[Solved!] Why Cub Cadet PTO Keeps Cutting Off?

cub cadet pto keeps cutting off

A Cub Cadet lawn mower won’t be of much use when the PTO of it is not working continuously. Nothing can feel more hazardous than this trouble.

But, have you wondered why a Cub Cadet PTO keeps cutting off?

The reasons are overheating PTO clutch, in-line fuse failing to transfer voltage, wrong installation of the PTO unit, clutch pack enduring overloads, and PTO switch lacking continuity.

I can feel that a malfunctioning PTO is a barrier in riding the lawn mower. That’s why the article has got everything ready including the reasons of why a Cub Cadet PTO keeps cutting off along with their fixes.

So, why don’t you get started?

Quick Overview: Cub Cadet PTO Keeps Cutting Off?

Before I drive your attention to the broad discussion, take a glance at the reasons why Cub Cadet PTO keeps cutting off. Luckily, solutions are listed respectively, too.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Overheating PTO clutchMaintain the clutch lubrication and temperature
2In-line fuse failing to transfer voltageCheck the fuse and replace it
3Wrong installation of the PTO unitRecheck everything and install it properly
4Clutch pack enduring overloadsReduce the load on the PTO clutch
5PTO switch lacking continuityClean the switch wires and get a new switch

Exclusive Discussion: Cub Cadet PTO Keeps Cutting Off?

I recommend using the quick overview segment for a primary concept of the issue. But, before the error gets bigger, you need an in-depth discussion about a Cub Cadet PTO keeps cutting off.

Don’t get tense as you can meet it here with the perfect remedies to each reason.

Therefore, don’t miss any of them.

Reason 1: Overheating PTO Clutch

An overheating PTO clutch hinders the Cub Cadet PTO from doing its job. The clutch gets hot excessively when its lubrication gets old or if it is not done in a correct way.

Not only does lack of lubrication cause this, also using the lubrication on an extra level is harmful.

Solution: Maintain the Clutch Lubrication and Temperature

While lubricating the clutch, make sure to apply as much as required. The owner’s manual can give you an idea of it.

Moreover, the temperature of the PTO clutch is at an enduring range. It will solve most of the issues.

Reason 2: In-Line Fuse Failing to Transfer Voltage

There is a fuse that is placed between the connection of the PTO unit and the electric system. It transfers the voltage to the PTO unit from the electric unit.

In some cases, the fuse can be attacked by a sudden electric surge or a short circuit. Consequently, it doesn’t deliver voltage to the PTO.

Solution: Check the Fuse and Replace It

Checking the fuse is the first step in this regard. Use a voltmeter to check its continuity and make decisions according to it.

If it is found non-workable and completely bad, replace it before starting the mower.

Reason 3: Wrong Installation of the PTO Unit

As the PTO unit has direct connection with the electric system, its installation impacts most.

A wrong installation of it will prevent it from guiding the Cub Cadet lawn mower from running. The same thing can happen in the case of your mower.

Solution: Recheck Everything and Install It Properly

Though you have installed it carefully, a tiny mistake can affect the entire proceedings. That’s why recheck everything according to the user manual’s instructions.

If anything is wrong, install it properly and make sure to follow each step mentioned in the manual. 

Reason 4: Clutch Pack Enduring Overloads

The clutch pack is an important part of the PTO system and it helps the unit significantly. But, an overloading PTO means the clutch pack is also enduring that excessive load.

If this situation goes without fixing, gradually, it affects the PTO clutch. Moreover, the clutch rings and the shafts also tend to get injured. With all of these, how can the PTO stop cutting off?

Solution: Reduce the Load On the PTO Clutch

The easiest way to let go of the issue is the reduction of the load on the PTO clutch. Balance load on the PTO whenever the mower is running.

Moreover, check it well and repair it if anything is already defective.

Reason 5: PTO Switch Lacking Continuity

The PTO switch lacking continuity is an unbearable hinder in the functioning of the PTO system. It is because the system is operated with the switch and they are connected through wires.

Dirty wires can make the switch lose continuity. Moreover, the switch can get burnt due to the overflow of voltage or get melted.

Solution: Clean the Switch Wires and Get a New Switch

First, start by cleaning the PTO switch wires and make sure they are working with a safe and sound health condition.

Then, pull the switch out and inspect each of its parts. If any melted or burnt components are found, get a new PTO switch immediately.

Why is My PTO Not Working on My Cub Cadet?

Answer: On a Cub Cadet, the PTO system may fail in operating due to the lack of power that it demands. Another reason can be the PTO clutch or the clutch solenoid that are refusing to work depending on their health conditions.

Should I Engage a Cub Cadet PTO at Full Throttle?

Answer: Yes, you should engage a Cub Cadet PTO at full throttle and it is not regarded as harmful for the mower. But, to put it at full throttle, the PTO system must be an electric one, otherwise, the mower can have dangers.

Final Words

A true fact is, a Cub Cadet lawn mower demands a PTO unit with the workability to run the mower freely. For that reason, if you observe a Cub Cadet PTO keeps cutting off, do not delay in troubleshooting it.

However, make sure to perform a thorough inspection and confirm the correct reason. Finally, go with its remedy and get your mower out of PTO faults.

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