[Solved!] How to Adjust Deck Height On Bad Boy Mower?

how to adjust deck height on bad boy mower

A threatening matter for a Bad Boy mower is mowing with it without setting its deck height. A Bad Boy mower won’t go forward or reverse when the density of grass is hindering the wrong deck height.

Now, you can realize the adjustment of the deck height is unavoidable. But, how to adjust the deck height on a Bad Boy mower?

Adjust the deck height by parking the mower and setting the parking brake, disengaging the spark plug and blades, ensuring the similar pressure on tires, raising or lowering the deck, adjusting the nuts, and measuring the deck height.

That was just a briefing of how you can easily do that by yourself. The details of each step of how to adjust deck height on Bad Boy mower is included in the article.

So, let’s not drag the suspension and get into the discussion.

Process of Adjusting Deck Height On a Bad Boy Mower

A Bad Boy mower won’t start and Bad Boy mower PTO clutch problems are indirectly related to the incorrect deck height. When that is set on a wrong one, the mower feels extra load or difficulties to start.

The PTO clutch also fails to engage the blades if the deck is not responding spontaneously. To avoid all these unwanted hazards, keep an eye on the deck height.

And, to set it correctly, step ahead with the following method of how to adjust deck height on Bad Boy mower.

Therefore, continue reading to learn the steps one by one.

Step 1: Park the Mower and Set the Parking Brake

The first step is parking your Bad Boy mower on a flat and levelled ground. Right after that, set its parking brake on duty to avoid sudden movement of the mower.

Step 2: Disengage the Spark Plug and the Blades

Now, another precaution is disengaging the spark plug to get the mower turned off. Also, don’t forget to disengage the blades and turn off the ignition key.

Step 3: Ensure the Similar Pressure on Tires

The next move is checking the pressure on each tire. A pressure gauge can let you know about it in a jiffy. If any of them has less pressure, put the required pressure on it.

Step 4: Raise or Lower the Mower Deck

To know the current deck height, measure the blade’s distance from the ground using a tape measure.

Now, with the help of a lift link adjustment, you can change the deck height on both sides. When you do this, be alert to equalize the height on each side.

Step 5: Adjust the Nuts With a Wrench

Now, to set that height on your Bad Boy mower deck, take a wrench and adjust the nuts of the decks.

Step 6: Measure the Deck Height From Front and Rear

Finally, you can check the deck height in the front and rear side. The tape measure can let you know this. Once you see it is on point, the mower is ready to mow.

Are All Bad Boy Mower Deck Heights Adjustable?

Answer: Fortunately yes, all Bad Boy mowers come with adjustable deck height features. You may select a zero turn or a self propelled one, any of the Bad Boy mowers will allow you to adjust the mower deck height. But, the way to adjust that can vary a bit as per the mower variety.

Is it Better to Mow High or Low With a Bad Boy Mower?

Answer: Both the high and low mowing on a Bad Boy mower has specific rules and advantages. When you are about to mow the lawn, observe the growth of the grass. Because it decides what the mowing height should be. Moreover, mowing at a medium height is ideal for a regular mowing schedule.

Final Words

In short, you should never start mowing without paying attention to the Bad Boy mower’s deck height. As you can understand, it has a significant impact on the performance of the mower.

However, going with the detailed steps of how to adjust deck height on Bad Boy mower, you can surely do that. In case the issue is solved and your Bad Boy mower weak on one side, do not forget to check the article.

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