[Solved!] Craftsman Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

craftsman lawn mower keeps shutting off

One of the annoying problems in a Craftsman lawn mower is it going off duty during mowing. Even in imagination, it terrifies the rider.

But, why does a Craftsman lawn mower keep shutting off?

The possible reasons are the incorrect fuel type, carburetor is clogged, disconnected ignition coil, issues in spark plug, and clogged fuel hoses.

As there is much info to learn about a Craftsman lawn mower keeps shutting off, I have included them in the article.

So, why don’t you hurry to get started?

Quick Overview: Craftsman Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

To be honest, many causes can guide the Craftsman lawn mower to stop repeatedly while running. Therefore, here is a list of them and their smart remedies.

Don’t forget to give it a check.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Incorrect fuel typeEnsure the accurate fuel type
2Carburetor is cloggedClean the carburetor or change it
3Disconnected ignition coilReconnect the coil after cleaning
4Issues in spark plugClean the electrode and spark plug
5Clogged fuel hosesRemove clogging or install new hoses

Detailed Talk: Craftsman Lawn Mower Keeps Shutting Off?

A craftsman lawn mower dies while running is certainly experienced by many users. But, at this time, getting worried doesn’t work, rather you should reach the root of the issue.

To assist you in this regard, here are the details of the reasons and how you can solve them.

Therefore, let me drive you to them.

Reason 1: Incorrect Fuel Type

Using the incorrect fuel type in a Craftsman lawn mower won’t run the engine for a long time.

Because not all fuels have the efficiency and quality to match a Craftsman lawn mower engine. And, each engine demands a specific type of fuel to run.

Solution: Ensure the Accurate Fuel Type

To fix the trouble, through the wrong fuel away from the tank, and purify it. Search for the Craftsman lawn mower fuel type in the manual book and get that for the mower.

Reason 2: Carburetor is Clogged

A clogged carburetor is a result of using old fuel everytime.

Because old fuel carries a lot of dirt and it gets contaminated over time. And, the clogging starts coming to the carburetor and makes it blocked gradually.

Solution: Clean the Carburetor or Change It

To release the clogging from the carburetor, the effective solution is spraying a carburetor cleaner. Because it works too quickly and cleans so well. In case cleaning it doesn’t affect, change the carburetor soon.

Reason 3: Disconnected Ignition Coil

A disconnected ignition coil hinders the mower from running continuously. In case its connection with the electric unit gets loosened, no power can reach it.

As a result, the coil doesn’t provide the voltage needed to produce sparks. Also, a dirty ignition coil can cause the same situation 

Solution: Reconnect The Coil After Cleaning

First, you should clean the ignition coil and avoid any water. Then, inspect its wires and connect them in the correct way also with the electric unit.

Reason 4: Issues in Spark Plug

The electrode of a spark plug can get excessive dirt in it and it prevents the spark plug from working.

Over time, the electrode tends to get injured or worn out and this is a red flag for the plug. Consequently, the flow of sparks becomes irregular and the mower stops due to it.

Solution: Clean the Electrode and Spark Plug

As the electrode is the main suspect, clean it very carefully. Then, check for damages in it. You can not change only the electrode and that is why replacing the spark plug is the only way.

Reason 5: Clogged Fuel Hoses

Clogged fuel hoses are the noteworthy barriers for the flow of fuel. As fuel carries debris even after filtering, the hoses get clogged with them.

If the user is not regular in cleaning them, their condition becomes worse. Hence, the fuel pump and carburetor, let alone the engine, don’t receive fuel.

Solution: Remove the Clogging or Install New Hoses

Using compressed air, you can clean the hoses evenly. If the clogging is turned into a serious one, installing new fuel hoses is a must.

Why is My Craftsman Lawn Mower Starting and Then Turning Off?

Answer: In case a Craftsman lawn mower starts then turns off, the engine is not getting fuel or power. Several parts can cause it including clogged carburetor and fuel hoses, defective spark plug, blocked fuel filter and so on.

Can I Clean a Craftsman Lawn Mower Carburetor Without Removing it?

Answer: Of course, a carburetor can be cleaned without being removed in a Craftsman lawn mower. But, you have to be very cautious to avoid harming it or any other components located close to it.

Final Verdict

In short, the Craftsman lawn mower keeps shutting off is an ultimate outcome of an irregular care towards it. As the article illustrates the reasons, I guess you also agree with the statement.

Because the less it gets attention, the bad its components become. Therefore, inspect and fix them for now and follow a scheduled maintenance of the mower.

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