Why Grasshopper Mower Blades Won’t Engage: Solved!

grasshopper mower blades won't engage

Running a Grasshopper mower is effective till its blades are engaging and cutting well. Sadly, they can fail to engage anytime and give you and the mower a hard time.

But, why do Grasshopper mower blades won’t engage?

The blades won’t engage due to the battery not delivering power, deck belt out of position, spindle in a bad condition, defective or dirty blades cable, PTO clutch not working, deck not lifting or lowering, and malfunctioning of the fuse.

This short form of the reasons won’t be of any use. Keeping that in mind, I have listed them with the fixes and details.

So, let’s get started without further ado.

Quick Overview: Grasshopper Mower Blades Won’t Engage?

In my opinion, having a brief concept of the reasons and solution can take your troubleshooting a step ahead.

So, check out the table thoroughly. 

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Battery not delivering powerRepair or get a new battery
2Deck belt out of position or damagedKeep the belt in place or change it if required
3Spindle in a bad conditionFix the spindle or change it with a new one
4Defective or dirty blades cableClean the cable or get a new cable
5PTO clutch not workingChange both the PTO clutch and its solenoid
6Deck not lifting or loweringInspect the actuator, clean and lubricate the deck screws, reapply the sealant
7Malfunctioning of the fuseCheck the fuse and replace it

Precise Talk: Grasshopper Mower Blades Won’t Engage?

Let me guess!

You are already trying to figure out which cause is present in your Grasshopper lawn mower that is hindering the blades in engaging.

Your assumption will be to the point after you go through the details and Grasshopper mower troubleshooting will be easier.

Wanna know them? Let me guide you to them!

Reason 1: Battery Not Delivering Power

A battery fraught with defects can not deliver power to any parts. The same can happen in your Grasshopper mower and thus, the blades are away from engaging.

The battery can have issues in its connections or any of its wires can be detached from its position. All these lead the battery to stop delivering the power.

Solution: Repair or Get a New Battery

When the matter is related to any loose connection or the wire is out of position, fix them accordingly.

As for the battery still not providing power, do not wait and replace it immediately.

Reason 2: Deck Belt Out of Position or Damaged

The deck belt of your Grasshopper mower has a great impact in engaging the blades. As a result, when the belt is going out of its position again and again, the blades won’t engage.

Moreover, a damaged belt can not guide the blades in engaging and doing their tasks.

Solution: Keep the Belt in Place or Change it if Required

Exploring the mower deck will tell what is the situation of the belt. If it is slipping a lot, tighten its tension.

In case cracks or damages are visible in its body, no way is left than changing it. Be careful to match the size of the belt.

Reason 3: Spindle In a Bad Condition

The failure of your Grasshopper mower blades in engaging can be due to the spindle. The spindle has the responsibility to keep the deck belt around it and guide the blades in engaging and spinning.

But, when it reaches the stage of damages, it fails to perform its duties. It can be broken, cracked or not working at all.

Solution: Fix the Spindle or Change it with a New One

When you reach the deck of the mower, you can see the spindle. If the condition of it remains repairable, go with that.

In case the damage is hampering the belt or not responding to repair, get the spindle changed.

Problem 4: Defective or Dirty Blades Cable

The Grasshopper mower blades engage with the help of their cables.  When you reach the blades, you can notice them in a bad shape.

In case you are irregular with cleaning the mower, they can get stuck due to excessive debris. Or, cracks are also good at keeping it off duty.

Solution: Clean the Cable or Get a New One

First, reach the blades cables and clean them with a dry and purified cloth.

Then, you can look for damages or cracks on them. Observing them, if you find any, get the cables replaced.

Problem 5: PTO Clutch Not Working

The PTO clutch is a great component in letting the Grasshopper mower blades engaging.

Unfortunately, the clutch can be stuck or damaged or gets weakened day by day. Also, the PTO solenoid is connected with it and malfunctioning of that can do it, too.

Solution: Change the PTO Clutch and Solenoid

As for the clutch, I do not suggest repairing it if debris and corrosion are not the reason. So, change it immediately to get the blades working.

The same goes for the PTO solenoid as it can hinder the blades greatly.

Problem 6: Deck Not Lifting or Lowering

The mower deck has direct connection with the blades and helps them in engaging freely.

But, when the actuator doesn’t respond or the deck screws get rust, the deck doesn’t go up or down. Besides, if the sealant is old enough, the deck faces the same condition and disturbs the blades.

Solution: Inspect the Actuator, Clean and Lubricate the Deck Screws, Reapply the Sealant

To fix this problem, go with checking the actuator and clean it thoroughly. As for the deck screws, they work well after cleaning and giving them new lubrication oil.

And, do not forget to reapply the sealant on the required places. Now, see the mower deck is lifting or lowering correctly.

Problem 7: Malfunctioning of the Fuse

The fuse has the job of delivering the voltage or power to the blades to engage.

But, at some point, it can catch problems, too. For example, it gets affected with a sudden higher flow of voltage or short circuit. Then, the blades fail to get power and stop from engaging.

Solution: Check the Fuse and Replace it

You shouldn’t make the decision before checking the fuse and cleaning it thoroughly.

If any negative outcome is noticed, I recommended replacing the fuse before starting the mower.

Why Won’t My Mower Blades Stay Engaged?

Answer: The mower blades not staying engaged is mostly caused by a deck belt that is slipping from the fixed place. A bad PTO clutch and the deck pulleys with defects are other reasons. If the PTO switch is not responding, unfortunately the blades won’t engage.

What Engages Blades on a Grasshopper Mower?

Answer: The blades on a Grasshopper mower are engaged when the clutch lever is put in the position. Then, the pulley assembly starts doing its job and the blade belt is tightened.

Why is the PTO Clutch Not Engaging on a Grasshopper Mower?

Answer: The PTO clutch on a Grasshopper mower is not engaging due to its defective belt. It can affect the blades from engaging, too. So, check out how to change PTO belt on a Grasshopper.

Final Verdict

Frankly speaking, Grasshopper mower blades won’t engage is a tiring matter that lets the grass grow more. And, most importantly, the beauty of the lawn or taking care of it stops suddenly due to it.

To avoid the trouble, make sure to apply the tips. And, do a thorough inspection to be sure of the particular solution.

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