GE Universal Remote Setup Process + What to Try!

ge universal remote setup

GE universal remote setup is the first step towards using the remote to operate your TV. Before doing it, you can not use the remote as a method to control the TV let alone switching it on.

Many of us think that programing the remote is very difficult. So, how to setup a GE universal remote?

Setup the GE universal remote by switching on the TV, waiting for the indicator, pressing the device type, pressing the accurate codes, waiting for the indicator light turning off, and cross checking the remote connection.

In my opinion, for a newbie, the process seems a bit tough. But, as soon as you do it for once, even you will find it easier. That’s why I have discussed the process of GE universal remote setup to assist you.

So, let’s not wait any longer and get started.

How to Setup GE Universal Remote?

The most important step before using a GE universal remote is setting it up with the device. The device can be a TV or DVD or anything compatible with it. For example, connecting with a TV.

Any mistake remote in setup will lead it to not connect with the TV. To be honest, the process of setting up a GE universal remote with a TV is effortless and not at all time-consuming.

Therefore, let me break the procedure into steps for you.

Step 1: Switch On the TV

Before you make any other moves, switching on the TV is the first step. After that, make sure the TV and the remote are pointed to each other and no barriers are between them.

Step 2: Wait for the Indicator

Then, look for the ‘Setup’ option in your GE universal remote and press it. Wait till you notice the red light indicator has appeared.

Step 3: Press the ‘TV’ Option

This step is an important one as it lets you inform the remote about which device you want to connect. Among the options, go with the ‘TV’ as you are connecting it with your TV.

Step 4: Press the Codes

Here comes the most interesting step of the procedure. Now, you have to press the codes on the remote for your particular TV brand. In case you have no access to them, check out the GE universal remote codes

Step 5: Wait for the Light Turning Off

After entering the codes accordingly, you have to be patient. The accurate codes will work in a few moments and turn off the red indicator light.

Step 6: Cross Check the Remote Connection

Now, check if the remote is successfully connected with the TV or not. Pressing its buttons and operating the TV will show the result.

Follow the steps for any device that you want to program with the remote. Just at ‘step 3’, select the device type. Otherwise, everything is the same for every device.

Where to Find the GE Universal Remote Codes?

Answer: Look for the GE universal remote codes in the owner’s manual that came with the remote. It carries all the codes matching with each type of TV brand. If you have lost that, go through the article having the GE universal remote codes and get the one compatible with your TV brand.

Why is My TV not Responding to the GE Universal Remote?

Answer: If your TV is not responding to the GE universal remote, the remote can have a malfunctioning battery. Changing the batteries on the remote can solve it. In some cases, the infrared or pairing capability of the remote can become weaker due to having less power left in the batteries.

Final Verdict

In the end, let me remind you that, without setting up the GE universal remote, operating your TV with the remote is not at all possible. For that reason, follow the steps of GE universal remote setup to avoid any mistake.

Because even a silly mistake won’t let you program the GE universal remote correctly. If you do not have the GE universal remote codes, check out the methods of how to program a GE universal remote without codes.

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