Case Fault Codes List [Charts + PDF] Error Fixes!

case fault codes list

Being a owner of a Case vehicle feels undoubtedly awesome till it doesn’t start appearing with the fault codes. From getting worried to looking for the issue, a backbreaking journey continues.

Twist is added when the user manual with the indications of the trouble codes is already lost. But, where do Case fault codes come the most?

Case fault codes are mostly encountered in Case skid steers, Case excavators, Case backhoes, Case IH combine, Case IH puma, Case 590 super N, and Case 580 super N.

Most people’s first choice remains between these equipments. And, if you are having trouble getting the meanings, check out the article for Case fault codes list with appropriate explanations.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Case Skid Steer Fault Codes List

Case skid steers are widely used for the outstanding performance they show on the field. But, you may get irritated after a certain period, when the monitor reminds you with a fault code.

In case you are unaware of the Case skid steer fault codes list, don’t forget to take a glance at the following list.

SerialFault Codes                        Explanation
1115Failure detected in the CAM sensor
2123Sensor voltage of boost pressure reached minimum range
3131Voltage of decelerator potentiometer is noticeably higher
4148Signal of frequency throttle is low
5151Temperature of coolant is at red zone

Case Excavator Fault Codes List

The construction works depend mostly on the regular activities of a Case excavator. There is no doubt that Case excavators are wonderfully equipped to meet the heavy-duty demands of the construction sites.

To balance the flow of its performance, you must have enough knowledge of Case excavator fault codes list. Don’t look for it anywhere else as you can get it here.

SerialFault Codes                        Explanation
11301Oil pressure of engine is going below average
21304Clogging detected in intake air filter
34105Ditch solenoid valve hit with overcurrent
44201Imbalanced speed of the engine
5420CSupply of power is below 23 volts
6420DSupply of power is above 32 volts
74201Communication of monitor is failed

Case Wheel Loader Fault Codes

Stepping ahead to troubleshoot a Case wheel loader without the meanings of its fault codes is considered a mistake. It is because you don’t know where the problem is lying, so how can you fix it?

Therefore, here is a list of Case wheel loader fault codes with definitions.

SerialFault Codes                        Indications
112110Coolant temperature of engine crossed highest range
213000Engine coolant level is detected lower
342125Temperature of transmission is going above normal
446115Clutch K1 is operating with an open circuit
584032Voltage of system is rising too high
647012Missing restriction information of the transmission filter

Case Backhoe Fault Codes List

A Case Backhoe has zero competition in moving materials in small to medium construction sites. Unfortunately, anything faulty will let you meet the trouble codes of that particular issue.

If you proceed with zero ideas, you can’t get the meaning of the code. Keeping that in mind, get complete assistance from the Case Backhoe fault codes list given below.

SerialFault Codes                        Explanation
11001Air filter of engine is badly clogged 
21018Temperature of intake manifold is excessively higher
31019Coolant temperature of engine is found in red zone
43006Sensor signal of coolant temperature in highest level
53028Sensor pressure of oil is much lower
63060Injector failed to operate in cylinder 1

Case IH Combine Fault Codes List

On a Case IH Combine, experiencing the presence of error codes can give you the feel of a nightmare. You may get concerned thinking about what the code is trying to explain.

To be honest, nothing can be repaired if you fail to get that explanation. Luckily, here is the Case IH Combine fault codes list to guide you in this regard.

SerialFault Codes                        Explanation
15010Sensor of engine oil pressure is not functioning
25011Voltage of engine oil pressure sensor is way too below average
31149Transport switch starts malfunctioning
411011Voltage flow of fuel level sensor is not much
512051Zero communicator happening with PTO
610031Information of engine running hours are missing
712053Vehicle data bus 2 is out of contact

Case IH Puma Fault Codes List

 I can start praising a Case IH Puma but it may get difficult to stop. Well, that’s how the Case IH Puma is, top-notch. But, spending a few times getting the meaning of its error codes can give you a serious headache.

As there are too many codes, I have included the Case IH puma fault codes list with the most common ones. Take notes of them from the following table.

SerialFault Codes                        Explanation
18011Voltage of the battery is below required
21139Brake switch of the engine is not responding
31039PTO switch is out of duty
41015Seat switch is not moving from closed position
53010PTO controller having PTO shaft speed sensor failure
63022Error of the engine’s overspeed

Case 590 Super N Fault Codes List

Among the Case backhoe loaders, Case 590 Super N is a must to mention. From its running quality to outcomes in completing tasks, what can be left without praising?

But, it is not away from defects and issues and they are warned with the trouble codes. To catch their indications quickly, go through the Case 590 Super N fault codes list.

SerialFault Codes                        Explanation
11002Excessive temperature of engine coolant
21003Faults in Air Conditioning system
31010Sensor signal of foot throttle is not normal
43070Signal in the cylinder 3 is too low
53076Unknown fault detected in injector of cylinder 2
63088Sensor of crankshaft is in need of synchronization
73104Relief valve of rail pressure is failed to close

Case 580 Super N Fault Codes List

Another noteworthy Case backhoe loader is the Case 580 Super N. Its performance is pretty popular for continuous working ability. Sadly, you may meet it with error codes whenever an irregularity hits its components.

However, Case 580 Super N fault codes can assist you with the explanations of them. Scroll below to get ideas of the codes.

SerialFault Codes                        Explanation
11004Filter of hydraulic is blocked
21009Temperature of transmission oil is above normal
31022Fuel is contaminated with water
41037Sensor signal of hand throttle reached maximum range
51050Zero charging in the alternator
63051ECM getting less voltage from the battery

What are Case Fault Codes?

Answer: Case fault codes are the numbers that have particular indications for each type of trouble the Case equipment can have. Noticing any of the codes on the dashboard means an issue is detected and that needs to be solved.

What if You Don’t Check the Case Fault Codes?

Answer: Not checking the Case fault codes can let the problem live there and cause difficulties in running the Case vehicle. Moreover, along with it, more and more errors can be created from this one issue.

Final Thoughts

In the end, discovering the root of the Case fault codes list is essential for keeping the health of your Case equipment safe and sound. Otherwise, the problem will get bigger day by day.

Also, it can affect the other components of the Case vehicle and cause more issues. For that reason, never ignore the Case error codes list and try your best after meeting the explanations of the codes.

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