Help! Briggs and Stratton V Twin Throttle Linkage Diagram

briggs and stratton v twin throttle linkage diagram

Is your Briggs and Stratton V Twin’s speed out of control?

Well, it is a common problem of most users as the throttle linkage catches diverse issues after a certain period.

But, what parts are seen on a Briggs and Stratton V Twin throttle linkage?

The parts are the choke rod, control lever, anti surge spring, governor arm, governor spring, and throttle cable.

Only their names won’t assist you in checking their health condition. For that reason, the article has come up with the Briggs and Stratton V Twin throttle linkage diagram and many more of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

What to Look at Before the Diagram?

Before I drive your attention to the diagram, you should know the Briggs and Stratton V Twin specs to get the diagram’s ideas.

So, take a glance at the features.

1. Key Specs

• V Twin Model: 44U6

• Displacement: 724 CC

• Horsepower: 22 HP

• RPM: 3,600

• Bore: 79.2 mm

• Stroke: 73.4 mm

2. General Specs

• Cylinder: Cast Iron Sleeve

Oil Capacity: 1.9 Litre

Weight: 37.6 Kg

Height: 327 mm

Width: 393 mm

• Length: 479 mm

No doubt, Briggs and Stratton V Twin engine is worthy of being everyone’s first choice.

Therefore, now let me take you to the diagram.

Detailed Talk: Briggs and Stratton V Twin Throttle Linkage Diagram

Without checking and clearing the throttle linkage errors, the Briggs and Stratton V Twin engine may not let you control the speed.

So, check out its diagram for troubleshooting. 

The diagram is showing the anti surge spring, the control lever and choke rod. The control protector and the cable holder are at the left side.

It also has a governor and a governor spring. The throttle cable has another control lever and a cable holder linked with it. Well, that’s all for the throttle linkage.

Though the diagram depicted a lot, many info are waiting for you including the Briggs and Stratton V Twin throttle linkage parts list.

Go through them one by one.

1. Choke Rod

The choke rod prevents air from entering the carburetor throat.

2. Control Lever

The movement of the throttle linkage depends directly on the control lever.

3. Anti Surge Spring

An anti surge spring is a protection against sudden electric surge.

4. Governor Arm

The governor arm helps the governor unit regarding the engine speed.

5. Governor Spring

The governor spring works for keeping the throttle at the correct position.

6. Throttle Cable

The throttle cable has a great responsibility in leading the throttle to control the engine speed.

What are the Briggs and Stratton V Twin Throttle Linkage Problems?

Answer: The Briggs and Stratton V Twin throttle linkage problems are the throttle cable with damages and the cable is slightly bent. A few other issues are the linkage demands adjustment and the cable may be stuck to one position.

Can Briggs and Stratton V Twin Run at Full Throttle?

Answer: Yes, a Briggs and Stratton V Twin engine can be run at full throttle. The rider’s desired performance comes when the throttle is at full speed and the lawn equipment is running so fast.

Why is Throttle Not Working in My Briggs and Stratton V Twin?

Answer: In a Briggs and Stratton V Twin engine, the throttle fails to work when the throttle cable has defects. For example, it may got stuck or dirty or not lubricated for an extended duration.


In the end, one thing is clear that without erasing the difficulties visible in the throttle linkage, the engine speed will remain imbalanced.

To keep all these away, make the best use of Briggs and Stratton V Twin throttle linkage diagram. It will also guide you in keeping the engine with a maintained speed and a healthy condition.

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