[Solved!] Chapin Spreader Settings Conversion Chart

chapin spreader settings conversion chart

Spreading the lawn fertilizer, grass seeds or other ingredients with a Chapin spreader seems pretty efficient. But, only when you use it with the correct settings according to various lawn ingredients.

The spreader carries many settings options and it confuses the user easily. However, what settings of the Chapin spreader is for fertilizer?

While heading with the fertilizer, use your spreader at settings 14 to 16 for Chapin 82050, 13 to 14 for Chapin 82080, and 3 to 5.4 for Chapin 81000.

Not only this one, the article will guide you with every type of product. Because it has the Chapin spreader settings conversion chart that you are looking for.

So, why don’t you hurry to learn the settings? 

Quick Overview: Chapin Spreader Settings Conversion Chart

Wishing for a greenish lawn with healthy and long lasting grass is all a homeowner wants. And, a Chapin spreader is a great tool in this regard.

Therefore, you should not move ahead without the Chapin spreader settings conversion chart, that is given below.

SerialLawn ProductsAmount of ApplicationChapin 82050Chapin 82080Chapin 81000
1NLA Shade Seed Mix3 lbs/1000 sq. ft.13123.25
2Sun & Shade Park Seed Mix2 lbs/1000 sq. ft.129 to 122 to 3.25
3DEL NLA Weed & Feed 18-2-94 lbs/1000 sq. ft.14 to 1613 to 143 to 5.4
4NLA Fifty/Fifty Seed6 lbs/1000 sq. ft.19 to 2116 to 175 to 5.5
5NLA Shade Seed Mix5 lbs/1000 sq. ft.17 to 18154.75
6Polyplus Starter Fertilizer4 lbs/1000 sq. ft.14 to 1613 to 143 to 5.4
7THD St Augustine Grass Weed & Feed Fl6 lbs/1000 sq. ft.19 to 2116 to 175 to 5.5

What to Look for Before Setup Settings on the Chapin Spreader?

A Chapin spreader is widely praised by the users for making their tiring lawn works effortless and quicker. Also you can experience the same with the spreader. But, the Chapin spreader specs can let you know more about its abilities.

So, don’t look anywhere else than the listed Chapin spreader specs.

  • Easy to operate in a 15,000 square feet lawn
  • Hopper made with poly is capable of carrying 100 pounds
  • Rubber grips make the T shaped handle comfortable to hold
  • Tires are pneumatic and of 14 inches
  • Easy to lift the hopper for the finger grips
  • Material: Stainless Steel Frame
  • Dimensions: 48×27×33 Inches
  • Weight: 39.5 Pounds

In-Depth Talk: Chapin Spreader Settings Conversion Chart

A noticeable hassle while stepping ahead with a Chapin spreader is setting the accurate spreader settings. As the products have an impact on the settings, they change also depending on the spreader type.

For that reason, this section is aiming to erase your confusion by discussing the Chapin spreader settings conversion chart.

So, dive into the details to make the best use of the spreader.

1. Grass Seeds

The Chapin spreader setting for grass seed varies depending on which Chapin spreader you have. For example, a Chapin 82050 spreader demands a setting number of 13 for the NLA Shade Seed Mix. The Application rate is also different from other grass seeds.

2. Fertilizer

As for the Chapin spreader setting for fertilizer, 14 to 16 is on a Chapin 82050. Using a Chapin 82080 will require 13 to 14 and a Chapin 81000 demands 3 to 5.5 for Polyplus Starter fertilizer.

3. Weed & Feed

The lawn soil and grass will require food for growing the grasses properly. That’s why the Chapin spreader setting for weed & feed are 14 to 16 on a Chapin 82050. In case you have a Chapin 81000, set it to 3 to 5.4. And, for a Chapin 82080, the setting is 13 to 14.

How Much Fertilizer Can a Chapin Spreader Carry?

Answer: A Chapin spreader has a hopper made with poly and stainless steel that can carry up to 100 pounds of fertilizer. As its handles have rubber grips, spreading this much fertilizer doesn’t feel tough at all.

How is a Chapin Spreader Calibrated?

Answer: A Chapin spreader is calibrated by calculating the fertilizer or the specific product with the lawn size. It is a workable method for using as much as the lawn needs and avoiding overuse of that product.

Final Thoughts

On a serious note, I must remind you that the best results of lawn products are encountered when you use them in their preferred settings. The same goes when you are working with a Chapin spreader.

And, you have already experienced that Chapin models have diverse settings for the same product. For that reason, you must keep the Chapin spreader settings conversion chart with you while being busy with it.

Happy gardening, buddy.

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