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wrapped potted plant

Gifting a wrapped potted plant is certainly an amazing and earnest way to make anyone happy. No matter which plant you are gifting, the person will remember you each time looking at the plant.

But, how to know the what idea is really knows the way to everyone’s heart? It’s not that easy, dear, to bring the smile on your beloved one’s face!

If you are confused how to decorate your plant and present it, you are no different. It would be great is you can have a guide for this.

Don’t worry! We are here to drive you through the wonderful journey full of potted plant ideas and insights. After that, we are sure, you will amazed by your own ideas.

Stay tuned with us to level up the wrapping process.                         

How Do You Prepare the Plant Before Wrapping?

If you are buying the plant on the day of exchange, it does not need any preparation. You can wrap it directly after taking it home.   

But most often, we bring or purchase the plant from the nursery a few days before gifting it. As a plant has life, it requires some maintenance till the day of exchange.

In that situation, you must keep the plant in a place where it will get sunlight according to its need. Sunlight is essential to let the leaves produce food.

Most importantly, according to the plant’s variation, water it regularly. But excess moisture can damage the wrapping paper by dropping water. Getting a foil wrapper or cellophane can avoid the problem.

Therefore, stop watering the plant or water it less on the day before gifting it. Thus, your duty of preparing the plant is accomplished and now, you can move to the wrapping process.

How to Measure Planting Pots?

Nowadays, planting in pots has become a common matter and much easier to grow the plants. But, a wrong size pot can turn everything upside down.

To avoid that possibility, measure the planting pots in these ways –

• Pot’s diameter and height

• Volume of a rectangular/square pot

• Volume of a circular pot

For their step by step process, take a glance at the elaboration.

Step 1: Pot’s Diameter and Height

To know the diameter of a pot, take a ruler or measuring tape. Keep it at one part of thr rim of the planting pot and keep another side of the tape to the other rim.

And for the height, place the starting part of the tape at the bottom of the pot and pull it till its upper edge.

Step 2: Volume of a Rectangular/Square Pot

In a rectangular or square pot, knowing its volume is important before planting any small to medium plants. Know it simply by multiplying its height, length and width together.

As for the length, go with the longest one. The height refers to the measurement of the vertical one. And, the shortest side is for the width. While calculating the volume, ensure these numbers are on point and accurate. 

Step 3: Volume of a Circular Pot

The volume of a circular pot is diverse from other types of pots. For that reason, first, do the same as calculating the volume of a rectangular or square pot.

Then, use 78.5% this range in decreasing the numbers you got earlier by calculating. Now, this is the volume of a circular pot.

8 Unique Methods of Wrapping a Potted Plant 

Wrapping a potted plant makes it elegant, special, and visuals a festive look. Many people are biased and thought this isn’t good enough. It is a big NO.

But, we assure you that the job is as simple as exchanging gifts. All you have to do is collect the key elements for decorations and follow any methods that you like.

So, you should step ahead to the different wrapping styles that we clarified in detail.                 

1. Burlap Wrapping

Using burlap paper for wrapping has continued for a long time and is regarded aesthetically till now. It is the easiest way to wrap a potted plant. Gather a square-shaped burlap, some sprigs of a beautiful plant, and twine.

Put the pot on the burlap, move up its 4 corners smoothly and fold them together. Now, use glue to stick them according to your choice.

Make a bow with the twine and put some sprigs of a green plant. Ensure they are placed properly.          

2. Mod Podge

Using mod podge to customize your theme on the wrapped potted plant is a unique way. Collect a mod podge jar, a scissor, a few pictures of your choice, and a paintbrush.  

Now, apply mod podge on the pictures and stick them to the wrapping paper. Don’t worry, mod podge is waterproof. So, you can try sticking the pictures on the pot, too. It will be another surprise for the person.           

3. Wrapping Paper  

Colorful wrapping papers are always used in gift wrapping along with a ribbon. Even plant pots can be wrapped using them. But you have to find sturdy wrapping paper as the plant may leak water drops. 

Foil paper or cellophane is also recommended. Using these is just as same as the burlap wrapping process. Lastly, use some ribbons to give it an elegant look.            

4. Tillandsia Leaves

We always try to make a creative bow or twist it from different sides to look fancy. But, we have something extraordinary around us to make the process easier.

Go with any type of wrapping process and add a leave of tillandsia as it will be alive for a few days. Placing it on the ribbons is more productive.             

5. Cellophane Cover

In case the soil on the pot is not set or they tend to spill, you can use cellophane to cover up the plant. It can happen while having the plant on your car.

Gift wrapping cellophane is effective in this regard. Take wide and long cellophane and cover the pot from the top to the bottom. Make sure the leaves are not squished or injured.

Tape the cellophane on the bottom of the pot using washi tape. Add a card of your wishes on the cellophane to make it more heartiest.             

6. Paint the Pot

Painting the pot with your customized design will leave every worry behind as the pot will look incomparably pleasing. Choose a terracotta pot for designing it as the color stays more on the terracotta.

Use two or three types of acrylic paint and a paintbrush. You can get suggestions from holiday magazines and even design the pot according to the event.                 

7. Decorative Box

Placing the pot in a decorative box is another way that saves your time and makes the plant look cordial. Make sure the box is wider than the pot to place it.

To remove the extra space around the pot, put some balls of colorful paper. Now, take some tissue paper used for decorations and place them on top of the paper balls. Undoubtedly, even you will love the theme.    

8. Add a Card

We guess you have already made your choice. Therefore, we are presenting the last and most wholehearted effort and that is adding a card. Select a card combining its color with wrapping paper.

You can write your best wishes for the person or tell the person how to take care of the plant. He will surely feel touched to read your words. You can add a card with any wrapping option to level it up.          

Process of Gift Wrapping a Potted Plant for Sending far  

Sometimes we send gifts to our relatives or friends living in a different city or region. But what you do for this? Sitting on the couch and simply regret because you can’t send them?

Those days are over, friends. There is a quick solution for this too.

Thus, we are presenting the step-by-step process of how to gift wrap a potted plant for sending far. Go through the steps to lose all your worries.             

Step 1: Prepare the Plant

First, preparing the plant is essential as the shipping may take a few days to deliver it. We recommend sending small or medium size plants far is better.

Select a beautiful plant that can tolerate isolation from sunlight and lack of water for a few days. You can water the plant a day before sending it to the mail service. Make sure the soil has enough moisture and is not leaking water.                  

Step 2: Bubble Wrap the Pot

Now, take a bubble wrapper to cover the pot to protect it. Bring a sturdy cardboard box having the same length and width as the potted plant.

Place the plant into the box and use more bubble wrappers to erase extra room around it.    

Step 3: Close and Decorate the Box

Ultimately, close the box using tape and make sure the plant is set properly without having any difficulty. Do not forget to mention “Live Plant” on the box to let the mail service know it needs extra care. 

At this moment, you can do some decorations to give it a gift look. Use colorful washi tape around the box to make it unique. Wrap half of the box using wrapping paper.

Now, take a ribbon and place it at the top of the wrapping paper and add a level or stick a card of your wishes. Finally, your wrapped potted plant is all set to be shipped.

Why are Potted Plants so Expensive?

Answer: Potted plants are on people’s top choice and this demand is mostly the cause of their high price. Moreover, the plants are easy to carry, move, and give as gifts to someone. Also, they add beauty to the entire space as the touch of green makes the mood youthful.

Final Thoughts

Well done!  You have completed the journey and hopefully, gathered the creative and charming ideas. As we assured you earlier, wrapping a potted plant is simple and time-saving. We think you got  all the answers.

Now, following the ways, your wrapped potted plant will surprise the anyone for sure. Also, do not forget to customize it.

Share us your ideas or the decorated potted plant in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

Best of luck with your flowery decór! Have a good day!

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