[Solved] Bobcat 331 Excavator Parts Diagram in 2023

bobcat 331 excavator parts diagram

Watching your Bobcat 331 excavator parts having difficulties while functioning is an indication that they need a proper inspection.

But, which are the common Bobcat 331 excavator parts?

The parts are the blade, blade cylinder, bucket, bucket cylinder, arm, arm cylinder, track, boom, boom cylinder, and bucket link. 

As I mentioned, the first requirement of inspection is being familiar with them. To guide you in this regard, the Bobcat 331 excavator parts diagram is included.

So, why don’t you dive in?

What to Learn About Before the Bobcat 331 Excavator Parts Diagram?

It is needless to say that the diagram is here but, Bobcat 331 excavator specs will be a great assistance in reaching the root of the parts.

Therefore, don’t forget to take a glance at them.

1. Engine

• Engine Type: Diesel 

• Horsepower: 40 Hp

• RPM: 2,400

• Displacement: 134.3 cu in

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.1 gal

2. Key Features

• Arm Digging Force: 4,225 lbf

• Bucket Digging Force: 7,000 lbf

• Maximum Dig Depth: 122.1 ft

• Rated Lift Capacity: 1,430 lb

3. Hydraulic System

• Auxiliary Std Flow: 16.4 gal/min

• Auxiliary Pressure: 2,700 Psi

4. Others

• Length: 192.1 Inches

• Operating Weight: 7,215 lbs

• Width: 60.6 Inches

• Height: 94.1 Inches

Undoubtedly, the Bobcat 331 excavator is worth praising.

However, the next segment is waiting for you with the diagram.

Entire Conversation: Bobcat 331 Excavator Parts Diagram

As a Bobcat 331 excavator has several parts, recognizing them becomes tough.

Go through the Bobcat 331 excavator parts diagram to learn about them.

At the front of the Bobcat 331 excavator, a bucket is attached to it. Above the bucket is the X-change, bucket link, and a bucket cylinder.

The arm, boom, auxiliary couplers, boom cylinder, and the arm cylinder are connected together. In the excavator, around the operator seat with seat belt, an operator handbook is noticed.

The control lever or joystick and the upper structure are also there. Canopy and rear door are illustrated at the left side of the diagram. The blade cylinder is just above the blade and the tracks are set on the track frames.

At this point, I prefer you should carry a little more knowledge about the parts operations.

Here is the Bobcat 331 excavator parts list depicted for you.

1. Blade

The blade is for carrying goods and pushing them in a place.

2. Blade Cylinder

The blade cylinder assists the blade in moving and going up and down.

3. Bucket

From digging to moving loads and cutting goods, the bucket is essential.

4. Bucket Cylinder

A bucket cylinder helps the bucket in holding goods and also in releasing them.

5. Arm

The arm is for carrying the excavator bucket in its position.

6. Arm Cylinder

The arm cylinder is an inevitable component of the excavator that guides the arm.

7. Track

Track or track chains let the excavator move in rough terrains, too.

8. Boom

The boom clears the way by moving goods to another way.

9. Boom Cylinder

The boom cylinder is positioned at a close space of the excavator’s boom.

10. Bucket Link

From the ground, the bucket link transfers the digging force of the excavator to the boom.

How Deep Can a Bobcat 331 Dig?

Answer: A Bobcat 331 excavator has the capacity of digging 122.1 ft at a maximum range. Its maximum reach along the ground is up to 191.9 ft and these make it an ideal excavator.

What Hydraulic Fluid Does a Bobcat 331 Take?

Answer: A Bobcat 331 excavator is compatible with all kinds of hydrostatic or hydraulic oils made by Bobcat. These oils have the affectivity to fulfill the need of the excavator.

What are the Bobcat 331 Excavator Problems?

Answer: Common problems of the Bobcat 331 excavator are the engine not performing as before, battery is out of duty, the boom not lifting with command, fuel leakages, and the hydraulic pressure becomes imbalanced.

End Note

In my case, I had to suffer in Bobcat 331 excavator troubleshooting as I had zero ideas of its parts. Keeping that in mind, I advise you should at least have the concept to identify them.

The Bobcat 331 excavator parts diagram is the best way to make you familiar with the excavator components. Make the best use of it while checking for any issue.

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