Help! Ego Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off in 2023?

ego lawn mower keeps shutting off

One of the Ego lawn mower problems is the mower goes through internal defects. And, ultimately it stops again and again.

But, why does an Ego lawn mower keep shutting off?

The causes are the supply of less less power, too much workload, blades not rotating, lack of sparks, and too much dirt in mower.

From detecting the root causes to uprooting them in case of an Ego lawn mower keeps shutting off, everything is detailed in the article.

So, let’s not drag the suspension and get started.

Quick Overview: Ego Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

Before I take you to the details, a short description of the reasons and fixes of Ego lawn mower keeps shutting off is provided here.

Therefore, don’t forget to take a glimpse at it.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Supply of less powerExamine the battery, reconnect its wires
2Too much workloadLet the mower rest for a while
3Blades not rotatingPurify the mower deck
4Lack of sparksCheck and replace the spark plug
5Too much dirt in mowerClean the mower evenly

Detailed Discussion: Ego Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

Frankly speaking, I also encountered the shutting off trouble in my Ego lawn mower. For that reason, I can certainly understand what you are thinking now and worrying.

But, don’t you take stress so early because in this segment, each detail of the reasons and the fixes are included.

So, let’s hurry to jump in. 

Reason 1: Supply of Less Power

Supply of less power is a significant abstraction for the Ego lawn mower to run without any disturbance.

When the battery functions with loose wires, they might not deliver the voltage to the engine. In some cases being uncleaned for a long duration, the battery sends less power than usual.

Solution: Examine the Battery, Reconnect its Wires

To ensure the proper supply of power, examine the battery thoroughly. Right after cleaning it, reconnect its wires so that loosening doesn’t come up too early.

Reason 2: Too Much Workload

Overworking is not at all recommended for an Ego lawn mower.

You may complain that you run it for a short course. But, if your lawn has dense grass and they are tall enough, the mower feels excessive work pressure.

Solution: Let the Mower Rest for a While

In this regard, to keep the Ego lawn mower motor cool, you have to let the mower rest for a while. For dense grass, mow them in a few rounds.

Reason 3: Blades Not Rotating

The Ego lawn mower blades not rotating is a matter to be concerned for sure.

As the blades push harder to rotate but fail, the mower motor gets overheated. When the deck is left uncleaned, dirt, soil, grass clippings and debris forces the blades not to rotate.

Solution: Purify the Mower Deck

As the root is in the mower deck, you must purify it well. Remove everything unwanted from it including dirt and soil and grass clippings. And, sharpening the blades will fasten their workability.

Reason 4: Lack of Sparks

The flow of sparks is regarded as the ultimate game changer for an Ego lawn mower.

Without sparks, the combustion procedure won’t start, let alone the engine. If there is too much dirt in the spark plug, lack of sparks is certain to appear.

Solution: Check and Replace the Spark Plug

Cleaning the spark plug and its electrode can let you relax. But, corrosion or rust may not leave even if you try hard. In this case, do not think twice in replacing the spark plug.

Reason 5: Too Much Dirt in Mower

Too much dirt in the mower indicates every mower component is in an unclean condition. When the owner forgets about cleaning the Ego lawn mower, each of its parts get attacked with dirt and debris.

Some even catch rust too quickly. As a result, they find it tough to operate and thus, overheat comes in the motor and stops the mower.

Solution: Clean the Mower Evenly

The remedy to this one is cleaning the entire mower evenly and making it a habit for regular use. In case any part is already bad or got rusty, install new ones.

Why Does My Ego Lawn Mower Keep Shutting Off When I Start to Mow?

Answer: An Ego lawn mower keeps shutting off when it is mowing because of extra workload on it. It can happen that your mower is working for a long time and dealing with heavy, wet and dense grasses, the motor will overheat and stop the mower.

How Do You Fix an Ego Lawn Mower That Won’t Run?

Answer: To fix an Ego lawn mower that won’t start, try charging the battery and cleaning its chamber. The presence of fresh and efficient fuel and enough sparks from the spark plug are a must.

End Words

In short, the issue, an Ego lawn mower keeps shutting off is enough to give you an unwanted and tiring headache. From assuming many serious damages to anything comes in mind at that time.

But, as the article has showed the ways to the root causes, anyone can surely reach them and notice the real one. After that, go with its fix to uproot that and most importantly, take regular care of every Ego lawn mower parts.

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