Know Craftsman GT5000 Parts Diagram With it’s Details

craftsman gt5000 parts diagram

Riding your Craftsman GT5000 with several issues in its parts is not at all recommended. Ignoring a tiny problem of any component can lead to you a massive one.

But, which are the essential parts of Craftsman GT5000?

They are attachment lift lever, attachment clutch switch, throttle control, light switch, choke control, brake pedal, reverse drive pedal, parking brake, forward drive pedal, and cruise control lever.

As you will troubleshoot the parts for reaching the error, here is a Craftsman GT5000 parts diagram. It will direct you regarding the positions of each unit.

So, why don’t we dive into the article?

What to Look at Before the Craftsman GT5000 Parts Diagram?

Craftsman GT5000 specs can direct you in a better way to be familiar with the entire parts.

Let’s take a view of them.

1. Engine

• Engine Type: Gasoline, air cooled

• Engine Model: Briggs and Stratton 446777

• Horsepower: 23.8 HP (3600 RPM)

• Displacement: 44.2 cu-in

• Cylinders: 2

2. Transmission

• Transmission Type: Hydrostatic

• Gears: Infinite forward and reverse

3. Others

• Weight: 243 Kg

• Front Tire: 15×6×6

• Rear Tire: 18×9.5×8

• Oil Capacity: 1.9 Litre

• Fuel Capacity: 18.9 Litre

Aren’t you already amazed by the specs? I guess so!

Well, the time has come to know about the diagram.

Detailed Talk: Craftsman GT5000 Parts Diagram

There are various diagrams of Craftsman GT5000 parts and I have picked the one that will assist you in catching Craftsman GT5000 starter issues.

Therefore, continue scrolling to learn about it.

Starting from the left corner, that lever is for attachment lift (A) and the pedal visible above it is for brake (B).

Moving to the middle, there are parking brake (C), throttle control (D) and attachment clutch switch (E). Next parts are the ignition switch (F), light switch (H), cruise control lever (J) and forward drive pedal (K).

The last ones are the reverse drive pedal (L), choke control (N) and the service reminder or the hour meter (P).

In my opinion, carrying the Craftsman GT5000 parts list is also unavoidable as it will tell you which part is not functioning.

That’s why check out the list described below.

1. Attachment Lift Lever

Attachment lift lever does the job of lifting or lowering the attachments as per the rider’s command.

2. Attachment Clutch Switch

Using this attachment clutch switch, engaging different parts including the tractor’s blades become easier.

3. Throttle Control

An important part is the throttle control that lets the rider have control on the tractor’s speed.

4. Light Switch

Turn on this light switch to get the headlights on duty or leave them off duty.

5. Choke Control

Choke control is not always used and it is mostly used when the engine is cold and you need to start it.

6. Brake Pedal

The brake pedal lets the tractor and the engine take a break and start over.

7. Reverse Drive Pedal

To take the tractor in a reverse direction, the reverse drive pedal has the responsibility.

8. Parking Brake

The parking brake helps in setting the brake in an accurate position to park the tractor.

9. Forward Drive Pedal

Move the tractor to a forward way using the forward drive pedal.

10. Cruise Control Lever

This lever lets you release the forward drive pedal and enjoy the tractor going in a forward direction at the speed you set.

How Much Does a Craftsman GT5000 Weigh?

Answer: The weight of a Craftsman GT5000 is 243 kg or 535 lbs. And, the weight of its engine is 80 lbs after shipping and drying.

What Type of Engine is in a Craftsman GT5000?

Answer: In a Craftsman GT5000, an engine from Briggs and Stratton is featured with gasoline powered and air-cooled. It has two cylinders and 44.2 cu-in of displacement.

The Verdict

In the end, what I feel is workable is having a diagram so that there won’t be a delay in Craftsman GT5000 troubleshooting.

For that reason, do not forget to save the Craftsman GT5000 parts diagram to make the best use of it anytime. Moreover, the parts description will be of another help in recognizing them.

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