Types of Green Apples and What to Try Now!

types of green apples

Anyone gets confused about what to do with green apples and why they should have them. Well, green apples are one of the tasty apples and their tremendous taste will cheer your mind for sure. Though they lack proper sweetness, you will enjoy their tartness.

They add flavor to salads and snacks. Moreover, their bundle of nutrients is essential for our health and staying fit. You must be thinking which green apples have the unique taste?

The green apples, which have the unique taste are Twenty Ounce Pippin, Pound Sweet, Granny Smith, Grenadier, Newton Pippin Heirloom, Shamrock and Tolman Sweet Green.

Only knowing their names won’t help you find your favorite one. More details of types of green apples are clarified below to assist you. So, continue the reading journey till the end.                       

11 Health Benefits of Green Apples   

Green apples are well-known not only for their charming color and taste, but also for carrying a vast number of nutrients. Knowing them will let you have green apples with much joy. You can not say no to a beneficial fruit, can you?

green apples benifits

However, we have researched well to find the deepest fact so that you can rest assured. So, let’s not drag the suspense and get into the niceties.                 

1. Metabolism Improvement 

Improving or increasing metabolism is essential for keeping our body healthy and free from diseases.  And the fruits that do this for us, inevitably are our favorite ones.

Though green apples have fiber, their peel or skin also has a remarkable fiber amount. Eating them with the peel is a plus point for improving metabolism.         

2. Prevents Heart Diseases  

Green apples are regarded as a magic for preventing various heart problems. Consuming them will let your heart away from cardiovascular cancer. Moreover, they keep the LDL cholesterol level balanced.          

3. No Fat

Having food with nutrients and no fat is a true blessing for maintaining our weight. Many of us suffer from obesity and try to get rid of it.

Therefore, eating green apples will let your body have fiber and no fat. Thus, they will help in your weight loss or weight maintaining journey.            

4. Bunch of Nutrients/Vitamins  

Green apples tend to have a bunch of necessary nutrients like potassium, magnesium, phytonutrients, etc. These act like magic to our health.

Moreover, their bucket of vitamin A, C, and K is vital for improving eyesight, healing wounds, etc.           

5. Balances Diabetes  

Eating sweet apples can be fatal for those with high level diabetes. Even for a normal person, sweets should be eaten carefully.

However, as green apples do not carry sweetness, they are ideal for balancing diabetes. You should try it must if you have these same problems.       

6. Stronger Bones and Teeth

Calcium plays a wonderful role in strengthening our bones and joints. Even our teeth get benefitted from it.

Green apples are well-known as a great source of calcium. If you want stronger teeth and bones, look no other way than green apples.         

7. Better Immune System 

If our immune system gets better with time, no seasonal illness can affect us. To improve your immune system, have green apples regularly. They have vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and a few other nutrients that boost the immune system noticeably.           

8. Clears Digestion

Having a clear and problem-free digestion system is certainly a relief for anyone. And we know who is responsible for them – fibre.

By consuming green apples, your body will get enough fiber. It is known that fiber assists digestion in a clear direction. Thus, you will feel relieved.           

9. Barricades Asthma 

Green apples are considered a blessing for asthma patients. The antioxidants your body will get from green apples are pretty efficient in barricading asthma.

Further, they remove the toxic elements from the body. What else can we ask?         

10. Remedy for Skin

Who doesn’t want clear and bright skin? Of course, everyone wishes that.

Along with other bright sides, green apples contribute in this regard, too. As they have resveratrol, skin becomes radiant, brighter, and nourished. They even help in looking younger.        

11. Solution to Hair Problems 

Almost everyone is irritated and frustrated with hair problems. To get rid of them, consuming green apples can be an effective solution.

Their vitamins and minerals reduce hair fall and strengthen them. In fact, their antioxidants help in increasing hair growth.                

Types of Green Apples 

Aren’t you already convinced to have green apples? We can guess your answer is positive. Buddy, that’s a great decision for your health. But, not everyone’s taste and choice match.

green apple varieties

Therefore, we have prepared a detailed list of 12 types of green apples with their particular taste and health benefits. You can scroll below to select which one is your favorite and what benefits do you want. 

So, let’s get started to find your one.                 

Type 1: Twenty Ounce Pippin  

Hearing the name anyone can guess the large size of the apples. Indeed, Twenty Ounce Pippin apples are pretty large and their size attracts us spontaneously.

Besides, their mesmerizing and shiny green color will astonish you in a short time. They are a soothing to eyes as well.

They are well-known for their mild taste of sour and tartness. Sometimes, they even taste a bit sweet.

Thus, their mixed taste is a great way to satisfy our hunger for taste. In most cases, they are used for snacks such as dried chips.

Sauces made by them become savory and tempting. Furthermore, children like their versatile taste so much.                

What’s Good

For their massive size, you won’t have to buy many of them 

They carry vitamin C to develop immune system and keep cold diseases away    

In making pies, they add a fruity flavor   

Packing them in kid’s lunch can be effective  

The Drawbacks

They do not pair well with particular dishes and not with most of the dishes

Type 2: Pound Sweet

Pound sweet apples have a vast amount of sweetness in their name. We observed sweetness from their name to appearance and taste.

Even you will agree with us after experiencing their taste! They pinch the senses with their sweetest tastes.

As they are sweet and contain no tartness, many call them Granny Smith apples. However, both of them are different varieties of green apples.

Their skin is green colored and brighter and shines, also. This also looks glorious and exciting at the same time.

If you are planning to make pies with them, make no delay. In case you like apple butter, pound sweet apples will level up the butter. Adding them in salsas will certainly boost the savoriness.            

What’s Good

Their antioxidants are useful in eliminating toxicity from the body    

They improve eyesight with the help of vitamin A  

Butter made by them are far better than other and remains fresh for longer

Adding them in a dessert won’t require extra sugar  

The Drawbacks

Excessive consuming of their seeds can cause you allergy   

Type 3: Granny Smith

Granny Smith apples are one of the most celebrated apples all over the world. We know, what you are thinking! Why do they have such a great fanbase?

From their color to texture and taste, everything is loved by everyone. Their green version is so versatile with their eye-catching green appearance.

Even their juicy flesh contains a touch of a greenish shade with white. It is a great way to identify these species.

They are remarkably large and can be easily found in stores. For their tartness and acidic flavor, people consider them appetizing.       

They are mostly consumed fresh and cut, but adding them in salads will make them tastier. Try some fresh juice and sauces made by them to boost your taste. So, get Granny Smith apples soon if you encounter them.               

What’s Good

Their bioactive compounds are effective for reducing any pain    

By clearing out toxic elements from the body, they keep the liver healthy  

For making salads succulent, they are ideal  

To have a different and unique taste, add these apples    

The Drawbacks

They are not suitable for making sweet pies or adding in a sweet dish 

Type 4: Grenadier 

Grenadier apples are quite popular among the people who love tartness and acidic flavor. The name is misleading, it is nothing like grenade. Rather, it is quite peacy fruit.

Their skin is light-green colored and looks glossy in sunlight. They also remain green colored with a light-yellow shade in their ripeness.

Their flesh is juicy and succulent. The fless carries a mixed color light-green and white.

In the case of their taste, we already mentioned they are not at all sweet, but sour. They pair well in making sauces, as their tartness fills up the flavor of sauces.

Even butter becomes appetizing with their presence. If you have children, they will love their taste for sure.                

What’s Good

As they carry no fat, heart remains healthy and free from several issues

Their peel is worth mentioning for improving metabolism of health    

Their specialty is healing blood clots as they have vitamin K

Adding them in pickles will have an excellent flavor of tartness    

The Drawbacks

Consuming them excessively will let their acidic flavor cause harm to children

Type 5: Newton Pippin Heirloom 

Newton Pippin Heirloom apples are mostly recognized for their amazing name. No no! This is not that apple which fall onto Newton’s head!

They are originated in New York, America and thus, their popularity is wide there. People out there love this variant of the apple, and we can’t blame them. they are so delicious.

Before ripping, they tend to remain smooth and green colored. A bit of golden touch is also seen sometimes.

Their flesh is thick and delicious with the taste of tartness. For their acidic flavor, they make any dish savory.

Their ripped version goes well with desserts as they become sweet then. But, green ones are mostly used for preparing snacks and juices.

Moreover, salads become unique with their presence. Even sauces turn palatable and tasty with these apples.                 

What’s Good

They contain phytonutrients that help in developing eyesight   

For reducing constipation and diarrhoea, they are a significant remedy for having fiber     

Getting calcium from them is favorable for strengthening bones and teeth     

The Drawbacks

Their tartness can be considered avoidable for pregnant women and little children          

Type 6: Crispin Green-Yellow Japanese Apples 

Going through the name, you must have guessed their outlook. Certainly, Crispin Green-Yellow Japanese apples have the combination of green and yellow color. Further, the color looks so stunning that it mesmerizes anyone easily.

As for their taste, they have sweetness along with tartness. Yeah, you can have both the tastes in one apple and your mood will cheer up from the first bite.

 Moreover, their flesh is crunchier and mostly suitable for baking pies.  You can count on this for this.

However, eating them fresh will give you the exact taste and flavor of them. You can even add them in salads and dishes.

But, adding them in desserts depends on their level of sweetness. So, we suggest, choose wisely.              

What’s Good

For asthma patients, they work pretty well in decreasing its possibilities   

For reducing cancer cells, their popularity is remarkable   

They offer better skin with nourishment 

They have the specialty to be blended with any type of dishes

The Drawbacks

As they are high in fiber, excessive eating of them can cause health issues 

Type 7: Shamrock

Shamrock apples are from British Columbia, Canada but they are more renowned in the USA. Somehow, they got more popularity and the love from the Americans all time.

Their color combination is also the reason for their fame. Even you will be amazed by their countenance and keep staring.  

Though they have a fresh green color, a red tone is also sometimes seen. This color seems intoxicating. Plus, they marks the freshness of the apple.

Thus, they catch our attention from the first glance. For their tartness, they are mostly consumed fresh and cut.

However, they can be also used in sauces and making butter. In fruit salads, they add different taste and flavor. Moreover, their greenish-white flesh is ideal for decorating fruit bowls.             

What’s Good

They are efficient at keeping the cholesterol level balanced   

In decreasing obesity, their tartness do not add extra fat or sugar   

By eliminating toxins from the liver, they keep it away from diseases

Kid’s lunch box will return empty if you keep these apples   

The Drawbacks

Eating too many of their seeds is not good for health as they can encourage stomach aching   

They don’t have the ability to stay fresh if you store them

Type 8: Tolman Sweet Green

Tolman Sweet Green apples are from Massachusetts and they are from about earlier times. That means their age is above many hundred years. Still, they are a favorite of many people.

They appear green before ripping and turn to yellow with a greenish shade after ripping. However, in their green colored duration, they remain in medium size and their taste is sweet.

No tartness, the flesh is crispier as always. No kidding; the taste is also a pleasure to the tongue.

The best way to consume them is fresh eating to enjoy the sweet and fruity flavor. Also, in pies and desserts, they fill up the space of sweetness. Even in making sauces, they blend pretty well.                   

What’s Good

For decrease your aging level, they are an ideal choice

As they contain vitamin C, it helps in healing wounds earlier and easily    

They are a significant source of anti inflammation elements   

For a sweet lover, look no other way than Tolman Sweet Green apples

The Drawbacks

As they are sweet, be cautious regarding your sugar level 

Type 9: Rhode Island Greening 

Rhode Island Greening apples are a popular and common type of apple nowadays. As they are seen mostly in grocery shops, many people became fans of them.  

They appear in a combination of green and light-yellow color that shines and draws our attention. This may look a bit confusing to differentiate at first sight but eventually you will able to do so.

Their flesh is crispier with the color of light green and yellow. They have tartness and an acidic taste.  

For making the best use of them, try some applesauce with them. Do not forget to prepare fresh juice as they offer it a unique taste.

A fruit bowl turns tastier and savory with a few slices of these apples. Furthermore, their benefits are above all.        

What’s Good

Their detoxifying quality is advantageous for liver and overall health   

For getting rid of pain, their bioactive nutrients work efficiently    

Add them in pickles to get the sour taste with a fruity flavor

For their extra juiciness, they pair well with different juices  

The Drawbacks

They are not compatible with all type of dishes as their tart flavor remains strong  

Type 10: Golden Noble

Golden Noble apples are another type of appetizing and delicious apples. From taste to look, they are a noble, indeed.

Though they are not sweet, their tartness has a magical fruity flavor that most people love. They makes all the sense tingle and that’s the speciality of this Golden Noble.

You will recognize them as they carry a light green color and develop a green-yellow cover after ripping. See this colors while searching for them in the local markets.

They won’t disappoint you if you pick them even for once. We assure you that your kid will finish the lunch if you pack a few slices of Golden Noble apples.

Making British dishes with them is a tradition and sauces also like their availability. Look for no other apples for decorating a plate of salads. A touch of tartness will boost the taste of salads.                  

What’s Good

They have a wide amount of vitamin C to improve immune system 

Even their peel is good for our health is it carries necessary nutrients  

By detoxifying blood cells, they reduce the chances of cancer

Their taste increases with the blending of pickles   

The Drawbacks

For the teeth, their acidic flavor is not helpful and appreciative    

Type 11: Lodi Apples

Lodi apples are from New York, America which is a celebrated type of delicious apple. the name might sound funny, the apple is top-notch.

Their skin has a pale green color and yet, they look so amazing as green apples.

As for their taste, you will have both tartness and sweetness in every bite of them. Though the sweet level is not so high, they taste excellent.

Their flesh is mostly juicy and becomes succulent after ripping. As a result, the flesh is also favorite for many of us.

Cooking a mixed taste dish with them is mostly preferred. Besides, they are ideal for making cider and sauces.                    

What’s Good

For maintaining diabetes, they have no competition   

Having them regularly can reduce the dark spots from the skin 

Their nutrients help in healing wounds and reducing pain in a less time   

The Drawbacks 

Due to the lack of sweetness, they do not pair well with sweet dishes or desserts  

Type 12: Ashmead’s Kernel 

Ashmead’s Kernel apples originated in England but they have more fame in the USA. Their peel is green and golden colored and their shine allures anyone so quickly.

Their flesh is tender and tastes tart with an acidic flavor. The sour taste of them is a favorite of people who like to enjoy different tastes. They are also a tremendous type of apples who remain fresh if stored properly.

Making jellies and puree with them will become appetizing and tempting. They also pair so well with sauces and juices.

However, eating them fresh will give you a refreshing vibe. So, why don’t you try them soon?                

What’s Good

Constipation reduces to a lower level by consuming fiber from these apples

They are rich in vitamin A, which plays a magical role for eyesight   

Make a different and unique cider with Ashmead’s Kernel apples 

The Drawbacks

Their sourness will ruin the taste of desserts, so never add them in sweet dishes  

Which Apples Help in Weight Loss Between Red and Green?   

Answer: Green apples help more and widely in weight loss than red apples. It is because green apples tend to carry less sweetness and calories. Thus, no extra weight will be added. Moreover, fiber from them helps in better digestion.        

Why Do Green Apples Taste Sour?

Answer: Green apples taste sour because of malic acid. As they carry a higher amount of it, their sweetness can not increase. Thus, they taste sour. As many red apples have a tiny amount of malic acid, they taste sweet.   

Do Green Apples Help in Balancing Blood Flow? 

Answer: Yes, green apples help in balancing proper blood flow of our body. As they carry low fat, blood flow gets no harm at all. Moreover, balanced blood flow is a plus point to discourage heart diseases like attacks and strokes.       

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Final Thoughts

No wonder, green apples are as important and nutritious as the red apples. Going through the types of green apples, even we are falling in love with their deliciousness. What about you, buddy? We guess the same as us.

Well, from now on, hopefully you won’t be confused regarding green apples. You can even select them effortlessly according to your preferred taste.

You know any more special green apples? If so, please share your experience with us. Your opinions matter, dear!

Have a good day! See you again!

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