[Try Now!] Hart Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off in 2023?

hart lawn mower keeps shutting off

Among the lawn mowers, Hart has a special place for its amazing performance in keeping lawn top-notch. Unfortunately, while mowing with it, it may stop all of a sudden.

But, why does a Hart lawn mower keep shutting off?

Due to the worn electric wires, overheating motor, battery losing charge, overfilled oil, and expired gas in use.

I also experienced the issue in my case and trust me, you can fix it by yourself. Because the article will show you the possible causes and fixes of a Hart lawn mower keeps shutting off.

So, let’s jump into the trifles.

Quick Overview: Hart Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

To do a quick inspection, the summarized idea of Hart lawn mower keeps shutting off will guide you.

So, take a glance at the included table.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Worn electric wiresFix their condition or replace them
2Overheating motorAdjust the mower deck height
3Battery losing chargeClean the compartment, change the battery
4Overfilled oilMaintain the oil level
5Expired gas in useFill in new gas

How to Fix: Hart Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

Frankly speaking, some causes are there that are responsible for leading your Hart lawn mower to shut off during mowing.

To introduce you to them, I have depicted them with the smart ways to get rid of them.

Therefore, don’t forget to check them out.

Reason 1: Worn Electric Wires

Worn electric wires are an outcome of excessive workload on the mower. Because when the mower works too much, the components can overheat and affect the wires.

In some cases, they get damaged completely and don’t carry the stream of voltage. As a result, the Hart lawn mower stops suddenly while mowing.

Solution: Fix Their Condition or Replace Them

After inspecting the wires, if you notice bent conditions, get them fixed. In case they are loosened, tighten their connection. If the wires have a blown sign, they need an immediate replacement.

Reason 2: Overheating Motor

An overheating motor is a significant matter that affects the Hart lawn mower when it starts working. It appears when you mow the lawn with the deck adjusted to a lower or higher height.

As it is not a regular level, the mower feels uncomfortable and too much load. Thus, the motor gets overheated and stops functioning.

Solution: Adjust the Mower Deck Height

As the issue is related to the Hart lawn mower deck height, adjust it as mentioned in the owner’s manual. Maintain the recommended height while mowing. The same goes for the Hart lawn mower blades height.

Reason 3: Battery Losing Power

The Hart lawn mower battery losing its power too quickly is responsible for stopping the mower.

When the battery compartment gets filled with excessive dirt and isn’t cleaned, the battery may fail to get charged. Also, an old battery is likely to become inefficient over time.

Solution: Clean the Compartment, Change The Battery

Before taking any major step, clean the battery compartment thoroughly. If it doesn’t make sense, go with the option of changing the battery.

Reason 4: Overfilled Oil

An overfilled oil tank acts like a serious threat for a Hart lawn mower.

It is because when there is too much oil than the normal range, it can go out of the tank. From reaching the combustion chamber to damaging the gaskets, anything can happen.

Solution: Maintain the Oil Level

From now on, do not put the oil according to your preference as it can go wrong. Be sure of the normal range and maintain that strictly.

Reason 5: Expired Gas in Use

Using expired gas is an effective cause that is an obstacle for the Hart lawn mower. Gas comes with a life expectancy and just after that, it gets unworkable day by day.

Moreover, the gas becoming bad is common at that period. But, the engine refuses to run with that gas and thus, the mower shuts off repeatedly.

Solution: Fill in New Gas

When was the last time you changed gas?

If the expiry date is no more left, hurry to change the gas. Be cautious to get new and compatible gas that is suggested by the manufacturer.

Why Does My Hart Lawn Mower Run and Then die?

Answer: When your Hart lawn mower works with a carburetor that has errors, it will run but die too quickly. Because the carburetor has the duty of making the air and fuel mixture. In case it fails in that, the engine won’t run longer.

Does a Bad Spark Plug Affect the Hart Lawn Mower Run Time?

Answer: Of course, a bad spark plug is very influential in affecting your Hart lawn mower run time. It is because if the plug stops offering the continuous stream of sparks, the engine won’t receive any power. Thus, the mower’s run time gets reduced.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, Hart lawn mower troubleshooting is not that difficult as it seems. Only by following the tips mentioned in the discussion, anyone can perform that.

I already told you that knowing the root causes is all you need to step ahead. Moreover, in this way, a Hart lawn mower keeps shutting off will also be gone.

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