[Solved!] Craftsman LT2000 Drive Belt Diagram

craftsman lt2000 drive belt diagram

On a Craftsman LT2000 lawn tractor, troubles are likely to attack mostly its drive belt. Though various reasons are behind them, having no idea of the belt is the biggest cause.

So, what are the most important parts of Craftsman LT2000 drive belt?

The essential ones are the left hand double pulley, right hand double pulley, center pulley, deck idler pulley, self tapping screw assembly, and deck drive belt.

Only the parts names won’t be of any use. And that’s why here is the Craftsman LT2000 drive belt diagram along with the detail of each corner.

Therefore, let’s get started. 

What to Learn About Before the Craftsman LT2000 Diagram? 

Before you get introduced with the diagram, the Craftsman LT2000 specs can tell you more of it.

So, don’t forget to check them out. 

1. Engine

• Engine Model: Briggs and Stratton

• Starter Type: Electric

• Fuel Type: Gasoline

• Horsepower: 20 Hp

• Displacement: 31 cu. in.

2. Capacity

• Battery Amp: 15 (28 hr)

• Oil Capacity: 2 qts

• Gasoline Capacity: 6 liter

4. Transmission and Chassis

• Transmission Type: HST

• Steering: Manual

• Chassis: 4×2 2WD

• Gears: Infinite

4. Others

• Weight: 230 Kg

• Spark Plug: Champion RC12YC

• Tire Pressure: 14 PSI (Front), 10 PSI (Rear)

The specs have already said so much about the diagram. So, the bell is ringing to meet the diagram.

Craftsman LT2000 Drive Belt Diagram

As the drive belt faces many issues, you may have to troubleshoot it frequently.

For that reason, take a glance at the Craftsman LT2000 drive belt diagram and see the components locations. 

Taking a glance at the diagram, the first part is the left hand double pulley (1) and its position is also on the left side. The second one is the right hand double pulley (2) positioned in the right side.

In the middle, the center pulley (3) is pretty close to the deck idler pulley (4). Their different sizes make them separate from each other.

At number 5, the diagram shows the self tapping screw assembly. And, the belt that is surrounding these units is the deck drive belt and it has connections with the parts.

The locations of the drive belt components are much clearer after the diagram’s discussion. Now, you must gain the knowledge of the functions of these components.

Here is the Craftsman LT2000 drive belt parts list.

1. Left Hand Double Pulley

The purpose of the left hand double pulley on a Craftsman LT2000 lawn tractor is moving the heavy loads of materials. 

2. Right Hand Double Pulley

A right hand double pulley is not different from the left hand one except the location. It suffers less pressure and completes the job in a short time.

3. Center Pulley

The drive belt pulley is also considered as the center pulley as it is placed in the center position. To keep the drive belt in its location, this pulley has an important role.

4. Deck Idler Pulley

To keep the correct tension of the drive belt, the deck idler pulley is placed beside the center pulley.

5. Self Tapping Screw Assembly

For securing the metal parts located around the drive belt, self tapping screws are used as they are easier to put threads.

6. Deck Drive Belt

The last component but the most important one is the Craftsman LT2000 deck drive belt. It has the responsibility to make a bridge between the tractor engine and its blades.

How Big is the Gas Tank on a Craftsman LT2000?

Answer: The gas tank on a Craftsman LT2000 has the capacity of carrying 1.25 gallon gasoline at a time. It is almost 6 litres which is praiseworthy for offering the engine gasoline for an extended duration.

How Fast is a Craftsman LT2000 Lawn Tractor?

Answer: A Craftsman LT2000 lawn tractor is featured with 5 mph of mowing speed. Its cutting heights are diverse and start from 1.5 and can be changed up to 4 inches.

Final Thoughts

I have already said many times that the drive belt is a favorite of errors and you have to keep it away from them. To do that well, the Craftsman LT2000 drive belt diagram will guide you in this regard.

Keep it when you reach the drive belt unit to locate the components correctly. In the drive belt troubleshooting, look for no other way than the diagram.

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