[Help!] Can’t Get RCA Universal Remote to Work?

can't get rca universal remote to work

Getting a RCA universal remote for electronic home appliances is a way better step for regular use. But, at a point, you may fail to get the remote on duty.

But, why does a RCA universal remote not work?

The possible reasons are old or inefficient batteries, incorrect device mode, programmed wrongly, dirty remote keys, and remote with glitches.

Fortunately, the article has described the reasons and fixes regarding the moment when you can’t get RCA universal remote to work.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Overview: Why RCA Universal Remote Not Working?

To guide you quickly, I have listed the reasons and solutions of why a RCA universal remote won’t work.

Therefore, check it out.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Old or inefficient batteriesSet them correctly or replace
2Programmed wronglyUse the appropriate codes
3Incorrect device modeSelect the mode before using it
4Dirty remote keysPurify with alcohol cleaner
5Remote with glitchesReset the remote

Detailed Talk: Why RCA Universal Remote Not Responding?

A RCA universal remote is known for driving the hassles away. But, when itself gets hassles, the matter appears much seriously.

Luckily, knowing the reasons, you can quickly remedy a RCA universal remote not responding.

So, continue scrolling to meet them.

Reason 1: Old or Inefficient Batteries

Old or inefficient batteries are one of the common reasons that your RCA universal remote stops working.

When they are placed incorrectly on the wrong side, they can’t power up the remote. Also, when they get old enough, their efficiency and power gets lessened.

Solution: Set Them Correctly or Replace

First, notice the batteries and set them correctly. Then, to check their continuity, pressurize the numerical button ‘1’ and observe the power. If it doesn’t turn on, you need to replace the batteries.

Reason 2: Programmed Wrongly

To use a RCA universal remote, programing it is needed. But, when you make any mistake while programing it, the remote won’t work at all.

For instance, entering the incorrect RCA universal remote codes won’t connect it with the device. Though the device has an infrared signal, the connection won’t be successful.

Solution: Use The Appropriate Codes

To program a RCA universal remote, you have to ensure the proper use of codes. The manual book, internet, auto code searching and so many options are available to reach the correct codes.

Reason 3: Incorrect Device Mode

We know that a RCA universal remote can pair with a couple of devices at a time.

For example, you are about to watch the TV and switch it on with the remote. But it is not working because it may still have another mode ( e. g. DVD) pressed on it.

Solution: Select The Mode Before Using It

When you have more devices connected to it, you have to choose the particular device type while using the remote. Make sure to press the TV button for watching TV and DVD for operating your DVD system.

Reason 4: Dirty Remote Keys

After using a RCA universal remote for a long time, it gets dirty. And, of course, most of us pay no heed to its cleaning.

Consequently, the dust and dirt can reach the inside corners of the keys. Over time, the keys can get stuck and not function.

Solution: Purify With Alcohol Cleaner

As the matter is concerned with the keys, you shouldn’t wait any longer. Start cleaning them with an alcohol cleaner. Make sure to remove the batteries before purifying.

Reason 5: Remote with Glitches

It can happen that you have done everything possible, but the remote is still not working.

Then, where is the issue?

Well, glitches inside the remote can hinder its memory from functioning as usual. From operating the device to other actions, it may not respond.

Solution: Reset the Remote

In case of glitches, I prefer resetting the remote. Because when it is reset, the glitches are no more there. Moreover, the remote works as it used to do.

Why is the RCA Universal Remote Sensor Not Responding?

Answer: The RCA universal remote sensor not responding is a result of the barriers between the device and the remote. As the remote has infrared signal, it works only when nothing is between it and the programmed device.

Why is My RCA Universal Remote Volume Not Working?

Answer: You may command the RCA universal remote with a channel button and don’t tap the ‘OK’ after that. It doesn’t let the remote volume work as the channel command is still there. Pressing the ‘OK’ will let it know about the new command.

End Words

Frankly speaking, when one can’t get RCA universal remote to work, it is obvious for him to get worried. The first thought comes is the remote has gone bad though that doesn’t happen so early.

However, the possible reasons mentioned in the article are encountered by almost every user. Even your remote can have and that’s why check them out and go with the remedies.

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