Why Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Cranks But Won’t Start?

cub cadet lawn tractor cranks but won't start

Are you worried about your Cub Cadet lawn tractor? Well, I suggest you not to worry at all as the tractor can face some small issues.     

Cub Cadet lawn tractor cranks but won’t start is one of the most happening troubles. The solutions are as quick as its starting problem.

Then, why does a Cub Cadet lawn tractor crank but won’t start?   

A Cub Cadet lawn tractor cranks but won’t start due to dirty carburetor filter, faults in fuel filter, unplugged safety switch, damaged spark plug or weak connection, and old or expired fuel. 

I guess the reasons have already given you a brief idea. Well, a broad and informative discussion is explained below with solutions.

Stick to the end of the article to fix your tractor and cut your lawn again. 

Quick Overview: Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Cranks But Won’t Start?

Going through the highlights of reasons and solutions will make your precious time worthy. These will offer you a fast manner to detect the issue.

Therefore, let’s take a glimpse of them listed below.   

Number            Reasons            Solutions
1Dirty Carburetor FilterChange or Clean it
2Faults in Fuel FilterFix or Replace it
3Unplugged Safety Switch  Inspect and Plug it
4Damaged Spark Plug or Weak ConnectionReplace it or Connect Properly 
5Old or Expired FuelAdd Fresh Fuel or a Stabilizer

Detailed Discussion: Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Cranks But Won’t Start?

For any homeowner, Cadet Cub lawn tractor is truly a blessing to keep the garden and lawn tidy. Unfortunately, sadness with worries arrives if it fails to start even while cranking.

Therefore, I will assist you with the most significant reasons that you will encounter often. Luckily, I have prepared the solutions ready for you.

Continue reading to know more.       

Reason 1: Dirty Carburetor Filter

The air filter or carburetor filter in the lawn tractor is essential for balancing the air flow to the engine. As it works with air, it easily catches dirt and dust.

As it remains uncleaned, debris appears gradually. Moreover, a clogged carburetor filter is responsible for preventing the engine from operating and starting like before.                  

Solution: Change or Clean

When was the last time you changed or cleaned the carburetor filter? I guess you missed this part as I experienced the same in my case.

I recommend you clean the air filter and if it is way too dirty, replacing it will be the best option. You can clean the foam filter after every use with warm water.

In the case of a paper filter, replace it after 25 to 30 hours of running the tractor.      

Reason 2: Faults in Fuel Filter

Not all Cub Cadet lawn tractors have fuel filters. If your tractor has one, it can invite trouble for starting the tractor. The fuel filter needs to be perfect so that the fuel can get in touch with gas.

When the fuel filter gets jammed or clogged or has any defects, it creates a barricade between the fuel and gas. Thus, the tractor cranks as usual but can not run or start.             

Solution: Fix or Replace it

First, you can try changing the fuel and filling the filter with fresh fuel. If it doesn’t help, try adding a fuel stabilizer.

Last but most important task is inspecting the fuel filter if it is leaking gas. If you feel gas getting out through its inlet, you need to fix the filter. I suggest replacing it for better performance if it is old enough.                 

Reason 3: Unplugged Safety Switch 

A Cub Cadet lawn tractor requires the safety switch to be plugged while operating the tractor. Sadly, most of us forget to plug it before switching on the tractor.

Usually, the safety switch remains plugged but anyone can unplug it or it can happen accidentally. As a result, though the tractor cranks like always, it fails to start.             

Solution: Inspect and Plug it

If you have checked other probable reasons and did not find anything, you should check the safety switch. You will find it below the driver seat.

Inspect if it is unplugged or not plugged properly. Placing it thoroughly will surely solve your tractor’s starting issue.         

Reason 4: Damaged Spark Plug or Weak Connection 

Spark plug is one of the most essential parts of a Cub Cadet lawn tractor as it helps the engine to get power from fuel.

Anything can happen or it can get old with time. As a result, a weak or damaged spark plug fails to produce sparks like before. Thus, the tractor can not start.

Moreover, the spark plug can face a weak connection problem. As the tractor runs in the lawn, the connection can become loose easily. Therefore, the engine does not get enough power to operate the tractor.                  

Solution: Replace it or Connect Properly  

In my opinion, inspecting the spark plug will tell you where the problem is and what to do. If you find it damaged or old, I would suggest you replace it.

It is because fixing it won’t let you remain safe as it can carry carbon buildup which can invite more defects. So, replace it to avoid fixing it again and again.

In case you find it unplugged or a weak connection, plug it accurately and check if everything is alright.                 

Reason 5: Old or Expired Fuel

Yes, you read the exact thing, buddy. I was even shocked for the first time when I encountered this situation.

As we do not use the lawn tractor regularly, the fuel inside it tends to reach expiry date or becomes too old or spoiled. Thus, the fuel or gas loses its efficiency.

That’s why your Cub Cadet lawn tractor is unable to receive the support of fuel and remains still.               

Solution: Add Fresh Fuel or a Stabilizer 

When did you add new fuel? Never use the same fuel after 30 days. It is because the proficient quality of fuel fades away within this period.

Therefore, add new and fresh fuel every month. For a longer freshness of fuel, you can switch to fuel stabilizer.

Fuel additive is renowned as an effective stabilizer to hold the capability of fuel for a long time. Hopefully, you will get rid of the trouble.

How to Start a Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor?

Starting a Cub Cadet lawn tractor may seem difficult to a newbie or a new user of Cub Cadet. Frankly speaking, it is not so different from other conventional tractors and you can start it by moving ahead with a few steps.

Scroll below to see the brief concept of the process.

• Set everything ready to start

• Set the parking lever

• Turn off the PTO and the blades actions

• Position the choke lever

• Go with the ignition key

• Place the choke lever and fasten the throttle

I can assume that you are already set to start the tractor. To do that without any confusion, don’t miss the following steps.

Step 1: Set Everything Ready to Start

An important task before starting the Cub Cadet lawn tractor is checking the major parts of it. The engine oil, fuel level, and charge of the battery are those parts.

For example, without enough fuel, the tractor may not start or not run for longer. So, fill the tank and ensure the battery is fully charged. And, make sure the engine oil is fresh enough to run the tractor.

Step 2: Set the Parking Lever

Next, the parking mode needs to be set in the mode to function. Shifting its lever and keeping it in the parking mode is all you have to do.

Before that, do not forget to keep the ignition key in the switch. Moreover, place back the parking lever in the previous position when the tractor starts running.

Step 3: Turn Off the PTO and the Blades Action

Then, turning off the PTO is your next job. Its switch is easy to shut off. Be cautious to turn it off, otherwise there can be problems.

Along with it, the blades demand to be kept in off duty. Find the lever of the blades on your right side and keep it in the ‘Off’ position. It ensures the blades won’t move without your command.

Step 4: Position the Choke Lever

Most Cub Cadet lawn tractors have a choke lever and see if your tractor model has it or not.

If yes, take its lever to the higher positions of it and placing in the highest one can be great in starting the tractor.

Step 5: Go with the Ignition Key

At this point, take a look at the gearbox and find its Neutral ‘N’ gear and switch it on.

Now comes the most important step and it is turning the key that you kept on the ignition to its starting mode. Within a few seconds, the engine will start and two tiny duties are left to run the tractor.

Step 6: Place the Choke Lever and Fasten the Throttle

As the tractor’s engine has already started, placing the choke lever is essential. Keeping it on while running the tractor is not recommended. So, move its lever to its earlier position to turn it off.

Now, the last step is moving the throttle control to a fast position to run the Cub Cadet lawn tractor.

Should I Inspect the Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor for Cranks?   

Answer: Making cranks is pretty normal for a Cub Cadet lawn tractor. You should not inspect it after every cranking. But, when the tractor won’t respond to starting or it makes weird noises or the engine stops suddenly, you should inspect it thoroughly.         

Why Does a Faulty Spark Plug Occur Often?

Answer: A faulty or damaged spark plug is the most occurring reason behind the lawn tractor won’t start. It happens due to getting in touch with dirt and gradually, debris appears. Moreover, zero maintenance is also responsible for its damage.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You completed your journey with us and thanks for staying till now. I can assume that your confusion regarding Cub Cadet lawn tractor cranks but won’t start is cleared now.

Following the article, you can fix the tractor without any trouble and complicity. I guess you also agree that the solutions are easy, effortless, and quick.   

Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and neighbors if you find it helpful.

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