Know Bad Ignition Coil Symptoms Lawn Mower in 2023

bad ignition coil symptoms lawn mower

A defective ignition coil is not at all a matter to ignore as the engine won’t get the voltage to turn on or run. It is needless to mention how essential this part is for the mower.

But, what are the symptoms of a bad ignition coil in a lawn mower?

They are the engine stalls or misfires, the mower fails to shut down, leakage of oil, troubles in starting the engine, deteriorated fuel economy, and the mower turns off suddenly.

To detect the bad ignition coil symptoms lawn mower correctly, make your journey till the end of the article. The fixes are also elaborated here with details.

So, let’s get started without further suspension.

Quick Overview: Bad Ignition Coil Symptoms Lawn Mower and Solutions

Taking a glance at the apt idea of bad ignition coil symptoms lawn mower and their fixes can fasten your troubleshooting.

Serial            Symptoms                        Solutions
1Engine stalls or misfiresIgnition coil needs replacement
2Mower fails to shut downCheck the ignition coil wiring
3Leakage of OilChange the ignition coil
4Troubles in starting the engineInstall a new ignition coil
5Deteriorated fuel economyGet a new ignition coil
6Mower turns off suddenlySwitch to a new ignition coil

How to Test a Lawn Mower Ignition Coil?

Whenever a lawn mower fails to start or run or starts stalling, we suspect the spark plug. But, the ignition coil is also at fault and it can shut the mower down entirely.

But, how to test an ignition coil?

Do it by –

• Reaching the spark plug

• Attaching the tester

• Starting the mower and observing

Learn more in-depth ideas of the steps.

Step 1: Reach the Spark Plug

To access the ignition coil, the protective covers of plastic need to be released. Now, you can see the spark plug and remove the plastic from it.

Then, disconnect the grounding wire that is attached with the spark plug.

Step 2: Attach the Tester

At this point, take the tester and attach it with the spark plug. Another part of it should be connected with the spark plug boot.

Step 3: Start the Mower and Observe

Now, starting the mower will show you the results. In case you observe the tester is showing sparks, the ignition coil is perfectly fine.

Moreover, if your mower is starting without any difficulties, there is nothing to be worried about the ignition coil.

Detailed Talk: Bad Ignition Coil Symptoms Lawn Mower and Solutions

Aren’t you already matching the signs with your lawn mower’s ignition coil?

Well, you can do that as a quick inspection is the first move towards troubleshooting the ignition coil. However, since there are many symptoms of a faulty ignition coil, their niceties will assist you in detecting them.

Therefore, go through this section thoroughly to get the ideas.

Symptom 1: Engine Stalls or Misfires

If your mower’s engine is stalling, assume it as a sign of the bad ignition coil. It is because the ignition coil sends the sparks to the engine in an imbalanced amount.

As for the engine misfiring, it is also a noticeable hint that the ignition coil is not working as regularly. Misfiring may come with excessive vibration and also with coughing sounds. Moreover, the smell of gas can also be encountered with it.

Solution: Ignition Coil Needs Replacement

Meeting these symptoms may make you concerned a lot but gladly, they are easier to be remedied. All you have to follow is replacing the ignition coil as it is in immediate need of it.

Symptom 2: Mower Fails to Shut Down

Are you trying hard to turn off your mower?

I guess it is not turning off and it can be an indication that the ignition coil has stopped. When it stops or malfunctions, there remains zero power or the power flow is barricaded.

A loosened wiring of the coil or the wires in a miserable condition can let this situation come.

Solution: Check the Ignition Coil Wiring

Checking the ignition coil wiring can let you know if they are alright or not. In case you find them loosened, tighten them very carefully.

Unfortunately, if miserable conditions like wear and tear are seen, do replace the wiring.

Symptom 3: Leakage of Oil

It is known to all that the ignition coil transforms the less voltage to a higher amount that the engine requires. This amount of voltage is harmful for the components around it.

Luckily, when it is working well, they do not get in touch with the voltage and thus, saved.

But, when the coil falls in danger and its malfunctioning starts, the voltage or power reaches the components. In most cases, the oil tank or the lines are affected and oil leakage is seen.

Solution: Change the Ignition Coil

Whenever you are suspecting oil is being used more than usual, look for leakages. If you find any, the ignition coil can be at fault. Don’t waste time in making decisions, rather change the ignition coil.

Symptom 4: Troubles in Starting the Engine

Imagine you are trying everything possible but the engine is becoming troublesome to start. It is an effective sign of the ignition coil not working.

When it faces issues in functioning, the ignition process does not complete. Without the ignition, the engine fails to get the needed voltage or power from it. Thus, difficulties are experienced while starting the engine.

Solution: Install a New Ignition Coil

In my case, I found this symptom the most irritating one as without the functioning of the engine, the mower sits idle. For that reason, you should not ignore it at the first sight and go through the ignition coil in detail.

If you find something fishy in it, install a new one suitable with your lawn mower.

Symptom 5: Deteriorated Fuel Economy

Poor or deteriorated fuel economy in your lawn mower is a matter to be worried about and most importantly, it is an easier indication of the bad ignition coil. Let me explain it to you.

When the ignition coil fails to function, the spark plug gets less power than required. It results in using more fuel to power up and continue the action. Thus, more fuel will be used but the mower won’t perform as it used to.

Solution: Get a New Ignition Coil

Since the main culprit in this regard is the ignition coil, getting a new one can erase the trouble. Remember to check its compatibility with your lawn mower.

Symptom 6: Mower Turns Off Suddenly

The mower may start and run well but it can suddenly go off duty and surprise you. Well, I experienced the same when the ignition coil was not operating well.

At some points, it may ignite as usual but all of a sudden, it stops doing that. When the fuel is not entering the ignition process, the engine will be in a demand of power or voltage.

Thus, the mower turns off suddenly.

Solution: Switch to a New Ignition Coil

If this happens for a few times, delaying will be a great threat for the entire lawn mower. Therefore, check the ignition coil and switch to a new one just then.

What is the Lawn Mower Ignition Coil Kill Wire?

The kill wire in a lawn mower is found connected with the ignition coil and placed under it. The function of a kill wire is to disconnect the ignition coil and turn it off.

It is required when the rider gets off the lawn mower but the engine and the blades are still on duty. At that time, stopping the engine and the production of spark plug becomes essential.

The kill wire is for making a connection of the ignition coil to the ground and stopping it. The short circuit of it also stops the engine. Moreover, it has another connection with the kill switch which contributes in making the engine stop, too.

Because, power doesn’t flow to the spark plug when the switch is turned on. On the whole, the kill wire is an efficient and helpful component for the entire lawn mower.

Do Ignition Coils Get Weak?

Answer: Unfortunately, yes, ignition coils can get weak because over time, it undergoes heavy workload and regular acceleration. In case it catches any faults, it tends to get weak gradually.

What are the Lawn Mower Ignition Coil Problems?

Answer: The lawn mower ignition coil problems are too many but the common ones are the ignition coil not responding, the engine getting less sparks for it, engine performance becoming weaker, and engine not starting easily.

What Happens When an Ignition Coil Fails on a Lawn Mower?

Answer: When an ignition coil fails on a lawn mower, the engine will face sudden misfiring. It is observed when the rider accelerates and ultimately, the mower can be shut down while it is on duty.

Are Lawn Mower Ignition Coils Interchangeable?

Answer: Yes, lawn mower ignition coils are interchangeable but only with the similar engine model or with their specific compatible models.

The Verdict

To save the engine from misfiring and failing to start, a malfunctioning ignition coil must be replaced. But, before that, you have to observe its signs and take measures depending on the testing result.

That’s why take note of the bad ignition coil symptoms lawn mower and try matching them with the ignition coil of your lawn mower. Hopefully, they will be erased after applying the fixing methods.

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