[Help!] Dewalt Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off in 2023?

dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off

A Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off becomes a serious issue when you don’t know the causes.

So, why does a Dewalt lawn mower keep shutting off?

The reasons are battery not providing power, carburetor is dirty, air vents not cleaned, fuse is bad or defective, old or contaminated fuel, and faults in the electric unit.

There is a lot more to know regarding the matter and the article has got everything depicted.

So, stay till the end to meet the exciting tips.

Quick Overview: Dewalt Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

Take a glance at the list of reasons and solutions of Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Battery not providing powerInspect and replace the battery
2The carburetor is dirtyClean the carburetor
3Air vents not cleanedCheck and clean the air vents
4Fuse is bad or defectiveGet a new fuse
5Old or contaminated fuelReplace the fuel immediately
6Electric unit with defectsCheck the electric parts and fix

Express Solutions: Dewalt Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

The list will help in a quick inspection, but you need a proper description of the reasons and remedies. Do follow them to get back the previous performance of your Dewalt lawn mower.

Go through this section to collect the niceties.

Reason 1: Battery Not Providing Power

Dewalt lawn mower battery not providing power is the most common reason behind the mower stopping again and again. Many difficulties can be encountered in a battery.

For example, it fails to carry charge, it is not charging, it gets disconnected, and so on. Even you know that a malfunctioning battery won’t power up the mower to run continuously.

Solution: Inspect and Replace the Battery

Before you make any decision, inspect the battery thoroughly. Clean its surroundings with a dry cloth and check the connections. Take care of its wires, too.

As for its workability, if you find zero efficiency, do not delay in replacing it. Otherwise, the shutting off error of the Dewalt lawn mower will continue occurring.

Reason 2: Carburetor is Dirty

Carburetor has a great role in letting the engine enjoy the correct air and fuel mixture to run the Dewalt lawn mower. But, if it is not cleaned or purified for a longer duration, it gets clogged.

It is because air and fuel carries some dirt with them even after being purified. And thus, how can the engine run without the fuel mixture from the carburetor?

Solution: Clean the Carburetor

Cleaning the carburetor is the ultimate solution in this regard. However, the cleaning procedure is much easier than you can imagine.

Search for the good quality carburetor cleaner and apply them according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Reason 3: Air Vents Not Cleaned

The air vents let the air go out of the lawn mower and keep it safe for running. But, not cleaning those vents for a noticeable time makes them clogged.

They catch dirt, dust, soil, grass and in touch with moisture, rust can grow on them. As a result, the mower doesn’t stay on when they are jammed.

Solution: Check and Clean Air Vents

Checking the air vents can let you know how much they are clogged. Then you can know what to do with them.

You have to be very careful in the case of cleaning them. Do not use any sharp or metal thing in removing the debris.

Reason 4: Fuse is Bad or Defective

A bad or defective fuse fails to do its job related to the electric components.

A faulty fuse is considered as a threat to the mower as it can invite malfunctions in the electric unit. As a result, the mower may stop at the working hour.

Solution: Get a New Fuse

As soon as you detect the fuse is not repairable anymore, get a new fuse.

Match its compatibility with your Dewalt lawn mower. Otherwise, it may not work with your lawn mower and the cost increases.

Reason 5: Old or Contaminated Fuel

Running the Dewalt lawn mower with old or contaminated fuel leads to the shut off issue of the mower.

Because, the engine demands fresh fuel to run. Contaminated fuel carries less efficiency than before and thus, the mower stops running.

Solution: Replace the Fuel Immediately

This issue costs you less than others as fixing it is super easy.

All you have to do is replace the preset fuel with new and compatible fuel. Before putting it in the tank, dry clean the tank thoroughly.

Reason 6: Electric Unit with Defects

Electric unit has different components and they all contribute to running the Dewalt lawn mower.

But, any loose connections or a cracked wire can hamper the entire unit’s job. Even the spark plug can be at fault and not letting the mower run as it used to.

Solution: Check the Electric Parts and Fix

Checking the electric parts can take you to the exact one with dead signs. Tighten all the connections that are loosened.

If a cable or wire is damaged, replace it with the same compatibility. As for the spark plug, replacing it is regarded as the best move.

Why Does My Lawn Mower Keep Shutting Off?

Answer: A lawn mower keeps shutting off when it runs with a defective spark plug. Because it doesn’t serve the mower with uninterrupted sparks. Due to clogged fuel filters, the engine falls in need of fuel and all these make the mower shut off.

Why Does My Dewalt Lawn Mower Die While Mowing?

Answer: Your Dewalt lawn mower is dying while mowing is due to a bad or faulty spark plug. It can also happen because of a not working ignition coil.

Why Does My Dewalt Lawn Mower Run for a Few Minutes, then Stop?

Answer: When a carburetor is not cleaned for an extended period, it gets clogged and jammed. As a result, air and fuel mixture can not flow freely and the Dewalt lawn mower stops.

Final Verdict

On the whole, you have to be very careful regarding the trouble Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off. Any negligence can end up inviting greater threats.

For that reason, use the article in your Dewalt lawn mower troubleshooting and taking care of it.

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