars or steering levers need to be fixed before you move forward to the process.

Observing their condition and pulling them on the correct side that leads them to be straightened is all you have to do. I prefer this before adjusting them to get their correct shape easily.

Step 2: Adjust the Handlebars

Then, you have to adjust them for further procedures. Keep them together and in their neutral position. But, you may get confused regarding their togetherness.

Keeping them together will allow you to align them in an easier way. So, check if you are able to do that with the steering lever or handlebars.

Step 3: Take Out the Mounting Bolts

At the connection point of the bars to the Bad Boy zero turn mower, a few bolts are mounted. In other words, just below the steering levers, you can notice them.

Try loosening the bolts of one lever and a socket wrench is enough for that. Be cautious about not taking out the bolts.

Step 4: Perform the Alignment of the Handlebar

Now, you can perform the correct alignment of that handlebar that wasn’t ready earlier.

As I mentioned earlier, check their alignment again. And, if you got it right this time, tighten the mounting bolts of that handlebar that you just loosened.

Step 5: Examine the Reverse and Forward Alignment

At this point, the alignment of the steering levers should be checked so that you can step ahead.

First, try pushing them in the forward direction and they will align together without any barrier. Their distance will be the same if the alignment is clear.

Then, try pulling them the reverse way to see their reverse alignment. Hopefully they will move together with the same distance. 

Step 6: Adjust the Travel Distance

In case the handbar’s distance of movement is not equal, you have to adjust it. Reach the restrictors just below the steering levers.

Using a wrench socket, you can tighten or loosen the travel distance bolts. Go through the examining process again to adjust it properly.

Step 7: Check the Adjusted Steering

You are at the last step after following the previous ones thoroughly.

Here you just have to run the Bad Boy zero turn mower to check the adjusted steering. The well functioning steering levers or the handlebars can show that easily.

How Does a Steering Work on a Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower?

Answer: The steering on a Bad Boy zero turn mower causes the wheels to steer by changing the speeds. The steering has two levers for functioning the wheels particularly on the back. The transaxle unit is also connected with these wheels.

What Causes Strong Steering?

Answer: A strong or hard steering is mainly caused by the steering rock that is damaged, wrong fluid type, fluid going out through leakages, and the steering pump not working. Besides, imbalanced tire pressure is responsible, too.

End Note

Finally, also you are certain about the fact that without adjusting the steering, riding a zero turn mower is much more difficult and tiring. In my opinion, the issues of steering shouldn’t be ignored to run it safely.

That’s why learn the way of how to adjust the steering on a Bad Boy zero turn mower. Be cautious to follow the steps one by one and thoroughly to keep mistakes away.

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