Bad Boy Mower Won’t Start No Click? Know the Solutions!

bad boy mower won't start no click

A Bad Boy mower not starting and producing no clicking sound is undoubtedly a matter to worry about.

But, why won’t a Bad Boy mower start and not click?

It is due to the battery not charging, defects in starter, bad ignition switch, mistake in starting, and fuel pump not working.

In case your Bad Boy mower won’t start no click, stay connected with the article to learn about its root and solutions.

So, let’s get started without further ado.

Quick Overview: Bad Boy Mower Won’t Start No Click?

When you troubleshoot the starting issue, it’s better to carry the following short note of the causes and their uprooting ways.

Serial            Reasons                        Fixes
1Battery not chargingCheck the charger and get it changed
2Defects in starterGo through connections, and secure them
3Bad ignition switchInspect its continuity and install a new switch
4Mistake in startingTake starting guidance from owner’s manual
5Fuel pump not workingObserve the fuel pump and replace it soon

All Fixes: Bad Boy Mower Won’t Start No Click?

Bad boy mower starting issues are already much tiring and if no clicking is heard, the rider is obviously going to get tensed. Well, I guess you are also having the same condition right now.

To guide you in this case, I have included the possible reasons behind it and the easiest ways to fix them.

Therefore, continue reading and meet them one by one.

Reason 1: Battery Not Charging

On a Bad Boy mower, the battery is a source of voltage.

Unfortunately, when it stops charging, the source of voltage is paused, too. Using an old charger or another charger of a different mower can easily hamper charging.

Solution: Check the Charger and Get it Changed

In this case, using a multimeter, you can see if the charger is delivering charge or not. If not, get the charger changed and get the suitable one for the battery.

Reason 2: Defects in Starter

A Bad Boy mower starter won’t engage is a noticeable reason for the starting troubles.

Because when it proceeds with loose connections, it undergoes heavy load to continue working. As the power flow gets hindered, it can not engage and the mower doesn’t start or click.

Solution: Go Through the Connections and Secure Them

You can try by going through its connections and checking their conditions. Then, secure them with proper attention with the help of the manual book.

Reason 3: Bad Ignition Switch

A bad ignition switch is not at all a pleasant part for the Bad Boy mower.

It is because when you leave the switch uncleaned, it can clog with debris and corrosion. And, it will lead the ignition key not to turn and get damaged eventually.

Solution: Inspect its Continuity or Install a New Switch

Before inspecting the switch and its continuity, you shouldn’t move ahead anywhere. If the result is not satisfactory, do not delay in installing a new ignition switch.

Reason 4: Mistake in Starting

A common mistake of many new riders is starting the Bad Boy mower in an inaccurate manner.

When it takes place, the mower and its components do not cooperate with the wrong procedure. As a result, you notice no starting along with no clicking.

Solution: Take Starting Guidance from Owner’s Manual

In case you are starting the Bad Boy mower for the first time, take starting guidance from the manual book. Because it clearly shows how to start a Bad Boy mower.

Reason 5: Fuel Pump Not Working

The fuel pump on a Bad Boy mower can stop functioning due to many reasons.

But, when its function is paused, no pressure from it is produced to deliver the fuel. Gradually, the fuel flow stops to the engine and the mower won’t start.

Solution: Observe the Fuel Pump and Replace it Soon

Start with observing the fuel pump for a few times to see if the pressure is coming or not. If it disappoints you, look no other way than replacing the pump.

Why Won’t My Bad Boy Mower Turn Over or Click?

Answer: A Bad Boy mower won’t turn over or click when it has a starter solenoid that is bad. Not only this one, a faulty starter motor can generate trouble. Don’t forget to check the possibility of a locked engine.

Why is My Bad Boy Mower Starter Not Working?

Answer: In your Bad Boy mower, the starter fails to continue working when the battery goes off duty. Due to less charge, it can happen quite often. Disconnection can also affect the starter easily.


In short, a Bad Boy mower won’t start no click is definitely going to give you a tough time. Having no idea of where the issue comes from or how to solve it is a plus point for it to get increased.

However, as the article illustrated the reasons and their fixing methods, you can perform the troubleshooting well. Just be careful to apply the accurate fix after an inspection.

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