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bobcat fault codes list

Operating a Bobcat vehicle or equipment is fun till it doesn’t warn you with trouble codes. Well, I am talking about overall Bobcat vehicles that we use in a farm, construction site and even in our garden or lawn.

Have you ever wondered what are the most common Bobcat fault codes?

The most common ones are the engine codes, the M-series loader codes, telehandler codes, compact track loader codes, toolcat codes, and small articulated loader codes. 

Though they are common, it is normal for a user to be unfamiliar with them. For that reason, the article is filled with Bobcat fault codes list and their details.

So, let’s get started without further ado.

Bobcat Engine Fault Codes List

Talking about Bobcat fault codes, the engine codes come first, known as ECU (Engine Control Unit) error codes. No doubt, the engine is regarded as the heart of any equipment and it faces most of the pressures and thus, troubles attack it frequently.

Some of the Bobcat engine error codes are common to all their equipment and the same goes for the solution. Here I have figured out the ones that come so often and listed them with their info.

Do check them.

SerialFault Codes                                    Explanation
13252-00Temperature of the exhaust unit is higher than average
2P0070Faults in the sensor of air intake temperature
3P0072Low level at engine compartment temperature sensor
4P0107Low range at manifold absolute pressure sensor
5U0029Problems in communication of ECU CAN
6U0076EGR not functioning well
7P007CLowest range of inlet air temperature sensor

Bobcat M Series Loader Error Codes List

Bobcat error codes list includes many equipment and M series loader is one of them. The loaders of this series are worth appreciation as they are available in small to heavy-duty size.

Unfortunately, anything wrong in them can be an irritating matter for you as the error codes keep coming. Well, understanding the root of them can let you get rid of them.

Therefore, take a glance at the codes.

SerialFault Codes                                    Explanation
1A4721High supply voltage of 8V sensor
2B1031-13Light is not connected in the front side
3C1015-F0Sensor of lift spool out of neutral position
4D7527Plate of drive left swash is not in position
5M0922Fuel level going below the limited range
6U1011-08Options keypad in need of communication

You can save the error code pdf to read again and again.

Bobcat TL923 Telehandler Trouble Codes List

One of Bobcat error codes is the telehandler’s code that makes the user worried. However, Bobcat TL923 is both an efficient and heavy-duty telehandler.

The headache comes when it becomes the favorite of issues. As a result, trouble codes come though no one likes them. Jokes apart, you should have enough knowledge of their meanings.

So, check out the list of the codes.

SerialFault Codes                                    Explanation
1A0321Voltage of battery is going out of range
2A1299Tilt inclinometer is need of calibration
3C3123LLMC unit is need of calibration
4D0611Speed of the telehandler is going out of control
5D0721High temperature of hydraulic oil is already out of range

Bobcat T190 Compact Track Loader Fault Codes List

A compact track loader of Bobcat leaves everyone speechless and if it is T190, no words are required in its praise. Well, everything goes smoothly till the time its monitor reminds you of any issues through trouble codes.

Ignoring them can be a great threat and for that cause, catch the meanings of the respective warning codes.

They are listed below with particular indications.

SerialFault Codes                                    Explanation
1B1001-96Key switch not working
2B1034-13Work light in the front is in need of connection
3C1001-16Low voltage of sensor supply going out of range
4C102A-13Hydraulic cooling fan is facing electrical faults
5C1130-19Excessive current is flowing through hydraulic motor
6C1260-FBHigh pressure of service brake rising above limitation

Bobcat UW53 Fault Codes List

Bobcat toolcat fault codes list is a normal query of most of the users as the toolcat falls in need of troubleshooting. Bobcat UW53 is a popular toolcat and it has a notable fame.

But, keeping in mind the indications of its error codes is unavoidable. That’s why stay here for a while to get an idea of the codes.

SerialFault Codes                                    Explanation
1B102A-16Low circuit voltage of cab controller sensor supply
2B1080-17Circuit voltage rising higher in operator presence
3C1192-00Low voltage is found in battery
4C1196-00Battery voltage going above limitation
5U10D0-93Remote control failed to operate

Bobcat L28 Small Articulated Loader Trouble Codes List

Bobcat L28, a small articulated loader, leaves no room for complaints in doing  lawn duties. A sad matter is as it performs so many duties, it gets in trouble.

Without releasing the loader from them, you may fail to operate it well. Therefore, go through the trouble codes of it to solve them promptly.

SerialFault Codes                                    Explanation
1B1080-54No signal is available in the armrest
2C119A-F8Voltage at lowest range of the whole system
3C119A-FBSystem voltage rising too higher
4P10F0-FBExcessive speed of the engine
5P1101-16Low temperature of engine coolant unit
6U10D0-95Faults in the remote control

What is Bobcat Fault Code M0309?

Answer: Bobcat fault code M0309 appears when the voltage of the entire system goes down. This reduction gradually goes below normal, which is concerning.

How to Get Bobcat Error Codes?

Answer: Bobcat error codes can be found from the ‘menu’ option. Here you can wait for a couple of seconds and the codes will come up soon. The meanings of them are also displayed just beside them.

What Does Bobcat Fault Code M0909 Indicate?

Answer: Bobcat fault code M0909 indicates the level of fuel is low or less than needed. Refill the tank soon with new fuel before starting the vehicle.

What is the Meaning of Bobcat Fault Code H2907?

Answer: The meaning of Bobcat fault code H2907 is the open circuit situation of high flow solenoid. Solve it without delay to let the fuel flow without facing any barricade.

Final Thoughts

I believe, knowing the definitions of the fault codes is a step ahead towards solving the issue. In short, this is the quickest way to know about the problem before it appears as a big one.

So, do not delay in shortlisting the error codes that your Bobcat equipment is showing. In this regard, Bobcat fault codes list will be an efficient help.

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