How to Briggs and Stratton Governor Problems in 2023?

briggs and stratton governor problems

From letting you control the engine speed to balance the fuel flow to the cylinders, Briggs and Strattor governor has zero competitors. But, as a machinery component, it gets attacked by different issues.

So, what are the most common problems of Briggs and Stratton governor?

The most common problems of Briggs and Stratton governor are governor needs adjustment, defective governor link rods, governor springs got rust, damaged governor shaft, and governor unit not cleaned.

Fortunately, a wide discussion of Briggs and Stratton governor problems is here with the ideal remedies of them.

So, don’t go anywhere and stay connected.

Quick Overview: Briggs and Stratton Governor Problems

First, take a glance at the list of Briggs and Stratton governor problems and their respective solutions.

Serial            Problems                        Solutions
1Governor needs adjustmentAdjust the governor
2Defective governor link rodsLubricate or replace the link rods
3Governor springs got rustChange the governor springs
4Damaged governor shaftLubricate or get new governor shaft
5Governor unit not cleanedClean the governor unit

Complete Discussion: Briggs and Stratton Governor Problems

To be honest, without the in-depth knowledge of the list, you can not step ahead to troubleshoot the issues.

So, I have listed the Briggs and Stratton governor issues and the suitable fixes of them.

Scroll below to catch a sight of them.

Problem 1: Governor Needs Adjustment

Imbalanced engine speed or losing the control over speed is a sign that the governor is in need of adjustment.

As it works regularly, it can get misadjusted. Moreover, its components can get disconnected from each other.

Solution: Adjust the Governor

The only way in this regard is adjusting the Briggs and Stratton governor. Take help from the owner’s manual to do it correctly. Otherwise, mistakes can affect negatively.

Problem 2: Defective Governor Link Rods

Defective governor link roads refer to stuck or blocked condition of the rods. It happens when they do not get lubrication oil or are left uncleaned. 

Also, their injured state is included in the list. As they get stuck, they try hard to function but fail again and again.

Solution: Lubricate or Replace Link Rods

First, clean the link rods evenly and try lubricating them with the Compatible oil. If no changes are noticeable, switch to new governor link rods.

Problem 3: Governor Springs Got Rust

Rust on governor springs is a matter of concern as they are essential in running the governor.

Over time, they get dirty and if not cleaned, the dirt turns into rust if moisture reaches there. And, they may not let the governor function. 

Solution: Change the Governor Springs

Reaching the governor springs can tell you if they have rust or not. If yes, avoid cleaning them as it doesn’t work. Just change the governor springs on a serious note.

Problem 4: Damaged Governor Shaft

A damaged governor shaft can let it sit idle as the shaft bearing has an important role.

Like the link rods, shaft bearing can feel the same issues. Zero presence of lubrication oil is one of them. Moreover, it gets weaker day by day and meets damages quickly.

Solution: Lubricate or Get New Governor Shaft

To erase governor shaft errors, apply lubrication oil to it. Make sure to apply at a required level.

Observe its actions and get a new governor shaft if lubricating it doesn’t work.

Problem 5: Governor Unit Not Cleaned

Not cleaning the governor unit for a certain period is always a barrier for the governor.

Due to it, different materials like grass clippings or dirt or anything that goes inside stuck there. And gradually, affects the governor along with its components.

Solution: Clean the Governor Unit

Cleaning the governor unit is much easier with a blower. If you lack of it, a dry cloth can help, too. I strictly refuse hard metals in cleaning the governor unit.

What is the Governor on a Briggs and Stratton Engine?

Answer: On a Briggs and Stratton engine, the governor is the part that has the ability to balance the engine speed. It is generally connected with the crankshaft and the throttle and works with them.

What is the Advantage of a Briggs and Stratton Governor?

Answer: The advantage of a Briggs and Stratton governor is the use of the correct amount of fuel to the engine cylinders. Besides, it ensures a constant control over the speed of the engine.

The Verdict

On the whole, avoiding the Briggs and Stratton governor problems can let you meet more irregularities in your mower.

Most importantly, you will lose the control of speeds and it is not at all safe for both you and the mower. That’s why detect them earlier and go with the remedies after an evenly performed inspection.

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