All Types of Green Pumpkins and Why Should Grow?

types of green pumpkins

Green pumpkins are one of the most common pumpkins. Though many of us think that they are not ripe, that’s not always the case. Even green pumpkins arrive with various types, some of them remain green even in ripeness.

However, you may wonder what to do with them or if they are edible and so on. We will answer them soon, buddy. Aren’t you curious about the top types of green pumpkins? 

Though all green pumpkins are easily get-at-able, the most available ones are Marina Di Chioggia, Shamrock, American Tondo, Kabocha, Super Moon, and Speckled Hound pumpkins.  

With the list in mind, we will move to our further discussion. There your queries will be satisfied and you will get to know about top 12 best amazing types of green pumpkins.   

So, let’s end the suspense and scroll below.              

12 Types of Green Pumpkins

Only knowing the benefits won’t help you in a great manner. To get benefited widely, you should know the species of green pumpkins. It is because each of them are a bit different from one another and carry their specific quality.

Even their usage varies according to their variety such as some are ideal for decorating and some for cooking. Therefore, for picking or buying green pumpkins, you can check out our list of 12 delicious types of green pumpkins.    

The list is detailed below for your concern.       

Type 1: Marina Di Chioggia Pumpkins

Marina Di Chioggia pumpkins are from Chioggia, Italy. They are widely famous for their looks. You might heard  the name of Chioggia Sea pumpkins, it’s there alternative name.

Most of the time, you will get to see them from fall to the end of winter. They are totally new type and serve the winter with cozy delight.

Their size varies between large and medium. They are round with a bubbly rind shape, which makes them unique.

As for their color, dark green is their specific one. Their flesh carries the combination of yellow and orange color. It is dry and thick and has seeds of cream color.

Their coats and flesh are rich in extreme sweetness. Usually, their weight remains at 10 to 12 pounds.

And their usage is roasting, grilling and baking which are phenomenal. Steaming them is also a savory dish. So, pick them up quickly if you encounter them.              

What’s Good

Their antioxidants work well for keeping the respiratory system healthy    

They reduce toxicity and wastage by their innate diuretic     

Beta carotene remains in their flesh 

Even their seeds are edible and tasty after roasting

The Drawbacks

Consuming their seeds in an improper way can invite stomach aching and illness  

Type 2: Shamrock Pumpkins 

Shamrock pumpkins are also known as Triamble pumpkins and most people know this name. As like their extraordinary name, they tend to look like triangle shaped pumpkins.

Aren’t you already planning to make decorations with them? We guess so! Even the color also matches the decoration.

Yes, their color is so wonderful that you will certainly love them. Besides their green tinge, they show a blue shade, too. Isn’t the combination interesting?   

However, they are edible and different spices make them taste amazing. Adding sauce in their cooking is good for increasing flavor.

Also, you can add some roasted hazelnuts, parsley, and cinnamon while cooking them. The magical taste will surely force you to fall in love with Shamrock pumpkins.                          

What’s Good

Their taste in cooking is truly savory and tempting  

Their specialty of having vitamin A is good for our eyes 

Their vibrant and mixed color is noteworthy for decorating   

The Drawbacks 

Their rind is not suitable to use in cooking as it is tough to eat 

Type 3: American Tondo Pumpkins  

American Tondo pumpkins carry the classical American name though they are from Italy. That shows how incoherently these pumpkins mixed with the American tradition and culture.

In the case of their size, they come medium to larger size for 8 to 12 pounds. A full family can be easily serve those and even it will left over.

Their color is yellow with light and dark green stripes and the base remains dark green. Looks like a magical emerald!

For their versatile rind, they are cut and shaped into various things for ornamental use. No doubt, they add an amazing vibe to decorations.

Moreover, their flesh is ideal for making delicious curries. It has many essential nutrients and goes well with grilling, steaming, baking, and cooking. Their sweet pumpkin flavor takes the dish to an extreme savory level.                       

What’s Good

Their pair with spices is tremendous and cooks so well

If stored properly, their freshness remain for up to 30 days 

Their weight is also noteworthy 

Baking and grilling them will boost your taste

The Drawbacks

Remove their seeds before cooking as some people can get allergy from their seeds  

Type 4: Kabocha Pumpkins

Kabocha pumpkins are one of the most popular pumpkins that are known for their savory taste. Plus, you would be awed to know that their native place is Japan.

No wonder they also goes with the name of Japanese Black pumpkins due to their dark green shade. We guess you are imagining their color already.

Yes, they are gloriously green like the luscious vegetables. Of course, it is the great reason to try them.

Their size is small and their weight can be 3 to 5 pounds. Their flesh is red and yellow colored, which is soft and juicy.

If you are making a dish that needs sweetness, try adding Kabocha pumpkins. No extra sugar won’t be needed for sure. However, even roasting, simmering and frying the pumpkins will please your taste.                       

What’s Good

Containing beta carotene is their peculiarity to reduce cancer possibilities    

Their flavored sweetness takes any dish to the next level

Having Vitamin C from them boosts immune system noticeably

From their rind, high fiber can be consumed     

The Drawbacks

Their seeds are not edible as they are not good for the health 

Type 5: Baby Bear Pumpkins

Baby bear pumpkins are absolutely like their exciting name. You must be wondering why their name is baby bear, ain’t we right? Well, it is because their shape is so small and cute like babies.

Before ripping, they tend to be colored in light green and taste sweet but a bit less. Serving them with salads and baking pies will fulfill your need for healthy nutrients.

Moreover, pancakes also taste different but sapid with baby bear pumpkins. Even their seeds become edible after roasting and you will love them as snacks.

However, green baby bear pumpkins are also a favorite of people for trying out different decorations. Even the green halloween theme is vibrant and classy.   

The texture of the flesh is worth mentioning. Besides, their sweetness is so flavorful and delicious.

What’s Good

They are efficient for taking extra care of your hair

The antioxidants they carry are like true barricades for cancer   

• Using them as seasonings is regarded a tasty treat  

• Their nutrients are pretty beneficial for kids   

The Drawbacks

Their small size is not preferred by all 

Type 6: Speckled Hound Pumpkins 

Speckled Hound pumpkins are the mostly seen pumpkins that draw your attention at first glance. Their wildness with the pinch of contemporary taste makes it unique all over.

This variety is green colored before maturing and gradually reaches orange at ripping. Even at their ripe age, green streaks and splotches are available.

Commonly, they are a hybrid variation and their size is like Kabocha pumpkins. You will find them from 3 pounds to 6 pounds.

In most cases, for their green color, they are picked for different types of decorations. What can we do, it looks so pretty!

Green pumpkins are also widely used for making a jungle theme party and so on. Moreover, for eating them, roasting with olive oil tastes better and is tempting.                          

What’s Good

For making top-notch decorations, they are remarkable   

Their flesh is is thick and ideal for roasting 

They carry antioxidants to prevent several illnesses    

The Drawbacks

The green ones are not always compatible with all cooking dishes 

Type 7: Small Sugar Pumpkins 

Small sugar pumpkins are also known as Sugar Pie pumpkins and they originated in America. Thus, they are pretty popular among Americans.

Their shape is round in smaller size and their weight remains at 2 to 6 pounds. So, it might not be as large as the other ones, but it will beat every other one with its taste.

Their stem is colored with green and brown and they are covered with a light green color before ripping properly. At that time, their flesh is medium moist and less tender.

Moreover, their seeds are less cream colored then. They are great for decorating a halloween party as their rind is easier to cut and give several shapes.

In case you want to eat them, making pies is the best way as no extra sugar will be needed. Even custards, cheesecakes, and bread become tastier with them.                    

What’s Good

They are rich in iron and calcium to make your teeth and bones stronger 

To reduce constipation, they have perfect amount of fiber  

Decorating the indoors with them can be a great move to elegance  

The Drawbacks

Their season does not last longer and they turn to orange or yellow soon

Type 8: Pepitas Pumpkin

Pepitas pumpkins are a hybrid variation of green pumpkins. The both look and taste amazing, as well as quite different from the other ones.

Though they turn yellow or orange after ripping, their green version is also widely used. They are found at the weight between 9 to 12 pounds when they ripen well.

Their color combination is regarded as noticeable for yellow, orange and green. Green stripes in bright orange color make them eye-catching and mesmerizing.

As a result, making ornamental use of them goes perfect and splendid. Even their flesh is savory and becomes tempting after roasting with some spices. But, their seeds have the most attention of people for high amounts of antioxidants.

Moreover, fiber and a few vitamins are also found in their seeds and flesh. So, do not delay to make your best use of them.                       

What’s Good

They carry both decorative and cooking usage feature 

For keeping blood pressure balanced, they can be a great choice   

They grow even in lower maintenance 

The Drawbacks

Their seeds can be lethal for people with low blood pressure by decreasing the level 

Type 9: Long Island Cheese Pumpkins 

Long Island Cheese pumpkins are native to America. Besides their look and taste, their name makes them unique and eye-catching.

They can be found in medium to large size and their weight can be 6 to 10 pounds. They are prominent and matches the tastes of the fruit-lovers.

In their unripeness, they tend to be round and semi-flat and green colored. Also, their stem has a combination of brown and green color.

As their flesh is juicy and tender, they taste earthy and mild sweet. Their skin can be cooked and eaten, too.

They add a tempting flavor to soups, curries and stews. Moreover, kids tend to like these pumpkins for their savory taste.        

What’s Good

For soothing your skin, try having them regularly  

They pair well with meat and winter vegetables in making a curry 

For vitamin C, they have enough amount of it  

They have a super ability to remain fresh for 3 to 6 months if stored   

The Drawbacks

Check their seeds before eating as the seeds can cause allergy

Type 10: Jarrahdale Pumpkins

Jarrahdale pumpkins are mainly from Australia and some from New Zealand. Still, they are pretty celebrated in the USA for their mesmerizing color that attracts anyone spontaneously.

The blue color having a light shade of green is truly divine and sometimes a greyish tone is also seen. No wonder, anyone would just love to stare at it.

However, they come in a round shape and medium to large size. exceptionally large enough to fill your plate with loving taste.

No doubt, you already realized they are remarkable for halloween decorations. They are the perfect ones for this.

Besides, you can try making curries, soups, stews, and souffle with them. Certainly, the flavorful taste will please you.                  

What’s Good

Their antioxidants work for preventing infections in respiratory    

Their low calories let anyone stay fit and healthy  

They balances the gastrointestinal tract and reduces peptic ulcer chances   

Their brownies are a magical dish to try at least once 

The Drawbacks

Be careful about eating their seeds as they can cause stomach aching    

Type 11: Jack O Lantern Pumpkins 

We bet you’ve heard about it. There is hardly any person who does not recognize Jack O Lantern pumpkins.

Though their orange versions are widely used, the green ones are also spectacular and tasty. Furthermore, they are perfect for the decoration.

Their shape is round and they come in medium to large sizes. Before ripeness, green and medium size is found.

As their rind is not so tough, many ornamental tasks can be done with them. It’s no new thing that they can be draped and decorated marvellously,

As for eating them, make puree with them or bake them as pies. Moreover, they add flavor to soups and spicy curries. Serving them in salads is beneficial for health. So, do not think twice of picking them for getting benefited.     

What’s Good

They are the best for making halloween decorations terrific     

They are effortless to cut and give outrageous looks   

Providing enough nutrients to health is their bright side  

Muffins made with them tastes far better 

The Drawbacks

Make sure you do not have allergies to their seeds, otherwise don’t eat them 

Type 12: Blue Prince Pumpkins

Hearing the name blue prince pumpkins, you guess one of their colors. Also, a green tone and stripes are combined with the blue color.

Thus, it looks so stunning and marvelous. However, it originated in Australia, its flavors, colors and all the astounding facts co-linked with the American tradition.

Its weight is found between 6 to 10 pounds and round in shape. So, you can guess, it is large enough to fill the hungry stomach.

The flesh is super tasty as it is thick, juicy and creamy. They have a fruity flavor with enough sweetness.   

Try baking them and steaming also. Making pies with them is ideal. Moreover, the taste of curries and soups level up to savory.         

What’s Good

Their blue-green combination highlights the decorations   

For making desserts, look no other way than blue prince pumpkins    

Potassium is essential for health and they carry it sufficiently 

Their sweet flavor remains strong in any dish  

The Drawbacks

Their season comes with a very short duration of just in the fall  

Can You Eat Green Pumpkins?

can you eat green pumpkins

Of course, you can have green pumpkins though they contain less sweetness than mature ones. Usually, most pumpkins are green before they ripe properly and some are always green even in their ripe condition.

As for the second types, you can eat them as you wish to. They will taste like regular ripe pumpkins. From making pie to your favorite dishes, they won’t let you down.        

If the pumpkins are still immature and green colored, they can be eaten too. A few soups and stews require green pumpkins to make them healthy and delicious. Moreover, many Asian recipes are available that show how savory green pumpkins can be.

Still, you may not want to consume the green pumpkins or do not like their taste. Then, you can let them ripe first, and pick them later for consumption. Besides, picked ones can be ripen by placing them in an average warm temperature.

Thus, having them is easier in many ways.             

Why Should You Eat Green Pumpkins? 

You must be thinking why you should eat green pumpkins. We assure you that you will receive significant help from green pumpkins as they are rich with health benefits.

green pumpkins benefits

We have covered them in detail for you to have no confusion regarding the beneficiary facts of green pumpkins. So, why don’t you learn them one by one?            

1. Prevents Heart Issues

Heart issues are really painful. Luckily, green pumpkins are your savior.

Green pumpkins carry a few antioxidants, which play as a barricade in front of heart block and heart attack. Even high blood pressure stays balanced.

By maintaining the cholesterol level, they keep the arteries normal.      

2. Potassium

Green pumpkins are regarded as a significant source of potassium. Consuming them will let your heart and bones remain healthy with the help of potassium.

Don’t underestimate, friend! Eating them along can fill your diet’s chart potassium requirement.      

3. Low Calories

Who isn’t health conscious in today’s world? We all want to reduce our calories and come up with a more healthy body.

 For anyone, green pumpkins will be a great choice as they carry very low calories. If you are planning to lose weight, choose green pumpkins. You will 25 calories from 100 grams of a green pumpkin.          

4. Improves Immune System  

As green pumpkins have magnesium, they work on improving the immune system. Magnesium is a plus point for keeping the muscles fit and strong.

Moreover, white blood cells also increase to prevent diseases. As a result, your entire immune system is boost up with this generous food.            

5. Full of Vitamins

Getting most vitamins from an ingredient is a true blessing. Yeah, green pumpkin is the source of vitamins like A, B complex, C and E. These are the vital need for keeping ourselves healthy and fit.          

6. High Fiber

Fiber is an immense need of our body that we should get everyday. If your meal has green pumpkins, you are getting enough fiber.

No wonder, constipation runs away in the presence of fiber. Plus, all the wastes of the body is removed in this way.      

7. Develops Skin

Green pumpkins are widely used for skin remedies. Even having dishes of them can benefit your dry or oily skin.

For getting rid of aging and dark spots, green pumpkins have no competition. Even acne will be gone soon.        

8. Reduces Hair Issues

Green pumpkins are an effective medicine for reducing hair issues. For growing your hair, eat green pumpkins.

They input the required ingredients for  benefiting your hair. Thus, hair fall reduces gradually and new hair arrives.

How to Tell if a Green Pumpkin is Bad? 

Detecting a bad orange colored ripe pumpkin is easier, but understanding if a green pumpkin is spoiled or not is trickier.

But, what are the signs of a bad green pumpkin? 

• Liquid under the pumpkin

• Mold or fungal attack

• Bad smell

• Unusual stem

• Sudden spots

Continue reading and learn more about them.

1. Liquid Under the Pumpkin

Noticing liquid under the pumpkin is a sign that it is rotting inside and that soft part is discharging this liquid.

2. Mold or Fungal Attack

Frankly speaking, even green pumpkins get mold in their body due to fungal or bacterial attack. It indicates the pumpkin is already bad and not suitable to use.

3. Bad Smell

Bad odor coming from the pumpkin is a strong symptom that its inside is already rotten. I might tell you the odor is unbearable.

4. Unusual Stem

In case you collected the fresh green pumpkin from the farm and its stem is already dry and brown colored, the pumpkin may have faults.

5. Sudden Spots

If your green pumpkin is showing spots suddenly, something is fishy inside it. In most cases, bacterial presence causes these spots.

Do Pumpkins Become Orange Colored After Picking?  

Answer: Yes, some pumpkins have the ability to remain fresh even after picking. As a result, they can become orange colored after a few days. If you keep them near windows or close to the sun, the orange color will come sooner.        

How to Tell if Dark Green Pumpkins are Not Ripe? 

Answer: Not every dark green pumpkin always remains this color even after ripping. Some are regular pumpkins that stay smaller in dark green color. So, if they are smaller in size, they do not ripen.  

Do Green Pumpkins Help in Reducing Cancer Possibilities?   

Answer: Yes, green pumpkins help greatly in reducing cancer possibilities. The light green colored pumpkins carry beta carotene and antioxidants. These are efficient for barricading lung cancer.       

Final Verdict

Honestly speaking, we did not even notice when our journey reached the ending. Your company is truly enjoyable. As you have gone through 12 types of green pumpkins, the facts will help you for sure.

From now on, you won’t have to worry if your green pumpkin is not turning orange. Moreover, you can make the best use of green pumpkins following the as our suggestion.

If you have any suggestions for us, please share it with us. We would like to know your story with the green pumpkins.

See you next time, buddy.  Have a great day!   

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