Earthway Spreader Settings Conversion Chart: Solved

earthway spreader settings conversion chart

An Earthway spreader is considered a workable tool for fertilizing or spreading grass seeds in the lawn. But, the efficiency gets highlighted when you are applying the correct position of the spreader.

In other words, the settings of an Earthway spreader should be on point to make the best out of the products.

But, what is an Earthway spreader setting for fertilizer?

Going with All Natural Fertilizer, set the Earthway Drop spreader 21 and on an Earthway Rotary spreader, set it to 19.

Don’t get worried too early as you have come to the exact article. Here you can see the Earthway spreader settings conversion chart and the details of it.

So, let’s not drag the suspension and dive into the article.

Quick Overview: Earthway Spreader Settings Conversion Chart

An Earthway spreader demands a fixed setting number for each kind of lawn materials you are using. Otherwise, the lawn may show a different outcome than the one you wished for.

Therefore, don’t miss the Earthway spreader settings conversion chart that is given below.

Serial            Lawn ProductsEarthway Drop SpreaderEarthway Rotary Spreader
1Crabgrass Preventer 24-2-121013
2Lawn Starter 18-22-061013
3Garden Fertilizer 13-13-131013
4Lawn Fertilizer 27-0-091013
5Weed N’ Feed 25–0-081013
6All Natural Fertilizer 5-5-52119
7Winterizer 24-0-161013

What to Look for Before Setup Settings on the Earthway spreader?

An Earthway spreader is a want of many homeowners as it has the skill to make a lawn as eye-catching as the owner wants. But, it will take place only when you are well aware of the Earthway spreader specs.

  • Excellent hopper capacity of spreading 100 lbs products at a time
  • Pretty efficient to spread products in a 15,000 square feet lawn
  • Pneumatic tires for every terrains with 13 inches of size
  • Dropping system is designed with 3 holes
  • Frame material is Coated Tubular steel
  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 38×20×26.5 Inches

Ways to Implement: Earthway Spreader Settings Conversion Chart

The Earthway spreader settings conversion chart can be a great direction to your regular use of the spreader. But, you can have a better control on the spreader, when you are having the details of it.

That’s why this section is filled with the settings details waiting for you to catch them.

So, why don’t you learn them one by one?

1. Crabgrass Preventer

The Earthway spreader setting for crabgrass preventer is divided by the types of spreaders. On a drop spreader, it is 10 and on a rotary spreader it is 13.

2. Lawn Starter

Fill the Earthway spreader hopper with a lawn starter and set it to 10 for a drop spreader and 13 for a rotary spreader.

3. Garden Fertilizer

The Earthway spreader setting for garden fertilizer is 10 in case you have a drop spreader and 13 in a rotary spreader.

4. Lawn Fertilizer

The Earthway spreader setting for lawn fertilizer is similar to the garden fertilizer. In other words, 10 on a drop one and 13 on a rotary one.

5. Weed N’ Feed

Weed N’ feed should not be put extra as anything excessive is not good for a lawn. That’s why go with setting 10 while speeding with a drop spreader and 13 if your lawn is bigger and requires a rotary spreader.

6. All Natural Fertilizer

All natural fertilizer has a bit different settings on an Earthway spreader. Using a drop spreader, it will be 19 and a rotary spreader needs 21 to spread it.

7. Winterizer

The Earthway spreader setting for winterizer is 13 on an Earthway rotary spreader and 10 on an Earthway drop spreader.

How Much Can an Earthway Spreader Contain?

Answer: An Earthway spreader can contain up to 100 lbs of lawn products. The hopper of it is designed with this much capacity to let you spread a wide amount of fertilizer or other materials.

How Big is an Earthway Spreader?

Answer: An Earthway spreader comes with a weight of 10.4 kg and the dimensions are 60 cm × 45 cm × 110 cm. Its radius is from 200 cm to 500 cm. And, the wheel width is 60 cm.

End Note

In the end, also you will agree that the proper way of using the Earthway spreader is maintaining the settings. To do that well, you can follow the Earthway spreader settings conversion chart.

Let me remind you that the excessive or less use of the lawn products can be fatal for the lawn soil. And, it causes the grass to grow slowly or doesn’t grow at all. So, be sure to set the exact settings.

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