Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower Parts Diagram: Solved!

briggs and stratton parts diagram

The engines and engine parts that Briggs and Stratton manufacture are worthy of appreciation. However, they are not away from issues and the troubles can come anytime.

At that point, you have to take extra care of the parts and troubleshoot them.

Troubleshooting the parts will need you to have the Brrigs and Stratton parts diagram. Luckily, the discussion has got your back with the diagram and parts list.

So, let’s not wait anymore and get into the trifles.

Briggs and Stratton Engine Parts Diagram

The Briggs and Stratton engine has several parts and each of them are different from others. Anyone can get confused after reaching there.

So, check out the Briggs and Stratton engine parts diagram.

briggs and stratton engine parts diagram

The diagram is showing the cylinder (1), oil seal (3), gasket (7), breather assembly (8), gasket – breather (9), screw (10, 54, 284, 307), gasket – intake (51), seal-O ring (116), seal – dipstick tube (116A), washer (230), shield cylinder (306), and wrench – spark plug (383).

More parts are dipstick (523), tube – dipstick (525), cover – breather passage (584), gasket – breather passage (585), retainer (615), intake manifold (625), boot – spark plug (635), dipstick (847), seat valve (869, 870), and bushing (871).

Now, let me take you to the Briggs and Stratton engine parts list.

1. Cylinder

An important part of the Briggs and Stratton engine is the cylinder. The combustion process is completed in it.

2. Oil Seal

Oil seal is set to secure the oil to prevent it from reaching the engine.

3. Gasket – Breather

Gasket – breather is for the combustion process to release the pressure.

4. Gasket – Intake

Gasket – intake is installed to secure the combustion process.

5. O Ring

O ring is a type of seal that acts as a barrier between air and fuel or fluid.

6. Dipstick

The function of the dipstick is measuring the amount of oil.

7. Intake Manifold

Intake manifold is seen in the intake air unit and delivers air in the recommended amount to the cylinder.

Briggs and Stratton Carburetor Parts Diagram

I recommend you to have a Briggs and Stratton carburetor parts diagram to fix any of its troubles.

Scroll below to take a glance at it.

briggs and stratton carburetor parts diagram

The diagram is showing a pump jet, injection tube, starter fuel jet, idling adjusting screw, and throttle spindle. Below them, there are the throttle lever and idling mixture regulating screw.

On the top, mixture tube holders with diffuser and fixing screw are noticed. The next ones are the pump cylinder, air correction jet, dual float with toggle, idling air jet, lower pump lever, idling jet and main jet.

Why don’t you go through the Briggs and Stratton carburetor parts list?

1. Pump Jet

Pump jet acts as a way to complete the tasks of the carburetor in a short time.

2. Starter Fuel Jet

In the time of cold starting, the starter fuel jet guides the carburetor.

3. Throttle Lever

The throttle lever allows the carburetor to have fuel and air inside it.

4. Injection Tube

The purpose of an injection tube is letting fuel go into the combustion chamber.

5. Pump Cylinder

The direction of the fuel going to the carburetor is the pump cylinder.

6. Idling Air Jet

The intake manifold gets air from the air filter through the idling air jet.

7. Air Correction Jet

The air correction jet does the job of delivering air to the fuel mixture.

Briggs and Stratton 20 hp V-Twin Parts Diagram

Use the Briggs and Stratton 20hp V-Twin parts diagram as a map to take care of the parts.

So, take a glimpse of the following diagram.

briggs and stratton 20hp v-twin parts diagram

From the diagram, you can find the muffler (1), lock washer (3, 20), cap screw (4, 21), oil drain hose (5), foam seal (7), bulkhead (8), hex screw (9, 24, 27), dual control assembly (10), self lock (11, 23), and clamp hose (13).

The diagram also has the clip wire (14), shield (15), screw (16, 28), hi-pro key (17), pulley (18), washer (19, 25), PTO clutch (22), muffler shield (26), speed nut (29), flanged nut (30), and duct muffler top (31, 32).

At this point, let’s dive into the Briggs and Stratton 20hp V-Twin parts list.

1. Muffler

The excessive airborne sound of the engine is lessened by the muffler.

2. Lock Washer

The joints do not get loosened with vibration due to the lock washer.

3. Oil Drain Hose

The oil drain hose is an important part that drains oil.

4. Foam Seal

The foam seal has the responsibility of protecting the engine from hot air from the exhaust unit.

5. Clamp Hose

To secure the engine hoses, clamp hose is a well-known seal.

6. Shield

The ultimate protection of the engine is provided by the shield.

7. Pulley

The engine drive belt is safely set with the required tension around the pulley.

8. Electric PTO Clutch

The duties of the transmission unit are mostly operated with the PTO clutch.

How to Maintain the Briggs and Stratton Mower Parts?

A common mistake made by us is not taking enough care of the Briggs and Stratton mower parts. And, it leads them to be bad in a short time or before their lifespan expires.

Keeping that in mind, I have collected the most effective ways of how to maintain the Briggs and Stratton mower parts.

Continue scrolling to take a glance at them.

1. Change the Oil

The oil on a Briggs and Stratton mower ensures the parts stay away from excessive friction.

But, it should be used within its life expectancy and not more than that. For that reason, change the oil as soon as it loses efficiency. 

2. Purify Mower Deck

Purifying the mower deck is essential in keeping the Briggs and Stratton mower deck parts away from damages.

Because leftover dirt and grass clippings can turn into corrosion with the presence of moisture. It would be best if you clean it after every use.

3. Clean the Filters

Cleaning the Briggs and Stratton mower air filter and fuel filter is considered a simple but smart safety precaution.

When they are cleaned frequently, they tend to remain in a safe zone away from clogging. As a result, the damaged condition of them gets much delayed.

4. Keep the Blades Sharp

Keeping the Briggs and Stratton mower blades sharp is a step ahead in keeping the mower safe. It is because when the blades become dull, they fail to mow the lawn as before.

Consequently, too much pressure is put on the mower. Avoiding it is quicker when the blades are already sharp.

5. Check the Components

Last but not the least, check the Briggs and Stratton mower components on a regular schedule. It guides you to catch any issues happening in the parts within the earlier stage.

As a result, you can troubleshoot the Briggs and Stratton mower before it’s too late. And thus, the components get saved from serious damages.

Where is the Briggs and Stratton Part Number? 

Answer: The Briggs and Stratton engines have the parts number on a metal plate stamped on their body. The engine model, the parts code and other numbers are written there. Identifying the engine model becomes easier after reaching the plate.

What Oil is Recommended for a Briggs and Stratton Engine?

Answer: Briggs and Stratton has a fixed preference of oil type and that is the Briggs and Stratton SAE 30W oil. The temperature of it is above 4° C and it can be used by all types of Briggs and Stratton engines.

End Note

If you ask about my opinion, I will surely suggest that you have access to the Briggs and Stratton parts diagram. Because, without it, troubleshooting the engine parts becomes tough and full of hassles.

So, make no delay in saving the diagrams for further need. Moreover, you can check out the Briggs and Stratton throttle not working to fix it in case your engine runs into it.

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