Linkage Briggs and Stratton Mower Throttle Spring Diagram

briggs and stratton throttle spring diagram

For any Briggs and Stratton user, knowing the throttle spring diagram is fundamental. Without having knowledge regarding the throttle spring, you won’t be able to locate it when it is in trouble.

But, you must be wondering how to change the Briggs and Stratton throttle spring?    

Well, you can change the Briggs and Stratton throttle spring by taking out the wing nut, removing the current throttle spring, placing a new spring, resetting the air cleaner and rechecking the tightness.                

The throttle spring is the main unit to help in acceleration directly. Therefore, I have prepared a complete article on the Briggs and Stratton throttle spring diagram.

So, let’s get started without further suspension.                        

Quick Overview: Briggs and Stratton Throttle Spring Diagram

If I describe the location in words, you may get confused as there are other components, too. Looking at the specific detail and locating it is pretty fast and efficient.

Therefore, I have added an image mentioning the location of the throttle spring. You can take a look at it and recognize it anytime.

linkage briggs and stratton throttle spring diagram

Why is Briggs and Stratton Throttle Spring Not Working?

Briggs and Stratton throttle spring not working is an incident that brings concerns to the user. From deteriorated acceleration to imbalanced RPM, everything is caused by its malfunctioning.

Knowing about its reasons can let you solve it effortlessly. So, check them out from the table.

Serial                        Reasons                        Fixes
1Disconnected or stuck throttle leverConnect the throttle cable and lubricate the lever
2Loosened or faulty throttle cableTighten the cable or change it
3Bad air filterGet a new air filter
4Damaged throttle armReplace the throttle arm
5Carburetor with several issuesFix the issues or switch to a new carburetor
6Gas pedal is not functioningCheck the pedal quickly

How to Install Briggs and Stratton Throttle Spring?

In case the throttle spring on your Briggs and Stratton lawn mower is not functioning, replacing it is the next step. But, how can you replace the throttle spring?

Install it by –

• Turning off the mower and locating the throttle spring

• Disengaging the spark plug and reaching the carburetor

• Setting the throttle spring

Niceties of each step are listed below.

Step 1: Turn Off the Mower and Locate the Throttle Spring

First, turning off the lawn mower will ensure safety. Make sure it is completely disconnected. Moving the throttle lever will show you the current throttle spring that you want to change.

Step 2: Disengage the Spark Plug and Reach the Carburetor

At this point, before you step ahead, disengage the spark plug. And, take out the air filter canister.

Now, the carburetor is visible and search for the hole on its top. Connect the new throttle linkage’s end on that hole and connect the other one with the governor arm.

Step 3: Set the Throttle Spring

In the throttle, you will notice a second hole and it carries the throttle spring’s one part, the long lead one. As for the other part, the governor arm has another hole and you have to connect it right there.

Finally, place everything back in their position and hopefully, the installation is successfully done.

In-Depth Discussion: Briggs and Stratton Throttle Spring Diagram

You have already seen the throttle spring position and I guess you will detect it whenever needed. Now, I will tell you a few facts about Briggs and Stratton throttle spring for further help.           

From the diagram, you can see that the spring is located beside the marked unit ‘Spring in this hole.’ That marked hole is the way to place the spring in its place.

Briggs and Stratton throttle spring works for improving the speed of the mower and maintaining it carefully. In other words, it controls the speed in an efficient manner and thus, it has great importance.

If your mower has ETC or Electronic Throttle Control, it won’t have the throttle spring. Without ETC mowers carry this spring as it can compete with the electronic ones.

The throttle spring operates with the pedals when they are pressed. Then, it has a cable connected with it which interacts with the valve. Thus, the engine gets proper air circulation to run the mower.     

Having a great acceleration is quite vital for operating the mower and completing the task without any interference. The throttle spring helps in this regard significantly.                             

When is the Time to Change the Briggs and Stratton Throttle Spring?  

As the Briggs and Stratton throttle spring is a unit of a mower, it is normal for it to be spoilt, damaged or worn. At that time, your mower will face some errors frequently.

But, you may not get the signs of time to change the throttle spring accurately. That’s why I described the most possible ones to assist you.

So, let’s not waste time and drive into the signs.      

1. Imbalanced Acceleration  

Are you facing imbalanced acceleration recently?

When the throttle spring can not put effort like before, the acceleration process goes through troubles. In such a situation, you should check the spring and change it if required.          

2. Gas Pedal Not Working 

A significant and direct sign is the gas pedal not working no matter how hard you press it. It occurs when the throttle spring is broken or carrying any faults.

As a result, the pedal shows sponge feeling after pressing it and takes longer to do the job.        

3. Damaged Throttle Spring Cable   

In most cases, the throttle spring is connected with a cable. This cable shows efficiency in pulling the valve. Over time, this cable can be damaged or worn.

Thus, the throttle spring can not respond to your command and the engine lacks proper air-fuel.          

4. Irregular RPM Rate  

RPM rate is an excellent way to know if the throttle spring is alright or not. In case it is harmed, the RPM rate will not change at all no matter if you are accelerating or not.

It indicates the throttle spring has stopped working and it is dangerous to run the mower.       

5. Stuck Gas Pedal

When the throttle spring has defects, it stucks the gas pedal. In other words, the gas pedal can not return effectively as the spring is not working.

You should not ignore this defect and replace the spring soon.

Process of Changing the Briggs and Stratton Throttle Spring   

Encountering any of the signs mentioned above will require you to inspect and replace the throttle spring. Trust me, you can follow the process by yourself as it is quick and simple.

A complete process of changing the Briggs and Stratton throttle spring is elaborated below –           

Step 1: Take Out the Wing Nut

To replace the injured throttle spring, you have to take out its wing nut. You can use a small wrench or use your hand, also.   

Then, clear the carburetor by taking out the air cleaner.  

Step 2: Remove the Current Throttle Spring   

At this step, you will need nose pliers. Using them, you need to loosen its ends completely. Then, the spring will be removed successfully.   

Step 3: Place the New Throttle Spring  

Keep those nose pliers as they are still required. Next, place the new throttle spring at the old one’s position. Be careful while placing it to avoid any cracks.

Now, use the nose pliers to connect the ends of the spring.      

Step 4: Reset the Air Cleaner

If you have placed the new throttle spring, you have to secure it. Resetting the air cleaner using the wing nut will make the carburetor complete.    

Step 5: Recheck the Tightness

At the last step, you will have to recheck the tightness of the throttle spring. In case it is over tight, it won’t be able to help in acceleration.

So, keep the tightness medium. Hopefully, you are done with the job.

What if the Throttle Spring in a Mower is Not Responding?   

Answer: If the throttle spring in a mower is not responding, it won’t interact with the governor spring. As a result, the balanced acceleration of the mower will be interrupted.          

Is There any Other Spring on a Briggs and Stratton Mower?  

Answer: Yes, there is another type of spring available on a Briggs and Stratton mower. It is the governor spring. Whereas the throttle spring is the primary one, the governor spring is the secondary one. Both of them are equally important for the mower. 

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Final Verdict 


I truly enjoyed your company till the end. For keeping the mower alright, anyone should have a full idea of throttle spring. Otherwise, troubleshooting it won’t be easy at all. 

I guess you have already checked the Briggs and Stratton throttle spring diagram. No wonder, any issues with the throttle spring won’t bother you anymore.

For an inquiry, reach us soon. Take care, buddy.

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