[Try!] Greenworks Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off in 2023?

greenworks lawn mower keeps shutting off

Greenworks lawn mower problems include the mower keeps shutting off. I can realize that you are very concerned and it is experienced by almost everyone.

But, why does a Greenworks lawn mower keep shutting off?

Possible reasons are the trapped air in the motor, carburetor with dirt, wrong battery installation, low mowing height, and sudden short circuit.

To ease your worries, I have elaborated the reasons why a Greenworks lawn mower keeps shutting off along with the steps to solve it. Trust me, fixing it is as easy as it appears.

So, let’s not wait any longer and dive in.

Quick Overview: Greenworks Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

When you know why the Greenworks lawn mower keeps shutting off, you can easily solve that. For that reason, here is a list of the reasons and the remedies.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Trapped air in motorClean the air vents or replace
2Carburetor with dirtPurify the carburetor
3Wrong battery installationInstall the battery accurately
4Low mowing heightReadjust the mowing height
5Sudden short circuitFix the wires conditions

Detailed Talk: Greenworks Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

A Greenworks lawn mower keeps shutting off is not less than a nightmare for the owner. Because he finds time to mow but the mower disappoints him just by shutting off recurrently.

To get your Greenworks lawn mower back to continuous working state, try out the fixes mentioned in this segment.

Therefore, go through them one by one.

Reason 1: Trapped Air in Motor

Trapped air in the motor is a way for excessive heat to attack the motor.

Air gets trapped when the air vents are not allowing the air to go outside. Because the vents are easier to be clogged with dirt or debris. And thus, the motor is seen overheating.

Solution: Clean the Air Vents or Replace

Cleaning the air vents requires much patience and carefulness. Most importantly, the Greenworks lawn mower must be turned off before you clean them.

Reason 2: Carburetor With Dirt

The carburetor with dirt is another noteworthy reason that your Greenworks lawn mower starts then dies.

When you get used to running the mower with expired fuel or gasoline, the carburetor is mostly affected. Because the old fuel tends to create a thicker mixture that clogs the carburetor.

Solution: Purify the Carburetor

To purify the carburetor, you may need to take it out. In some cases, the mower may have a feature for cleaning it without removing it. Doing so, the carburetor can let fuel reach the engine.

Reason 3: Wrong Battery Installation

Your Greenworks lawn mower may turn off after running for a while and the cause of it is installing the battery incorrectly.

For a newbie, it is so common to appear. Because he may not have enough idea of how to install it properly. As a result, no voltage can flow from the electric unit to the engine.

Solution: Install the Battery Accurately

To install the battery accurately, following the owner’s manual is a smart manner. And, the installation method is described there step by step.

Reason 4: Low Mowing Height

Another reason is the low mowing height that we ignore most of the time or may not look at. But, it can influence the mower and disturb it while mowing the grass.

You will notice that the mower is taking much time in cutting grass. Thus, the mower goes under heavy pressure and stops.

Solution: Readjust the Mowing Height

The only way in this respect is readjusting the mower height to its accurate position. Set it to a higher level recommended by the manufacturer.

Reason 5: Sudden Short Circuit

Sudden short circuit is like a red flag for your Greenworks lawn mower.

Because it can directly make the electric unit, the wires and the fuse blown. When it occurs, voltage fails to go and reach the exact unit and thus, the mower stops repeatedly.

Solution: Fix the Wires Conditions

In most cases, if bent wires are still in use in that state, short circuits tend to come often. That’s why check them and fix their conditions to an earlier state. If that is not possible, replace the wires.

Why Does My Greenworks Lawn Mower Click But Won’t Start?

Answer: A Greenworks lawn mower clicks but won’t start because the battery is not providing any voltage. When it is encountered, the starter solenoid just clicks but fails to let the mower start.

Why Won’t My Greenworks Lawn Mower Start After Sitting?

Answer: After sitting for a noticeable time, the Greenworks lawn mower refuses to start. Because the carburetor in it can be left dirty and not cleaned or drained at all. Gradually, the leftover fuel turns into a threat for it and clogs it extremely.

Final Words

In my opinion, troubleshooting a Greenworks lawn mower keeps shutting off is absolutely not tiresome. Going with the remedies step by step can do it in a short time.

Moreover, the issue won’t come at all when you are regular in case of its maintenance. So, try to balance that from now to keep the mower in a good condition.

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