[Fix!] Briggs and Stratton Mower Throttle Not Working?

briggs and stratton throttle not working

A tiring and terrible Briggs and Stratton problem is the throttle not working. From the functions of the engine to the running of the mower, the throttle is connected everywhere.

It is obvious that zero response from the throttle is truly a threat for the mower. But, have you wondered why Briggs and Stratton throttle not working?

The possible reasons are the faults in the throttle arm, stuck throttle cable, throttle out of adjustment, no lubrication on the throttle cable, and dirty or clogged throttle lever.

Troubleshooting the Briggs and Stratton throttle requires a lot more info. And, for that reason, you can get everything of the Briggs and Stratton throttle not working here in the article.

So, why don’t you hurry to learn the niceties?

Quick Overview: Briggs and Stratton Throttle Not Working?

The article has the details of the Briggs and Stratton throttle not working. But,a list of the reasons and remedies is gonna guide you in an easier way.

Therefore, make your stay worthwhile by taking a glance at the chart.

Serial            Reasons                        Solutions
1Faults in the throttle armGet a new throttle arm
2Stuck throttle cableClean the cable on a regular basis
3Throttle out of adjustmentAdjust the throttle correctly
4No lubrication on throttle cableLubricate the throttle cable
5Dirty or clogged throttle leverClean or lubricate the throttle lever

In-Depth Discussion: Briggs And Stratton Throttle Not Working?

Among the Briggs and Stratton components, the throttle is considered an important one. Because it lets you handle the speed or the running performance of the engine.

As soon as it catches any issues, it refuses to respond and it becomes a barrier for the mower. But, with the reasons in mind, you can solve the Briggs and Stratton throttle not working in time.

Well, continue scrolling to see the possible reasons and their fixes.

Reason 1: Faults in the Throttle Arm

The throttle has a throttle arm that assists it in completing its tasks. But, this can have several issues like damages, getting bent, dirty or rust in its body.

All these are helpful for the defective throttle arm to hinder the throttle in functioning properly.

Solution: Get a New Throttle Arm

As the throttle arm is directly connected to the throttle, you shouldn’t ignore any of its faults. I suggest you change the throttle arm to get the throttle back on duty.

Reason 2: Stuck Throttle Cable

The throttle cable is like the throttle arm that has an essential role in guiding the functions of the throttle.

But, over time, it can get stuck due to dirt and debris living on its body for a noteworthy duration. Many users are not regular on cleaning the throttle area, and thus, the cable gets stuck. 

Solution: Clean the Throttle Cable Regularly

Whenever you suspect this reason, you shouldn’t wait any longer than cleaning the throttle cable. I recommend avoiding harmful tools like sharp metal while cleaning it.

Reason 3: Throttle Out of Adjustment

A common reason is the throttle out of adjustment and the actions of it are stopped.

Well, after a certain period of running the Briggs and Stratton engine, the throttle can have a bad adjustment. Or, it can just lose the adjustment or connections and start malfunctioning.

Solution: Adjust the Throttle Correctly

First, you have to reach the throttle unit and use the owner’s manual, check its adjustment. The manual will tell you how to adjust the Briggs and Stratton throttle if it is misadjusted.

Reason 4: No Lubrication On the Throttle Cable

The throttle cable can have another issue and that is the lack of lubrication on it.

Working with the mower on a tight schedule can let the cable feel it. Because the lubrication comes to an end with every use. Therefore, the cable faces difficulty in operating both itself and the throttle.

Solution: Lubricate the Throttle Cable

In my opinion, check out the owner’s manual or get in touch with the manufacturer to know which lubrication oil fits your throttle cable. Then, use it on a recommended level to fix the cable.

Reason 5: Dirty or Clogged Throttle Lever

The throttle lever is an essential component that is for operating the throttle.

Unfortunately, the lever gets clogged gradually when it is left unpurified for an extended time. The dirt and debris on it are responsible for making it stuck and creating issues for the throttle to respond.

Solution: Clean or Lubricate the Throttle Lever

At this point, get access to the throttle lever and observe it thoroughly. Then, clean the lever paying much attention and lubricate it to make it free like before.

What Controls the Throttle on a Briggs and Stratton?

Answer: On a Briggs and Stratton, the throttle is controlled by the governor. It is a mechanical type of governor. The components of the governor have an automatic detection system that controls the throttle with the changes detected in the load.

What Happens if the Briggs and Stratton Throttle is Bad?

Answer: An imbalanced idle is mostly seen when the Briggs and Stratton throttle fails to work. With a bad throttle, the engine feels the need of power in a quick course and the acceleration goes out of control. Also, the engine surges while running can come up.

Final Words

In my opinion, the throttle on a Briggs and Stratton engine and mower is a sensitive part. It can last longer in good health if you offer it good maintenance.

However, to fix the Briggs and Stratton throttle not working, you can follow the article. While troubleshooting it, carry the Briggs and Stratton throttle spring diagram to inspect it accurately.

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