Help! How to Adjust Parking Brake On Bad Boy Mower?

how to adjust parking brake on bad boy mower

On a Bad Boy mower, one of the most important parts is the parking brake. Can you imagine the mower without a parking brake? Ah, that’s so terrifying even in imagination.

Well, that can come up for real when the parking brake goes out of adjustment or it needs a bit extra attention. At this point, your main job is to adjust the parking brake to the point.

But, how to adjust the parking brake on Bad Boy mower?

Adjust it by preparing the Bad Boy mower, turning the mower off, reaching the parking brake spring, measuring the spring size, adjusting the spring, and turning the mower on.

I guess you are finding it much difficult already without the details. For that reason, the article is fraught with the steps of how to adjust parking brake on Bad Boy mower.

So, stay connected till the end.

Process of Adjusting the Parking Brake on a Bad Boy Mower

I guess you are already thinking of how to do it alone or if you can do it or not. Well, that is pretty normal when it’s your first time doing so.

As I can relate with you, I have figured out the easiest steps of how to adjust parking brake on Bad Boy mower and listed them here.

Therefore, don’t forget to give them a check.

Step 1: Prepare the Bad Boy Mower

First, you have to prepare the mower to perform the job. In that case ensuring the PTO is not engaged is your job.

Once it is confirmed, head to the parking brake and get it on duty.

Step 2: Turn the Bad Boy Mower Off

Right after the preparations are made, now turn the mower off by switching the engine off. Also, take the ignition key out.

Step 3: Reach the Brake Spring

Then, lift the seat plate and you can see the parking brake spring.

Step 4: Measure the Brake Spring Size

Crosscheck the parking brake is engaged. Because it helps in getting the accurate measurement of the brake spring.

That’s why measure it and mark the numbers.

Step 5: Adjust the Spring

The measurement should be within 4.9 cm to 5.1 cm. In case the size doesn’t match with it, disengage the parking brake.

Turning the adjustment nut can guide you to increase or decrease the spring size to get it on point.

Step 6: Start the Mower

Finally, you can start the mower by turning the ignition on and engaging the PTO.

How to Tell if the Bad Boy Mower Parking Brake is Bad?

Answer: A quicker way to catch a bad parking brake on a Bad Boy mower is parking the mower by engaging the brake. Be alert to select a levelled surface and notice the mower. If it moves even though the brake is on duty, the parking brake is not working.

What Causes the Bad Boy Mower Parking Brake Not to Release?

Answer: When you observe the Bad Boy mower parking brake is not releasing, the brake pads or the drum is out of duty. Another possible cause is the malfunctioning of the brake lines or callipers that are preventing the brake from releasing and make it stuck.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, my last thoughts are that one should not wait and waste time in thinking when the parking brake feels the need of adjustment. It is because without the brake, you can not park the mower or do any troubleshooting of it.

For that reason, do not delay in learning the method of how to adjust parking brake on Bad Boy mower. Also, it can avoid so many Bad Boy mower problems.

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