Why Dewalt Battery Lawn Mower Won’t Start? Solved!

dewalt battery lawn mower won't start

The Dewalt battery lawn mower won’t start, and can give you a tiring headache. In my case, I encountered many reasons behind this trouble.

So, why a Dewalt battery lawn mower won’t start?

The reasons are defects in charger or charging port, loose or bad battery wires, alternator not working, battery is dead, and malfunctioning voltage regulator.

Don’t go anywhere as the details of reasons along with their remedies are included in the article.

So, why don’t you hurry to learn them?

Quick Overview: Dewalt Battery Lawn Mower Won’t Start?

A Dewalt battery lawn mower refusing to start can be solved when you know the reasons and their solutions.

Check out the following table to collect them.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Defects in charger or charging portClean the charging port and get a new charger
2Loose or bad battery wiresTighten the wires or change them
3Alternator not workingChange the alternator with a new one
4Battery is deadGet a new and workable battery
5Malfunctioning voltage regulatorReplace the voltage regulator

Talk about Solutions: Dewalt Battery Lawn Mower Won’t Start?

For a quicker way to catch the reason, the table can be of great guidance. But, for Dewalt battery lawn mower troubleshooting, you need an elaborated discussion of them.

This section is designed with the info you may require regarding the Dewalt battery lawn mower won’t start.

So, why don’t you check them out one by one?

Reason 1: Defects in Charger or Charging Port

A defective charger is the greatest barrier in charging your Dewalt battery lawn mower. Over time, the charger can get overheated or weakened or its wires can get bad. As a result, the mower gets zero charge to start.

Moreover, the charging port needs to be alright in the case of charging the mower. It catches dirt and dust and if not cleaned, they sit there. Consequently, the failure of charging is seen.

Solution: Clean the Charging Port and Get a New Charger

First, clean the charging port carefully. Do not use any harmful material in cleaning it and avoid using water.

Then, move to the charger and see if it works now in the cleaned port. If not, get a new charger for your mower.

Reason 2: Loose or Bad Battery Wires

A loose connection is battery the battery wires is a barricade in the way of flowing voltage. It can happen from battery wires to the electric unit wires and as everything is connected, it affects the battery.

Let me explain it to you. A loose wire will get less voltage than regular and the same goes for a twisted or injured wire. As for the bad wire, it doesn’t carry even a bit of voltage. And thus, the mower sits idle rather than starting.

Solution: Tighten the Wires or Change Them

For loose wires, tightening works best. And, damaged or bad ones demand to be changed without any delay. Because it is related to the electric unit and more issues can arrive if it is not solved.

Reason 3: Alternator Not Working

For having backup of power or getting constant power while running, the alternator does a great job. But, when it fails to work or function as regular, the engine may not get power even for starting.

Another noticeable thing is, a bad alternator doesn’t help the battery in being charged. Moreover, the power draining will be more than before.

Solution: Change the Alternator With a New One

Whenever such a issue is observed, check the alternator quickly. If it is weak or not working at all, change it with a new one ensuring the efficiency.

Reason 4: Battery is Dead

A dead battery is one of the effective reasons that your Dewalt battery lawn mower is not starting. You may wonder why does the battery goes dead or bad.

A common fact is the efficiency of the battery decreases over time as it has the duty of ensuring power. At that time, it fails to hold the charge even for a least usual duration.

Another thing is it can get damaged anyhow or a wrongly placed battery tends to get bad earlier.

Solution: Get a New and Workable Battery

A bad battery won’t ever guide the Dewalt battery lawn mower to start as it is used to. That’s why if your inspection says it has gone bad, get a new one with excellent workability.

Reason 5: Malfunctioning Voltage Regulator

A voltage regulator has a responsibility of carrying the alternator’s voltage to the battery and leads you to the engine. As a result, when it starts malfunctioning, the alternator can not transfer its voltage.

Moreover, the battery also sits idle as no voltage is coming to it. All these result in the quick power draining of the battery and the mower’s difficulty in starting.

Solution: Replace the Voltage Regulator

I guess you have realized that a malfunctioning voltage regulator is not good for the entire Dewalt battery lawn mower.

Therefore, replace the voltage regulator maintaining its compatibility with the old one and your mower model.

How Many Volts Does a Dewalt Battery Lawn Mower Need to Start?

Answer: A Dewalt battery lawn mower demands 12 volts in a battery to start the mower. This range is considered standard for running the mower smoothly with enough power.

Why is My Dewalt Battery Lawn Mower Have a Dead Battery?

Answer: A dead battery in a Dewalt battery lawn mower indicates the battery has went through much pressure. In other words, any defects in it pressurizes it to provide more power as draining of power increases.

End Words

In the end, there is no way better than following regular maintenance of the Dewalt battery lawn mower.

It keeps the mower components healthy and away from the issue Dewalt lawn mower keeps shutting off. However, use the tips from the article whenever your Dewalt battery lawn mower won’t start.

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