How Much is My Mower Worth in 2023? Know Real Values!

how much is my mower worth

From buying to selling a used lawn mower, catching its cost is the most important job. Finding it is easier when you know what affects the value of the mower.

However, what affects the value of a used mower?

Well, depreciation rate, spare parts, duration of using it, location, mower health and cosmetic flaws affect the price of a used mower.

To be honest, if you carry ideas of the current market and some facts, calculating the price is effortless. Therefore, I have included all about how much is my mower worth? and many interesting tricks of it.

So, let’s put an end to the suspension and move ahead.

What Affects the Price of a Used Lawn Mower?

Selling or purchasing a used lawn mower can be pretty hassle if you don’t know the keys that affect the price. Well, that’s absolutely true as there are diverse matters related to the mower and its health condition.

They are both efficient in increasing and decreasing the price of it. For that reason, you have to have enough idea of them to buy or sell the mower at an accurate price.

So, let’s take a look at them.

1. Decadence Rate

The most influential factor is the decadence or the depreciation rate. It is 14% to almost 15% in the case of the riding lawn mowers.

In some cases, depending on the brand value and the size of the mower, the rate stays between 11%. But, the reality is that it only decreases the worth of the mower.

2. Spare Parts

Spare parts are a sensitive corner for any mower user as they make it more efficient. When an old mower comes with workable spare parts, its price will definitely go higher.

3. Duration of Using it

How many years have you used the lawn mower?

If the duration is below 6 to 7 years, it has a great opportunity to get you a handsome amount.

But, if it has crossed 7 years, you may face difficulty in increasing the cost. It is because a lawn mower stays efficient to its best level till 6 to 7 years.

4. Location

The location will decide the value of the mower and the brand’s popularity also has an influence on it. It is because not all mower brands are popular in every region.

It varies from region to region and thus, the mower will get a high value if the brand has a demand there.

5. Mower Health

Mower health and its condition are much commanding in determining the cost of the mower. When a mower is taken well care of and comes with less defects, it is in high demand. Anyone would love to purchase it as it won’t show sudden tantrums.

6. Cosmetic Flaws

No one would like to select a used mower with many cosmetic flaws like scratches mostly. They only lessen the mower price and fixing them before selling does the opposite.

How to Calculate the Price of a Used Lawn Mower?

Evaluating the price of a used lawn mower is unavoidable as it ensures the fair cost of the mower. You may not be sure of how to do it or how to get the accurate value.

Luckily, there’s a way for you to determine the numbers using a little info on the mower. Let me describe it to you in a broad manner.


This formula is specially for fixed assets and lawn mowers are also included in it. ACV (Actual Cash Value) is the ultimate result of the calculation or the worth of the mower.

There you have to set the RCV (Replacement Cash Value) which is the current market price of the mower.

Then, AGE is the age of the mower and DPR (Depreciation Rate) is applied according to your mower type.

Depreciation Rate of Different Lawn Mowers

How much is a used lawn mower worth depends mostly on the depreciation rate. I guess you already know that it is applicable to all types of used mowers. But, what you don’t know is the depreciation range differs depending on the mower type.

Well, you may not get my point until I depict it thoroughly. So, go through the points described below to know the depreciation rate of your mower.

1. Fresh Condition

Fresh condition is for the mowers that are not used even for a year and comes with zero negative aspects. The decadence rate is +10% to 15% and the price of the mower will be a significant one.

2. Below Fresh

Below fresh mowers are those that have been used for a while but got very less issues that are ignorable. Moreover, the fixes are already done and therefore, the depreciation rate is +5% to 10%.

3. Average Condition

Average condition is for the mowers that run well and have a few irregularities in performance. But, they are fixable and not at all major types. Surprisingly, the depreciation range stays on 0 for it.

4. Below Average

This stage is applicable to the mowers that run well but have some mechanical faults. And without solving them, running the mower won’t be a great option. The rate of depreciation in this regard is -5% to 10%.

5. Slightly Poor Condition

A mower with slightly poor condition is seen with internal issues along with mechanical faults. Depending on its condition, the depreciation rate is found between -15% to 25%.

6. Rough Condition

A lawn mower in a rough condition with various scratches and cosmetic flaws is sure to be high on the depreciation rate. Well, the guess is right and the rate is between -25% and can go up to 50%.

Do Lawn Mowers Hold Their Value?

Answer: Well, the more a lawn mower passes years, the less its value becomes. For example, a lawn mower with an age of below 7 years, it’s worth will deteriorate every year and the depreciation rate will be between 11% to 14%.

How Much Do Zero Turn Mowers Depreciate?

Answer: The depreciation of zero turn mowers starts from 31% and it is after the first year. As the year passes, the rate goes down to 4% and stays between 6% each year.

How Do I Find Out What My Lawn Mower is Worth?

Answer: The worth of your lawn mower can be found by considering its age, health condition, time of purchasing, and the decadence rate. Also, your location and the cosmetic flaws of it will affect the price.

Final Words

Congratulations! I am sure that your concept about how much is my mower worth? is clear after going through the discussion. As I said earlier, all you have to do is evaluate the key factors and calculate the value according to them.

Moreover, be sure of the numbers and take time in measuring the worth. Hopefully, you will get a fair price of your lawn mower.

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